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  1. Just gave them a call, they said it's one of two boards, 1.6 4GB or 2.2 8GB but there's no way of knowing which one, that is so dumb.
  2. The board also doesn't post so even with a machine we couldn't look in system info. I'll contact Apple but it seems stupid they don't put model information on their boards
  3. We have no laptop to put the board in, we only have the board
  4. We've got a MacBook Air mobo lying around at work and we're trying to find the specs of it. The only model number that gives any results is 820-00165-A and that has multiple boards. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The only processor with a similar capacitor we had lying around worth destroying was a poor Core 2 Duo, soldered the capacitor onto the 5820k and it posts!
  6. Thanks! One pad is okay, one looks slightly lifted but now all of it so might be repairable. Any ideas on what filter cap?
  7. How is that undescriptive? I've told you the model and shown you a photo. You know as much as I do. Can't find much info online about the resistors
  8. A customer brought his PC in not posting, the CPU is missing a resistor on the bottom. Does anyone know if this resistor is actually needed and what resistor is it so I can solder on a replacement?
  9. I'd say the CPU is the issue not the RAM. I've looked at the X79 boards but it's quite expensive for what you're getting
  10. I've currently got an X3450 with 16GB of DDR3 which is working okay but I'm using a ProLiant ML110 G6 motherboard and it's annoying as it uses propriety connections for everything like front IO so I have no power button. Possibly looking to upgrade it all and wondered what you would suggest? I use it for Plex across my home and when I'm away from home streaming mostly 1080p/720p. A few game servers like ARK and Minecraft and as my file storage. I don't want to spend loads maybe around £150-200 as I already have the case and PSU.
  11. Just found it on Amazon, couldn't find it on the website! Ugh why must they put ugly branding on the front of the keyboard -.- nearly perfect! They aren't quite the style I'm looking for. I want something all the same level
  12. I've currently got a Corsair K70, it's getting on a bit and I find the brushed metal look at bit tacky.