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  1. This was yesterdays news. Still funny, nonetheless. What can you expect though, government municipalities have the tightest f'n budget to work with. Wouldn't doubt if some of the machines still had XP.
  2. I would still try only using 1 stick at a time and testing them until you find out if its either 1 stick or 1 slot or whatever it may be, as the issue. hopefully it's just 1 stick that you can replace. But you definitely don't want those memory errors occurring all the time.
  3. Definitely sounds like it's memory related. ECC ram isn't cheap but those server boards prefer ECC. Try using just 1 stick at a time.
  4. Yep for whatever reason one of my laptops would not install Mint via USB. Moment I plugged in an external dvd drive with the Mint ISO burned to it, it installed right away.
  5. Probably Rocket League. If not, Elder Scrolls Online is a close second.
  6. Let it all out
  7. You're telling me the OnePlus team has tweaked benchmarking code for that list of benchmarks? Or is it just so they can show you that they are confident that with those specific benchmarks, they are positive their chip can withstand the test no problem at "full blast". Benchmarks are a constant, they run a specific task and finish. Users can obviously open up snapchat, youtube, reddit, 2 games and beat the crap out of their phone, so it's understandable OnePlus doesn't want the chip running at the full potential w/o throttling for what could be 8 hours if the cat decides to play with the phone and keep it from idling.
  8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no? If you think benchmark scores are the go-to deciding factor for your phone then cool. Do I have to look at benchmarks before I buy a phone? Also, I just don't consider this cheating unless OnePlus somehow rigged the actual benchmarking software. They can do what they want with their hardware. (If that means detecting certain software and TURBOCHARGING their cores then good for them) A TL:DR would be nice for those who don't want to scroll through all the text, and some isn't even legible for night theme.
  9. I've read the article and it seems the main point here is that this is solid evidence that this phone will simply not compare to any other flagships releasing at this point in time due to their cheating. I would be surprised if they don't go out of business after this scandalous act!
  10. So a cpu isn't allowed to run at full speed for certain tasks? The only time you will ever benchmark is while benchmarking... if they deem it's not going to damage or overheat the cores then who cares. If the engineers and team decided the phone shouldn't be running "full tilt" for other things that may be running for longer periods of time, then good for them for preventing damage to their hardware.
  11. So they are "cheating" by using their core speed? Maybe I misunderstood but it seems like it would be pretty hard to "cheat" at a benchmarking program unless they found a way to code the actual software of the program to release false information.
  12. It's not really an issue. It just happens with multiple monitors and full screening certain games.
  13. So thoughtful of you, glad to hear there are people still looking out for others instead of themselves! No, just no. (At least not in the same "style" that Joffrey did lol)