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  1. NinJake

    1080p on 2k???

    Which is why 1080p works a lot nicer if you have a 4k monitor. There's exactly the right amount of pixels to fit 4 1080p screens worth of pixels in a 4k monitor.
  2. NinJake

    Minecraft Mod with Weight? Help!

    Open each config file and do a search for "16". You might get a few hits that aren't wanted but you should be able to find the correct config that way. Easier than removing a few mods at a time and re adding them until you find out what it is. I'd check out CraftTweaker, sounds like something that would tweak crafting recipes
  3. NinJake

    Could an Arduino be used to control fans?

    Keep in mind if you do any DIY you'll have to either find a way to pull the temperature data to ramp the fan speed accordingly or you'll simply have static RPM fans anyways. I'm just not too sure how easy it would be to pull the board temperature data and import it into your arduino/pi. If you do this you should totally document the project!
  4. NinJake

    Could an Arduino be used to control fans?

    I'm sure it could work. Here's another project which is similar. https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=130213 Make it happen!
  5. NinJake

    Odd issue regarding a mapping software on Win10 + Nvidia

    Have you tried running it in compatibility mode? If this is crucial for you and you'll be using legacy software often (not just for this project) I'd look into a dedicated computer with an older OS or a VM with an older OS.
  6. NinJake

    Old OS's.

    No problem. Whether you've been a long time lurker or if you're brand new to the forum, welcome!
  7. NinJake

    Old OS's.

    Windows 7 with those specs should easily run. However using Windows 10 or many different Linux Distributions will automatically pull the correct drivers for you during the install as long as you have an active internet connection. You may need to manually install some drivers on Windows 7.
  8. NinJake

    Old OS's.

    Maybe, sure. What OS and what type of hardware?
  9. NinJake

    Issue with old ram stick

    Depending on the age of your system you may be able to find another stick of the same make/model/speed for fairly cheap if you decide you need 16gb of memory.
  10. NinJake

    Issue with old ram stick

    If they are different speeds your RAM will get throttled to the slowest of the two.
  11. NinJake

    Issue with old ram stick

    What are the speeds of each stick? Were you running both before? Is this a 1x8gb vs a 2x4gb?
  12. NinJake

    BT speaker

    Personally I'd get the Sony, there's no easy way to tell what is better without first hand experience. I don't know how the Sony sounds but the JBL have unprotected drivers on the sides which could potentially get punctured... defeating the purpose of a portable speaker in my opinion.
  13. NinJake

    Issue with old ram stick

    Well if the newer one performs better, use it.
  14. I'm not too sure how the powerline adapters work but there's always the possibility of the hardware going bad. If it's still under warranty you could try and have it replaced? Another step you can take to troubleshoot is moving the computer so you can hardwire it into the router rather than using the powerline adapter and see if the connectivity issues still persist.
  15. NinJake

    How screwed is my work.

    Leave while you can and document everything you can while you're there to CYA.
  16. NinJake

    Is the Radeon HD 6990 good?

    Launched in 2011. That should tell you most of what you need to know.
  17. I like my switches like I like my women, Lekker!
  18. NinJake

    Urgent! All usb ports not detecting!

    I would try a ps/2 keyboard if your motherboard supports it. There could be some sort of driver error. If you have the resources, you could always try to make a live linux USB and boot into any distro of your choice, (linux mint is a nice option) and see if everything works fine in the live linux environment. Double check USB isn't disabled in your BIOS/UEFI as well.
  19. NinJake

    Urgent! All usb ports not detecting!

    Have you unplugged and plugged them back in? Have you tried safe mode?
  20. NinJake

    Help with CCNA

    https://community.spiceworks.com/networking/articles/2489-subnetting-for-dummies Are you able to spin up a few VMs? Do you have access to a lab at a school?
  21. NinJake

    WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and frequent crashing

    I'd try to find out what motherboard you have and list what RAM you have installed as well. (How many DIMMS? What slots?)
  22. We order HP products where I'm at. Specced out normally with i5 and mechanical drive but I've slowly been requesting more and more SSD's for these machines or old ones. (It's amazing how you can "bring an old PC" back to life with a SSD. As for myself, I've recently completed this build for my own work PC.
  23. Where is the location of the USB dongle compared to this keyboard? Is there any major source of interference? Have you tried using different batteries?
  24. DARK MODE! I love Android Auto, I only use it for longer road trips but it's been great and had it's fair share of use over the last 2 years. Now the last thing to dark mode my life is this dang ball of fire that follows me around for half the day.