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    I5 6500
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    MSI H110M Gaming
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    16gb Team Elite Plus 288-Pin SDRAM DDR4 2133
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    Asus Strix 1070 8gb oc
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    1TB 7200rpm seagate barracuda and 120gb samsung 840
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    logitech k360
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    Windows 10

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  1. I tried but it just sits at 24 hours remaining. Looking further I guess only 2012 mac's and up can do that?
  2. My 2011 iMac's hard drive recently failed(I believe) so I just installed a new hard drive. My problem now is, the iMacs did not com with an os disc I believe. I tried using one from my old macbook from 2009, but that said it wasnt compatible. Is there a way to download it and put it on a usb boot drive?
  3. Thanks for explaining! Still seems super annoying Haha yeah I use an application to find what's using space but nothing comes up. When it says it's full I can't even do anything ie import export.
  4. Sorry I have been MIA,I forgot to check this thread Haha That COULD be it because I work with imovie and logic pro a lot, but I delete large files (couple of gigs) right away. If I'm understanding it right, if the memory cant handle something it throws it to the hard drive? How? Haha
  5. Haha! I guess I dont either, clearly. But it's really getting to the point to where I want to throw the computer out the window
  6. My imacs storage always seems to be flip flopping from ~100gbs free to only a few mbs. When I go to find what I need to delete, there is nothing if substantial size. Does the OS hide files? What's the issue?
  7. Hey all, I recently upgraded to the linksys 1200+ and I finally got the 200mbs + speeds that I'm paying for, but, recently it's been going down to where I was with my old N router. Especially on my imac. The router is in my basement and yes, the speeds are obviously better down there, but nothing too drastic. No, my imac is not connected via ethernet but it has always been decent with speeds. Now, it completely dropped internet. When I go and try to connect it doesn't even show any networks. With all of that said, do I have the router set up wrong? Is there something I can do?
  8. It's time I upgrade my router. I currently have a 200mbs from charter but do not get anywhere near that via lan. My current router is the netgear n600. I was thinking about getting the router in the photo attached. Thoughts?
  9. Ahh, well alright. Thanks! I may keep researching it but its odd how I cant find anything on it.
  10. Hey all!! I am a bit confused about amazons pre orders. In the last year I saw amazon was giving $10 credit for preordering but it seemed it was only for certain platforms and a friend told me this is still true? Thing is I dont see anything about it anywhere. Any help is appreciated!