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    Intel i7-6700k
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    Asus Maximus VIII Hero
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    2x8gb G.Skill Ripjaws V
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    EVGA 980Ti
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    CM Storm Stryker
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    250gb SSD, 500gb SSD, 2tb WD Black
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    EVGA 750w 80+gold
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    Samsung 28" 4k, Acer 27'' 1440p, 2 Acer 24'' 1080p
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    Corsair k95
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    Logitech g502
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    Vanatoo Transparent Ones + 12'' Polk Subwoofer / Sennheiser HD650, 280PRO, 212PRO
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    Windows / Linux

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  1. Malwarebytes, and if you download it now you'll get the free premium trial which has a bunch of additional features. Also, ensure your Windows Update is fully up to date.
  2. Someone's hijacked your PC and is mining crypto? It's odd that it's happened on your old and new CPU/Mobo, which leads me to believe a virus of some sort. Might be better off doing a clean install of windows.
  3. QHD all the way for me. More pixels outweighs faster refresh rate in my books.
  4. Post Custom Desktop

    I'm in the process of rolling out Windows 10 machines to all the employees. This is one department at a time and the IT department is last on the list for the upgrade.
  5. Post Custom Desktop

    Work desktop.
  6. What you guys think about these speakers?

    Depends. I'd probably go for the Flip 4 just for the 1 hour of faster charge time as a bluetooth speaker would be used exclusively for hiking or disc golf if I had one.
  7. PC and stereo is hooked up to a surge protector. I have a UPS for the modem/router.
  8. Need assistance with Word or Google Docs

    Hello from Milwaukee! Do you have an android phone? Just use the Google "Keep". Perfect for jotting down tasks and you can create checkboxes for each task to check off once complete.
  9. Display Port Cables

    You can't just take someone's advice of "look for good reviewed cables" and then say they don't. If anything you are researching has a bunch of good reviews, there's always going to be more negative than positive. I for one have ordered numerous items online and only once received a faulty solid state drive. I gave it a lower score than normal (3 out of 5) but due to the vendor replacing it free of charge, I put it back up to a 4.5 out of 5. Some people don't go through the effort or realize there is always a chance of getting a faulty component.
  10. HDD always at 100% & HDD migration

    It's possible the hard drive is simply too slow and might start failing. Rather than "re-download" 1TB of files using your 1MB internet speed, get another drive and transfer the files before it's too late or you will be re-downloading the files. You can also run some hard disk drive utilities to diagnose your drive health. Also, is your Windows up to date?
  11. Case Recommendations

  12. Weird beeping

    If you take the 750Ti out does it still beep 3 times?