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    Obviously computers, music (playing guitar) and american football.
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    Mechanical engineering student


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    AMD R71800x
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    ASUS ROG crosshair vi hero
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator platinum 16gb
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    Zotac gtx1070 founders
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    Phanteks evolv atx tempered glass
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    Samsung 960 evo m.2
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    Corsair HX770i
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    lG 29um68-p
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    Corsair h110i
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    Cooler master masterkeys pro s mx blue
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    Logitech g502
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    Windows 10 proffesional

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  1. So somehow it magically worked, randomly decided to give it a go and it didn't freeze...played about 1.5 hours into the game, no crashes so far.
  2. Indeed, the issue somewhat makes sense for people who have both integrated and dedicated gpus, like on lots of laptops...but still, it's annoying how the same issue occurs for a wide variety of hardware. Makes me wonder if its a vulkan/ openGL thing, or rather, the lack of openGL.
  3. Same here, we just need to wait for a patch/ specific driver update (apparently both might be coming next week)
  4. They are in my signature, but here: AMD R7 1800x Nvidia gtx1070 Corsair platinum 16gb ram ASUS crosshair IV hero Corsair hx750i (750w) System should handle this just fine haha
  5. I guess so, just wanted to kill some nazis dammit...
  6. Eii another fellow wolfenstein player in trouble...this is just annoying! Are you having the issue with the "could not wire crash dump" error?
  7. It's apparently a very common problem, especially for people with laptops, as the integrated and dedicated gpus are being problematic for some reason. So i have my doubts that the problem for all those people is a spec of dust in a ram slot or so. Mainly i really don't want to take my system apart haha But you are at least able to play then? You just get random crashes at certain points throughout the game?
  8. Hey guys, so for the past few hours i've been browsing around the interwebs for a fix but nothing seems to work. Pre-loaded wolfenstein 2, waited for the release, the time came, and what do you know...clicked play and got an error message. The error message read "could not write crash dump", and the game wouldnt start. Somehow by starting the game in safe mode in steam i managed to get to the starting menu, where the game would once again freeze and give the same error. Tried the fixes given on the steam/ bethesda forums and even on youtube, like disabling different graphics settings(which was hard in itself as i had to be fast enough to change the setting before the game would crash) and yet nothing works. The game seems to crash after a given period of time, like i can start the game and then mess with setting in the menu or even try to start playing, and it would just freeze and throw the error. Has someone else on here been experienceing this as well, or maybe someone has an idea of what could be happening? P.S. i've uninstalled and installed the game 3 times, ran the latest nvidia drivers (388.00 and the specific hotfix for wolfenstein 2, 388.10), still nothing
  9. Pepi28

    Which 1070

    he means the back plate on the rear of the card, where the IO is, aka HDMI/ display port connectors etc. Not the plate on the top of the card.
  10. Pepi28

    Which 1070

    If you are gonna spend the extra bucks, then i agree, go non reference.
  11. Pepi28

    Which 1070

    I did exactly the same as you, thought that founders looked cool and i never owned a founder's before. Found a refurbished one being sold by a Dutch distributor so i went for it :D.
  12. Pepi28

    Which 1070

    You can push OCs further with non reference cards of course as the coolers can dissipate more heat. I have a Zotac founders 1070, haven't even bothered to even check how far i can push an OC with the reference cooler.
  13. Well you can either learn from other's stupidity, or your own. Just take your time with some small pliers, don't rush and don't use lots of force when you get frustrated.
  14. Haha its Amy Schumer doing some star wars parody photo shoot.