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  1. I run Windows 10 Pro on all my devices. I have one laptop with Linux Ubuntu on it. I use Windows mainly because I am the most familiar with it, it's versatile, easy to use, and compatible with literally every PC game under the sun, well, almost I think. As for Linux, I only have it installed simply to mess around with it. I have seen no practical use to switch over to Linux because I don't see any added value. I might use it when I start programming? But I'm not sure, as I have 0 knowledge on programming so I don't know what the best OS is, programs, language, and so on. Then coming to iOS, I never used it as I never had the money to buy Apple stuff, but I have worked on an MacBook a bit when helping a friend, and it was hell to find anything there for me. So I can only say that I hate it, but a one time experience isn't a valid argument in my opinion. Besides, I might save up for an iMac Pro for creative purposes, I'm not sure yet.
  2. Ok, so update, I seemed to have fixed the issue (I THINK!) What I did was in VMWare made a LAN Segment and put the NIC's of all my servers including that workstation in that LAN Segment, first thing my workstation said if it wants to be discoverable in PoliForma.nl so I knew it recognized the network, tried adding it to a domain and boom! It went in!
  3. Well, PoliForma.nl since that is the domain we are required to use according to our handbook Well, no, in the virtual machine I do of course I guess? But yeah it seems like it is a real domain....
  4. Well I would use something else, however, the other settings don't work, they don't give internet access to the servers so I am basically forced to use this for internet connection, though I can put the LAN NIC's on a different setting though I don't know which one would be best. Yes, I can ping the domain though the IP is a bit odd since that's not an IP I have set on the servers,, don't know if that's normal or not or if it is accidentally pinging to the real site (since the publisher of the book apparently uses this address name to link to their site too) Pinging the servers addresses themselves results in request timeouts Well, DNS SHOULD be configured correctly on both servers.... I'll make a network diagram later and shall upload it here then.
  5. Hi So I want to install Lubuntu on my laptop of only a mere 2GB of RAM, I download 32-bit Lubuntu, used Rufus to make my USB-drive bootable. I plugged it in and went to the BIOS, there I changed the load order so that the USB is first and Window load last. It displays the model of my USB so it does recognize it as a bootable USB if I'm correct. But when I save the changes and exit, it always goes to Windows, completely skipping the USB! Why? Am I doing something wrong here? My laptop is pre-built and so it has pre-installed Windows 10. I never really changed an OS on an existing OS really so I'm quite new, but from what I read it shouldn't be this hard! The laptop is a PEAQ PNB C1011, and secure boot is disabled if that matters any (read that it does). I also can't mash F12 or DEL or any key at the start since only the logo appears first before loading into the OS installed. I can't enable an advanced screen in the BIOS since that option isn't there. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi! So, for school I have to completely redo a project since apparently my teacher lost the documentation somehow. I'm currently stuck however. I'm doing an IT Study and we use "Netwerkbeheer met Windows Server 2016" by Jan Smets and we do everything in VMWare. In chapter 5 I have to create a Windows Workstation and add that Workstation to my domain. However, I can't add it for some reason. First, however, let me give you an overview of the situation; I have 2 servers, 1 with 2 NIC's and 1 with 1 NIC. Server 1 has one internet NIC which is configured in DHCP and uses VMWare NAT so it uses my IP. The second NIC is configured so from my understanding it basically is a loopback address with prefered DNS server Server 2 has 1 NIC with as prefered Gateway Server 1. \ Both Servers are Domain Controllers, have DHCP AND DNS and have Active Directories. Both servers have scopes for DHCP having the ip to Server 1 Excludes .81 to .130 and Server 2 .31 to .80 Now here's the tricky part, I use Windows 10 Education UK since that is the free Windows we get from our school side, installation went flawless, it uses NAT so it uses my laptop's IP. Now when I go to change the computer's name and go to make it a member of the domain I get the following error (see attachments) and I have absolutely no clue what could be causing it nor how to fix it. One strange thing I noticed once while fiddling around is that somehow the workstation did appear in the DNS Manager list on both servers, I deleted it by now just to see if that would help but to no avail. Help is greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm actually trying on a Desktop, I just have 2 other laptops with no drive, my apologies, should've specified more. But the motherboard in my Desktop is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P (rev 2.0) which is pretty old I think. And the dvd should be bootable since like I said; I booted up once on the exact same pc and with the exact same dvd. I even followed the instructions on the official Ubuntu page on a second disc so it should work but it doesn't.
