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  1. Thanks, can you give any tips on what I should search for on the internet to see such products?
  2. Hey, Bascially a power surge occured and two resistors on my gpu (Gigabyte gtx980ti G1) blew. They are labelled R172 and R174 on the board, and I would like to try resoldering them if someone can help me find replacement ones. I basically need help identifying their resistance. You can see in the attachments what a pristine board looks like (the resistors Im talking about are in the bottom right) and what mine looks like. As you can see, the area Im describing is charred pretty good and the resistors have literally burnt off.
  3. Just an update: Before I was going to bump up my frequency, I decided to run a stress test and measure my cpu temps, on RealTemp, my cpu cores are about 80 degrees celsius but on SpeedFan, my cpu temp is at a 52 degrees Celsius stable, what should I trust?
  4. I just wanted to know what would happen if I increased the speed of my cpu without increasing its voltage to see if I have won the silicon lottery? I have an i5 3570k how much of a stable increase should I see and is this a good idea at all? thanks
  5. Hey, Im going to buy a liquid cpu cooler and I wanted to know what you guys would recommend. I'm looking for the best performance and the most reliable cooler, as it would be difficult for me to send it back if I have any issues. Thanks for anyone that gives any insight on this. As of now, I'm thinking about using a NZXT Kraken x61.
  6. Hi everybody, I am going to upgrade my case fans and I wanted to ask which fans would be the best option for me if Im looking for the most airflow (the fans Im looking for are 140mm's) Thanks
  7. Hey all! Recently Ive been thinking about buying a liquid aio cpu cooler and Ive searched around the interwebz and found out that generally the nzxt kraken x61 seems to be doing fairly well. I want the best performance and dont care about size or noise, would anyone recommend another cpu cooler? Should I stick with the kraken x61?
  8. How can I know my i5 3570k is of "good quality"? I mean is it just random production factors?
  9. I mean what speeds can I reach with this Motherboard? How much of my overclocking capabilities depends on the motherboard?
  10. Hey guys! I wanted to ask how good I can overclock with this setup: i5 3570k, Asus p8z77v le plus, and a nzxt kraken x61, can I reach at least 4.5 ghz? Thanks for the feedback
  11. I have 16 gigabytes of ram (ddr3 @ 1600mhz) and I will see if I'm maxing my cpu but my friend who has an i5 6600k running at stock speed has about 10-20 fps above me.
  12. Hey all, I've been playing h1z1 recently, and I've been getting 30-45 fps on high-ultra settings on 1080p resolutions and this has really disappointed me. My specs are pretty good, so I dont know why I'm getting these lags, here are my specs: i5 3570k @ 3.4 ghz gtx980ti g1 6gb asus p8z77 v le plus ocz fatality 750watt 80+ bronze psu and in h1z1 I have both set to ultra or high and my render distance is 3000 but I get these really low temps. I checked everwhere and my cpu maintains a temperature of less than 70 degrees (celsius) and it doesnt throttle or anything, any ideas on how I can get good frames in this game?
  13. I was also concerned about people mocking the 760t because it is plastic and slightly bends, whereas you can sit on the HAF X and nothing will happen, but I dont intend on regularly sitting on my case.
  14. Right now I have a gtx980ti on my case, Im planning to SLI it within 5 years, which is basically why I want a large, comfortable case.
  15. Hello, I've recently been looking to purchase a new case and I haven't decided whether I should go for the HAF X 942 or the Corsair 760T. The 760t does look a lot nice, but I'm not sure if it will provide me with the space and water cooling ease the HAF X allegedly does. If you were to buy a case, and planning to install a h110i water cooling system what would you go for?