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  1. im going for the night, plz dun qoute meh or anyfin, tank u :)

    1. BurstSMG



      im going for the night, plz dun qoute meh or anyfin, tank u :)


  2. They're packing a free can with every Pascal card. They're packing a free can with every Pascal card. wtf has happened?!
  3. https://twitter.com/NVIDIAGeForce its fucking everywhere the new human cpu i mean they are advertising it like a gpu or sumfin
  4. some? do the old fashioned way of finding the binary then writing it down onto the new hdd, . nah im joking, the quickest way i know is either through good ol' slappin' it onto a usb flash drive then slap it onto the then new hdd then copy!
  5. ^ | | | |\ my best arrow! message me if you want
  6. your fine trust me,the phc is undervolting which is fine that you failed unless you are gonna be underclocking
  7. eh you can if you want a full cooked steak sure! you house will fucking burn down and then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjF032TDDQ
  8. nah your fine, think of it like this (well when ever something goes wrong, this is how i think of it) BLAME FUCKIHG INTELK, honestly THEIR cpu controls my pc so shouldn't they get the blame?! carrots
  9. thats good enough for me, might taste nice and oh my fucking god my ears just died
  10. No this isn't any of that April fools shit, its a legit question like lets say you have this mobo: then you smacked the booty in your pc, slapped a few gtx 980ti's then a couple hundred 6700ks (i am fucking aware that the 6700k will commit suicide if it went in lga 1150) then you see all dem green bits (near 'Acer Inc.' and such) what would happen if you licked it? like while it was fully on? i think it would taste 'shocking' ill let my self out now would you die? or is there no 'lethal' amounts of electric to kill you? (i mean like 9.5k watts like my fucking shower for some fucking reason)like around 10-20 watts, would you die? again this is a legit question, none of that april fools shit.
  11. linux is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lower for some fucking reason linux masterrace and yes, i am back bitches, was moving house no internet for like fucking 3 years
  12. why on gods earth would you buy an 8tb hdd? and yes i am back bitches, i moved house and fucking finally got my internet back!
  13. no fucking shit, im running at like 15kbs down and like 0.5kbs upload (fucking fibre optic broad band optimized for speed with titanium gold plating, yeah fuck off) , do meh a favour and report it to be deleted please, im trying to but ff keeps crashing D:
  14. 100hz means that the monitor can display 100 frames per second 144hz means that the monitor can display 144 frames per second 165hz means that the monitor can display 165 frames per second