  8. What exact system information do you need to know? And unfortunately I don't have access to other pc's. My laptops don't have a DVD drive, and I don't have access to my parents pc to test it on there
  9. So, I'm trying to install Linux on my main PC for programming, and since the BIOS doesn't support USB-Boot I need to use DVD's. However, when I select the DVD from the boot menu, it acknowledges a Linux ISO is on there since it says ISOLINUX 6.03 20171017 but it just restarts my PC after a few seconds and launches to Windows, there is no notification to press a button to boot from DVD btw, I even tried mashing all the buttons. I checked the disc and everything should be burned correctly, it's even weirder since I have used this disc before on this exact same computer and it worked back then, I haven't changed anything so I don't know what's wrong. Is my disc reader failing? Is it something else? Linux Version I'm trying to install; Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Windows version: Windows 10 Pro, Build 1809 (No lost files) Disc drive: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S. I already think that my computer may be dying, since I also see some Windows problems (like the settings icon not showing the taskbar even when they're open) but that also might be because I have the October 2018 Build
  10. Good day So, I want to try coding to see what it's like and if I like it. However, I have no experience whatsoever (except writing a simple HTML code at a open day at a school, pardon me I don't know the translation), so I have no clue where to start. I've looked at the programming resources thread by the way but it didn't really help me. So I'm asking for some advice; For someone who wants to try coding, possibly as just a hobby, where should I start? Which program should I use?: I know that different programs have different uses, Unity for games, Eclipse seems to be for Minecraft mods and Android apps, from what I know. And Python for AI (which I want to try to make as well, neural networks, since it seems really fascinating to me) I was thinking Microsoft Visual Studio but I don't know how good that is and how well it fits my current purposes Which language should I use?: I've dibbled a bit in C# when messing with Unity, I've coded a bit in Notepad++ (I'm assuming that was C++) on that open day I mentioned and that's all I messed with. As for what I want to at least try: I definitely want to make simple apps just for myself. As example; My own Icon Packs to customize my phone with An app to get daily riddles (1 riddle a day)/alarm that you have to solve a riddle to make it shut up A simple Artifical Neural Network. Perhaps let it learn colors and words, as in Red is Red etc So far that's all I want to try, both to see how coding is and also because for number 2 I can't find any app like it so I want to make it myself, lol. Anyways, any advice is greatly appreciated
  11. So, my laptop doesn't keep the time once it shuts off. When I turn it back on it displays the time of when I shut it down, it only syncs correctly via internet. While not a major issue it's still annoying. I know it's most likely the battery on the motherboard, but if my knowledge serves me correctly, removing/replacing it would reset everything, right? If so, does it reset anything major? I never went into the BIOS so settings shouldn't change there, but I don't know if it changes anything inside Windows itself.
  12. lol, indeed, I can understand that there might be no support for the regions, but come on. It's not like some features use region specific things. Cortana ok, but they should make it so you can just set that she talks in English and still use it or something.
  13. So, Windows 10 has some neat features, unfortunately, not everyone in the world can access them because of region locks or unsupported regions *cough*giveusdutchcortana*cough*. So, I wanted to start a little discussion; Do you change your region so you can fully access all of Windows 10? And what do you think about that tihngs are region locked? No matter if you even put your device in English language.
  14. Alright, Malwarebytes I don't use since it somehow uses up so much in the background it makes my PC freeze sometimes. That's why I'm a bit iffy about third-party anti-virus software. But I wasn't sure what the best was since I do want ultimate security. I mean, not like I have ultra secret files no one ever may see, but it's still nice to be safe.
  15. Good day I'm in the process of cleaning up my devices and making them secure against any threats. Though for my PC's I was wondering; Would Windows Defender alone be good enough for security? I often see people in video's talking about that you need to install anti-virus software, but Windows already has anti-virus software. So this makes me think Windows Defender is bad, but when I look at it (with 0 experience in IT-Security so far, mind you) it seems good enough. It has anti-virus, account security, firewall and network-protection and so on. So, is it good or is it bad? Or is this just a matter of preference? Also on a bit of an semi-unrelated topic; What is some good anti-virus/firewall apps for Android, that is free and doesn't ask too much from performace?