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  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 4980HQ
  • Motherboard
    Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-1812 (HM87 chipset)
  • RAM
    32GB of Hyundai Electronics DDR3 @ 1.596 MHz
  • GPU
    2x NVIDIA GTX 980M in SLI
  • Case
    MSI GT80 Titan 2QE
  • Storage
    1TB HGST Travelstar 7K1000 (7200RPM); 4x 128GB M.SATA SSD's
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    18,4" Full HD IPS panel @ 60Hz (overcloked to 100Hz)
  • Cooling
    standard internal cooling
  • Keyboard
    Steelseries mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
  • Sound
    Turtle Beach PX22
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Hi everyone, unfortunately my PC headphones died today and I've been looking at replacement options. I'd like some advice, especially concerning if I can drive these headphones properly. I'll mainly use these headphones for gaming, watching some movies and listening to music. My current audio solution is simply the audiochip that's on my mobo, which is a Realtek ALC892. More info here: http://www.realtek.com.tw/products/productsView.aspx?Langid=1&PFid=28&Level=5&Conn=4&ProdID=284 The headphones I've been looking at are the Sennheiser G4ME One which is an open "gaming headset" that's actually good, both concerning the audio as well as the mic. I've also been looking at Beyerdynamic's DT990 Pro headphones or, If the impedance of those is too high for my audio solution, the DT770's, for which I'd get something like a V-moda boommic or Modmic. My question is, which one would be better for my use case (gaming (lots of it) music, and occasionally a movie and can I drive these headphones without getting something like a DAC. I'd really appreciate some advice as I'm still a huge noob when it comes to audio.
  2. Haha yeah I suppose. Well, this is my first ever build and I'm building it 100% for fun so no need to worry about that Also, I have no loyalty towards any brand whatsoever, my doubt about certain parts stems more from wanting my build to be the best I can make it, I have no issue going with either Intel or AMD, whatever gives me the best (most fun) experience
  3. So I assume you've had no temp issues with your chip then? I have no idea how widespread these problems are but they seem quite severe (chips even at stock randomly ramping up to 90 degrees C etc.) hence my OP. If it's a very rare issue, I'd be fine with it but I obviously wouldn't want there to be, say, a 50/50 chance of ending up with a faulty chip...
  4. Thanks for all the replies. So far, it seems that both options would do very well in gaming. I still have a few more weeks until I pull the trigger and purchase all the parts, so I'll think about both options. I'll probably skip the 7700k and get a 6700k instead if I choose to opt for Intel unless they fix the temp issues (which I doubt). Otherwise, the 1700 seems like a great option as well, I just hope we'll get to see some nicer looking mobo's for AM4. (The Hero is the best looking one right now imo, but it still doesn't come close to the way some Z270 mobo's like the Code, Formula or Supercarrier look imo).
  5. No, not guaranteed and it won't be heavy content creation. Just some minor YT stuff for giggles.
  6. Hi everyone, So in a few weeks I'll finally be building my first PC and I was pretty sure about getting a 7700k... But then I read all the stories about people's 7700k's having ridiculous temp spikes of up to 90 degrees Celsius and Intel being ridiculous about said issue. My question right now would be what's best for me... I'd mainly use my PC for gaming, university work (reading, writing, having lots of tabs open etc.) and possibly some content creation. Option 1 would be to go for a 7700k, paired with an Asus Z270 Code mobo and the NZXT Kraken X52 for cooling. Option B would be to buy a Ryzen 1700, which I'd probably pair with a Crosshair VI Hero from Asus for (unfortunate) lack of the Code mobo for Ryzen chips and, again, the X52 cooler. What would be the best option for what'll be, for the most part, a gaming PC? Also, for additional info, this'll be paired with a 1080ti and a 3440x1440p ultrawide monitor. Thanks in advance!
  7. Yeah, I think I'll be buying a 1080 and IF they drop the 1080Ti I might consider selling my "old" card. Thanks for the advice!
  8. So I'm sure everyone knows of the 1080Ti specs leak right now, my question is what I should do with it... At the moment, I don't have a Gaming PC but I was planning on building one with a GTX 1080 and a 3440x1440p monitor. The part about the potential leak that interests me the most though is that apparently, the Ti would be using GDDR5 memory instead of G5X and I'm suspecting that this would make it significantly cheaper than the TITAN, much more so than if it had been equipped with the G5X memory. My problem is this: Normally, I'd wait for a 1080Ti, but since I don't have a proper Gaming PC right now, I'm not sure how long my weak mind can persist without some proper gaming . But I also don't want to fork out a massive amount of money on a 1080 only to have it become "obsolete" after a month. My question is this: Would buying a 1080 and *maybe* selling it when the Ti drops and becomes properly available be a viable solution? Thanks!
  9. Torn between above two cards, EVGA always has superior customer service as well as fantastic build quality but I've never tried a Gigabyte GPU. the Xtreme Gaming is tempting however, seeing as according to Paul's hardware reviews of both models the FTW hits about 75 degrees celsius at 47% fan speed (69 degrees at 70%) while the Xtreme Gaming version only seems to hit 60 degrees celsius at a very low 40% fan speed. The downside though, is that Gigabyte has worse customer service as well as some small problems with build quality (such as fans hitting the edges of the shroud, causing one to have to remove said shroud and readjust it.). So based on this info, your own experiences and thoughts as well as the fact that both cards are priced within €10,- of eachother here, which one would you choose? Some help would be very much appreciated!
  10. As could probably be concluded from the title, I would very much appreciate some advice on what 1080 to purchase. I am mostly interested in the three cards mentioned above but if you have any other recommendations I'd love to hear those too! So these are the cards I'm looking at currently (keep in mind that all GPU prices are stupidly high in the Netherlands so that's why the prices are so high): ASUS STRIX A8G - €722,95 EVGA FTW! - €779 Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming - €789 I know all three are solid choices but I'd still appreciate some advice. Which one has the best temps/ noice levels/ build quality etc. The card will be fitted in a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX glass edition case (Grey). Furthermore, I'm going te be building an "Ice" themed build, so all other parts will be grey/white in combination with "icey blue" Led's and accents. So any suggestions that would fit this would also be nice. Huge thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks all for the replies! In the end I decided to go with the HX850i unit since I got a pretty nice discount on it and only had to spend €145.
  12. Hmmm. Yes, from what I'm reading the Link software really isn't worth a €20 premium... And I suppose the RMx will perform very similar to the HXi?
  13. Yes actually, the RM750x comes in at around €115 while the "i" costs about €135