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  1. Hi all, I decided to update my phone to the most recent update that being EMUI 9.1. And upon waking up I discovered my phone was bootlooping continuously when on charge. I decided to take it off charge and at least the endless boot looping stopped but it still wont turn on. I've tried booting into safe mode and clearing the cache partition. I don't think there was any malpractice on my end as the phone was on charge throughout the night. Is there any way to retrieve the and decrypt data from the phone (I know the pattern and pin to decrypt it )? Is my phone rip in pepperonis? or is there anything else i can try? any help or insights are greatly appreciated UPDATE: Found another method to find out more info holding down power button and both volume rockers. I found the software update failed page which just gave me a url to a website telling me how good the next update was. So that was helpful ~Chaz
  2. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    There is no spoon.
  3. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    Yeah this seems to just be a deep rabbit hole of ambiguous interoperability. From what I can tell the LGA 2011-1 is a different socket and is incompatible even if intel ark says they should be. LGA 2011 and LGA 2011v3 are of course different. But it still doesn't clarify is E5-4600v2 series processors are compatible with E5-2600v2 servers. Intel ark also says that E7-4800v2, E5-4600v2, and E5-2600v2 including non v2 SKU's are all of the same socket. So, I'm beginning to assume that even intel couldn't be bothered in getting to the bottom of this one
  4. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    So from what I can tel the E5-4600v2 is 4 socket scalable whereas, the E5 2600v2 series is 2 socket scalable as for cross compatibility I haven't been able to find much.
  5. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    yeah I've found the same but thankfully I managed to dig up 16GB of 10600R samsung memory which works fine.
  6. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    okay that Clarifies E7-4800v2 series which I am thankful for but not the E5-4600v2 series. I feel like this may be a wild goose chase haha. Seems like intel in their infinite wisdom have over complicated simple things again.
  7. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    it does seem that the E7-4800 series xeons may use a socket called LGA 2011-1 which I haven't heard of up until now. But can't find anything beyond that Intel ark specifies them as LGA2011. Although IBM specify the x3650 m4 is only upgradeable to two 12-cores so I'm not sure. I can't seem to find any documentation of anyone even trying a E7-4800 series CPU in a X3650 M4. Only thing I can find is that the X3750 allows them. So maybe it's best to assume the X3650 does not as that would encroach on their existing higher end server line.
  8. LazyChaz

    IBM X3650 M4 CPU upgrade options

    I have found E7-4890V2's for rather cheap given 15 cores. Well I Lenovo and IBM tend to have strict with hardware whitelists. So i'm a little iffy.
  9. Hi all, I am currently looking to upgrade my X3650 M4 from the e5-2620 inside it currently. However, IBM say its only valid for up to E5-2600v2 series processors, However, E5-4000v2 series processors seem cheaper. Same for some of the lower end E7-8000v2 series. Is this server only limited to E5-2600 series CPU's? I have struggled to find any additional info. However, I am going to assume it's hardware whitelisted for E5-2600 and E5-2600v2 series only. If anyone has any of these processors working in an X3650 M4 any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  10. LazyChaz

    Windows 10 192KHz+ Sample Rate

    Personally I've always preferred Dopamine for my personal collection always seems a lot more elegant. (once you spend 3 hours fixing poor metadata)
  11. LazyChaz

    Windows 10 192KHz+ Sample Rate

    i can't get on with foorbar if I'm honest I find it a little too clunky. But I guess it isn't really that important.
  12. LazyChaz

    Windows 10 192KHz+ Sample Rate

    Hi all, (dumb question i know) Is it possible to exceed 192KHz sample rate on windows 10, I have done some internet searching and haven't much outside of announcements of windows supporting this but it doesn't seem like anyone has gotten it to work. I'm using the xDuoo XD-05 AMP/DAC over USB which theoretically supports 384KHz sample rate although, through USB I can only set it up to 192KHz through windows 10's audio settings. I have installed the proper XMOS drivers and still it doesn't seem to work. Do I need to setup DSD (Direct Stream Digital) for this to work? or is there another way? Thanks in advance, ~Chaz
  13. LazyChaz

    Appropriate upgrades for minecraft server?

    Per server or the whole network? I think for the more popular servers I would say a max of 100 at once the network at a whole I'm unsure of.
  14. Hi all, I have been looking to put my slow and ageing X3650 M2 to good use and have been wondering about turning it into a BungeeCord minecraft server using MineOS. I am thinking of getting Xeon X5670's and 32GB of 10600R ECC (on top of the 8GB already in system (may not work but worth a try)). firstly, I am wondering if using BungeeCord in this way is even possible? as well as if this hardware will be fine handling maybe ~50 players on each server during peak times. Memory allocations will be calculated later on dependant on individual server load. The upgrade cost as a whole totals around £110 which is way cheaper than any other similarly spec'd machine on ebay at the moment. I'm mainly asking if anyone has run servers on X5670's and is their single core performance sufficient for non-modded BungeeCord/Spigot servers? tl;dr: X5670 run minecraft server good? and Does Bungeecord from same server workie? Thanks in Advance ~ Chaz
  15. LazyChaz

    Looking for a sub £100 (~$130) portable amp/dac

    Doesn't look like it takes a USB input. At the moment, I've been looking at a lot of FiiO machines but given they seem to have the reputation of the M50x where sure it's okay but you can do better kind of thing. I looked at what zeospantera seemed to recommend and the Q1ii looks good but so does the smsl m2 but I don't think that has USB sound...