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  1. Slowly falling out of the top 20, been a good ride
  2. laser @James has been beaten by @Powelljl welsh fire
  3. Any help is good but your not likley to get many points from just a laptop, it will be much more efficient if you have somthing with a GPU such as a gaming PC. Any help is good though
  4. Crypto in my opinion has come and gone, the main reason why the value went up was people started buying into it becuse the press made such a big deal about it, take bitcoin for example it's still on the decline (not as much but still) if you still really want to somthing, have a look into 'innovative q'. Some people I know seem to think it's the next big thing... I think all the Crypto has died.
  5. Currently got the 3 GPU's Burning EVGA 1070ti MSI 1070 MSI 970 Well, that's all of Wales Compute power used XD
  6. @James well done on overtaking me, don’t get too comfortable though ;-)
  7. Can't drop out of the top 20, Fire up all the computers in my house, *Starts looking at buying more Graphics cards*
  8. Cisco AMP is amazing, not sure if that is consumer grade or am I just used to the enterprise market?
  9. @Ben QuigleyYep it's been running for 24 hours, not sure how to set up Boinc, never been involved with it
  10. @Lenovo1984Very true, it does have a GPU in but still I would think those numbers are a bit low?
  11. Hello, I have just started running folding @ home on my 32 thread server but it's not getting the results that I though? Its says its only going to get around 33k ppd. It seems to be really low compared with my main rig that brings in 336k ppd. Any help would be great to bring that number up. It looks to be running on all cores at 100% Rig specs OS : windows server 2016 1st Processor : Xeon E7 - 4830 - 8 core 2nd Processor : Xeon E7 - 4830 - 8 core Memory : 96 GB Just thinking would it be better if I ran them in smaller hyper v clients?