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  1. KenSoftTH

    Best GPU for 600$ (CAD)

    The freesync message didn't load for me. I would suggest Vega 64 too.
  2. KenSoftTH

    Best GPU for 600$ (CAD)

    I would say go for a used GTX 1070 or GTX 1080.
  3. My friend uploaded a 100 GB of 5 minutes 360 degree video because he didn't know how to compress it properly. Like WTF.
  4. So, some of you may know that YouTube allow you to download all of your videos at the source format via Google Takeout (at https://takeout.google.com/). Well, that won't happen anymore. After this october, only videos that uploaded within 6 mouth before the day you request the archive will be serve at source format. Anything older than that will be compressed using H.264 and AAC. Google claims that this will be a "high quality" version. So, it might be a good idea to request your archive now because YouTube really sucks at maintain good video quality, and you should keep your original encoding if possible. Also, you might wanna prepare a fast internet connection because you only have 7 days to download your archive after you request one, and if you request a new one after october, then all of your videos will be compressed. Source : https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/youtube/XQaPwNdPm-k
  5. KenSoftTH

    Should I change my internet plan?

    I will think about that, thanks!
  6. KenSoftTH

    Should I change my internet plan?

    idk if there's as datacenter in Bangkok, Thailand. My twitch stream needs to go through Singapore datacenter
  7. KenSoftTH

    Should I change my internet plan?

    youtube.com/kensoftthgaming It's in Thai Language btw
  8. KenSoftTH

    Should I change my internet plan?

    So my nearest YouTube CDN server is at Singapore, which will require international bandwidth because it's outside my country.
  9. KenSoftTH

    Should I change my internet plan?

    So I upgraded my internet to this speed for 39 usd a month with no FUP, but the international link speed is not that great. The question is another ISP is offering 300/70 for 63 usd with also no FUP, but with greater international link speed. Do you think lower my upload for better international link speed will worth the extra cost? I'm video creator and upload a lot of 4k video to youtube and also often do a game streaming. Thanks! S
  10. Hello everyone, So I'm running into a problem. My 4-years-old Dell S2340L start to develop this weird issue. The image cast magenta/flickering and also burn a little on my right half of the monitor, but the left half is completely perfect with correct tone and no flickering. There's no magnet nearby as some people on the internet are pointing out. This used to be fixed by shaking the monitor by a little and it went back to normal, but that don't seems to work or fix this issue anymore. As this thing is 4 years old, there's no warranty left, so what should I do? Throw it out and replace it? Suggestion please. Thank you!
  11. KenSoftTH

    Help with ram mix

    If it's on different slot color, should be fine
  12. KenSoftTH

    Is it bad that I limit everybody else's bandwidth?

    I would say yes, if everyone is paying for the internet
  13. KenSoftTH

    Need help deciding!

    GTX 1070 is just right for 1080p for me. I always push anti aliasing to the max, so it takes a lot of gpu
  14. KenSoftTH

    Intel 750 SSD link speed

    If i remember correctly, No, ur graphic card will take the pcie lanes no matter what u r doing