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  1. Finally, a wallpaper that shows just how terrible the backlight bleed on my monitors are
  2. That drive is a normal sata drive. Remove it from the carrier sled it's in and the adapter will come off.
  3. Here is a good post on Gamers Nexus that explains most of the display types you'll find. (CRT, TN, IPS, PLS, and VA) https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/1890-panel-comparison-tn-ips-pls-va-crt
  4. I've been using this switch on my desk for a few years now. And its less than $20
  5. Yup. Just be sure to get a good quality one.
  6. Hitachi is a large name in the Hard Drive industry, that'd be perfectly fine. The SSD I'm not sure about, but you can easily look at the reviews from people who actually bought it
  7. Ah. I see now Unfortunately from searching amazon and newegg, as well as some other recent forum posts on the internet there doesn't seem to be an existing cable like this yet. My theory is that its not super-widely adopted yet in cases or on all motherboards. So I guess the answer is... wait until the product exists. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I assume this is the connector you are talking about. This is a USB 3.1 header. You can adapt it to a standard 20-pin USB 3.0 header using a cheap adapter such as this one: https://www.amazon.com/JSER-Front-Header-Extension-Motherboard/dp/B077PNJNGJ/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523474146&sr=1-3&keywords=usb+3.1+to+3.0+header
  9. Towards the end of this video Linus talks about how the wifi and cellular radiation being strong and harmful is a load of bull
  10. The point of floatplane is to be a paid benefit No ads, a separate discussion forum, discord channel, (and now an alpha site), and all content a week before release on youtube You pay, to get more.
  11. Here's 2 step by steps by a guy who did it to his H440 himself.
  12. Yeah its just too much work, she doesn't need wired internet anyways. She just has a phone, a laptop, and then a smart tv. Which all have wifi
  13. lol i wish. Absolutely nothing done with them. I dont even know why they bothered installing the jacks
  14. If you haven't already, pull one of them off the wall and see if its actually wired. My mother moved into a house recently that had rj45 wall jacks but none of them were actually wired up anywhere - just blank plates
  15. I would say the Define R6, but unless you need all the front hard drive bays, optical drive, and watercooling space, you may be better off with the smaller and cheaper Define C or Meshify C.