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    sheboygan, wisconsin


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    I5 6500
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    MSI H110M Gaming
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    16gb Team Elite Plus 288-Pin SDRAM DDR4 2133
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    Asus Strix 1070 8gb oc
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    NZXT H440
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    1TB 7200rpm seagate barracuda and 120gb samsung 840
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    EVGA Supernova G2 850watt
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    asus VG248QE
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    Coolermaster seidon 240m / Corsair h55
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    logitech k360
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    Logitech 502 spectrum
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  1. My obone recently updated and now my gallery app is gone. Yes, there is Google photos or whatever the the name of the app is, and it's great. But my albums are now gone. I had made custom albums to organize my photos and I can no longer find them. Is there a fix? A way to get gallery back?
  2. trentklein

    Premier Elements and GPUs

    This won't be for gaming at all, just everyday tasks and video moderate video editing.
  3. trentklein

    Premier Elements and GPUs

    By a significant amount? I am also basing the build around the R7 1700. I know it could be WAY better, but this person will not be doing hardcore video editing.
  4. trentklein

    Premier Elements and GPUs

    Hey all, I am building a pc for someone that will be using it for video editing and we are leaning towards getting Adobe Premier Elements for it. I am very new to video editing software so I do not know anything about which GPUs are good for which, but, I was thinking a 570? Looking into it, I did find that, that specific software doesn't use GPU acceleration? Thanks for your help in advance!!!!
  5. trentklein

    Sony XB50BS vs Oneplus Bullet Wireless?

    Ahh, okay. Thanks!
  6. trentklein

    Sony XB50BS vs Oneplus Bullet Wireless?

    No, thank you for your input!! They're not that comfortable? Do you have to adjust them to stay in your ears?
  7. trentklein

    Sony XB50BS vs Oneplus Bullet Wireless?

    BrI'm on that search for the perfect set of wireless earbuds for the gym and could use your help. I will be returning the Sony Sp600n because I just cant justify spending $90 on a pair of earbuds that claim they have noise cancelation, but cant even tell when thats on or off. I've ran into the Oneplus Bullet wireless earbuds and am very intrigued, but I'm wondering if anyone can compare them to the Sony XB505BS? I know the Sonys have "extra bass" which we all know how that goes.. but I could fix that with their pretty good eq app which in my opinion, made them sound pretty great, when they stayed in my ears thoughts? Thanks!!
  8. trentklein

    Wireless earbud recommendations?

    Well, I guess I should have specified, ones that dont have the same design as the sonys because fit is subjective.
  9. trentklein

    Wireless earbud recommendations?

    Not sure how I feel about those, the reviews dont look too great. Any others?
  10. trentklein

    Wireless earbud recommendations?

    I recently picked up the Sony Sp600n and they're alright but they just don't stay in my ears... anyone recommend a pair that sound good that also fit that are sub $100?
  11. I originally posted this within another topic, but got no responses so I'm moving it here in hopes of some feedback. I recently got a pair of bluetooth earbuds for Christmas, but decided to go with a different pair due to sound quality. The pair I ended up getting was the Jlabs Jbud Air(yes, they aren't great but what I could get for the amount my gift was for). They sound decent enough for me except I have one problem, high end distortion/crackling almost like the earbuds are blown. I checked in all of my music apps, streaming and local music source apps, same thing. It only seems to be when there's a snare or kick hit, even cymbal washes, and I tend to listen to heavier music mostly so this is a problem. I since called Jlabs and the person I talked to said they have sold millions without that complaint so there is an issue to exchange them, which I did with no luck. I since did a factory reset on my phone and again, no luck. What could be my issue? Should I bring my phone into the carrier?
  12. trentklein

    Bluetooth earbuds

    I just purchased a new pair of Jlabs jbuds air bluetooth earbuds yesterday, but noticed something strange while testing them. Depending on song/genre, I hear a faint high end crackle, almost like the new earbuds are already blown. Does anyone else own these and experienced this? Is this a normal thing due to the seal or just part of their sound, how the high end sounds? Appreciate the feedback. Edit: with further research on bluetooth earbuds in general, it seems like it's only with third party apps that do this?
  13. trentklein

    Internet status speeds

    Hello again. I was wrong. I have the MSI H110M Gaming mobo.
  14. I pre-ordered Forza Horizon 4 from Amazon and just received the email that the code is ready. I went to the section stated in the email and did not see my code. I did find out I needed the Game and Software Downloader, which I downloaded, but it keeps failing to install. Anyone able to help?