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  1. XZillA

    Your First Pc Problems

    I forgot cpu 4pin. When I had figured that out I found out that GPUs also need power
  2. XZillA

    Linux user needs help with Windows choice

    Great. Windows only identified the usb drive and the intended hdd. Installed drivers and stuff. Realized that I forgot that I need a file thats on my Linux home drive. I reboot and select all SATA ports to be enabled, chose my ssd as boot drive. You mother f*ucker! Windows still overwrote my SSD's boot partition. Writing arch live iso to my usb drive to reinstall Syslinux form my laptop. Is it so difficult to identify another operating system already installed...
  3. XZillA

    Linux user needs help with Windows choice

    OK, I'm currently installing W10 on my smallest HDD. When I looked in the UEFI I saw that I could disable each SATA port. If I avoid having to mount the windows partition in Linux things should work out
  4. XZillA

    Linux user needs help with Windows choice

    Do you think my i5 4690k integrated graphics are enough? I only have one dedicated GPU. Also my mtb is not listed here. Is that mean PCI passtough out of the picture? Its a GB Z97P-D3
  5. XZillA

    Linux user needs help with Windows choice

    GPU passtrough sounds interesting. Will look into that
  6. XZillA

    Linux user needs help with Windows choice

    I tried both in controlpanel(I think) and in regedit. Non worked. CMD each time was only solution. Cant encrypt entire drive without loosing data. Only way that I know about would be encrypting just the files, would that be enough?
  7. Hey! Im a long time Linux user, and have some experience with windows. Have dual booted once and my school laptop. Both Windows 10. The reason I stopped dual booting was that Windows started f*cking up the rest of my hard drives, got one ssd and 4 hdd's. All of them are ext4 file systems which windows doesn't support. My torrent client had to recheck all files when going back to Linux, it would take more than 30min with disk reading maxed out made it unusable during that time. The other thing was the Windows would never fully shutdown, it would save some fast boot thingy on the drive which prevented me to mount it when running Linux. Only solution was to use CMD to fully shutdown. So I wiped the drive and went to fully Linux again. 6 months later and god I miss some games that wont run in Linux or Wine. I need your help with all Windows stuff. Which Windows should I choose? Can I "hide" rest of my drives to windows without physically disconnect them? All I will use windows for is Steam/Origin and TeamSpeak.
  8. I believe Lynda.com have been hacked. I just got this email 3hrs ago. I don't know who cares but I though I would post it here.
  9. Ive done that now. Ran Intel XTU at 4.2ghz gets a score of 881 and got max temp of 76C http://i.imgur.com/1PLarJy.png I increased it with 0.1ghz at a time and got to 4.6ghz where I got a score of 904 and max temp of 81C http://i.imgur.com/nkFHbhk.png What is the max temp under XTU Bechmark? I dont know how far I can go.
  10. Yeah I will do that but he took all things with him, will do it asap tomorrow. Need to sleep now. Thx
  11. Im not 100% sure, my brother who was helping me install it said it wasent the best but werent doing anydiffrence. After looking at other do it now I realise I migth need to re do that
  12. http://i.imgur.com/5qL7oEZ.png Cleard Min/Max before starting Cinebench
  13. Hey new to this forum! So I got this Dark Rock Pro 3 and a i5 4690k at 4.2ghz and when running cinebenchR15 it goes up to 80-90C Ive seen ppl with a 4690k go far more than 4.2 at lower temps. Is it just a bad cooler or have I done something wrong?