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  1. Thanks Linus & Co for everything PS WE NEED MORE VIDEOS WITH LUKE IN IT!!!!
  2. Alpenwasser: you found me... Now guess what 2 major youtube channels i watch then.
  3. Just uploaded some more pictures: And you will see the one thing that drives me mad about my rig. Fingerprints and dirt on the sidepanel.
  4. Alright Guys Thought id share this with you. Its kinda post build log, the machine is 95% finished. Well its been a good year since id done anything to my machine, and i was offered the opportunity to get my case repainted. So i jumped on it and stripped my rig back down. Being a uni student and having my 600T for near enough 2 years it had got a lot of abuse big scratches and scuffs all over it  and the white had started to yellow. My 600t already had a few modifications, which included trimming the bottom of the drive cage to allow pipes through, removing all the HDD cages, Modifying the front to fit the 200mm fitting flush against the front, various extra holes added to screw the pump and SSD(Till the rebuild the SSD was screwed to the back of the motherboard tray). In tendered modifications were to add support for a 360mm radiator at the top, along with trim down the optical cages further to improve how the insides looked. The paint I always had a thing for blue so the outside would be a BMW Custom electric blue which is found on the a 1992 BMW E30 Convertible Neon Design Special Edition. And the accents would be done in Satin and soft touch black. All the paint work was done by friends companies, All the blue was done by a company called Rays Motors, and all the black was done by my mate Dan (which works for a development company) Big thanks to everyone over there. Nothing flashy here i just wanted my rig to look clean. Thanks for looking Feedback is welcome. XeTK Left todo: Fix up damaged connectors, Find drive cage clips, Get new mount for HDD and SSD Change coolant for less spunky looking stuff... Take some nice pictures Specs at start: White SE Corsair 600T Intel i7 3770k Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H 16GB Corsair Dominator 1600mhz 2 x Asus Nvidia GTX 560ti Corsair AX760 PSU Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD 2TB Seagate HDD EK Supreme Waterblocks EK Spin Resiviour Alphacool 240mm x 30mm Radiator Alphacool DDC pump Phobia 200MM Radiator No brand fittings from SpecialTech 3x Sythe silent Typhoon fans 120mm 200mm Bitfenix spector Changes on final rig: GPU's change for a single Gigabyte Nvidia GTX780 with EVGA backplate and EK Waterblock. Added Corsair Braided cables. Pre Rebuild:  Storing the rig while everything gets painted... GTX 780 :o shots Getto Rig without a case Rather Pink SSD due to the leak i had when i first built my rig.... Breaking this up now... Puppies!!! First bits back from paint :) Adding the block on the 780 Rest is back from paint Lets get building this beast Feet on: Front panel rebuilt: Top panel back together: Test fit everything: Time to put some components in: Motherboard in Cards in: Rads & res back in: Fittings on all planned out: Piping all in: Leak testing, I swear i flushed everything through first... ohwell: Cables back in: Bugger PSU failed... Send that back to corsair then. Cant go any further for a while: 1 week and £21 later. Thanks Corsair top notch service: Looks right at home there: All wired up: Tidy enough: Finished for now: