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  1. I SAID -ISH Don't ruin my hopes and dreams...
  2. Would I upgrade? Sure, in 2 years when this is worth $200-ish
  3. Is this even a real question? lol
  4. Well then, you can clearly see how educated I am on this topic. Either way, I'll always trust open source software more than anything else. And I don't disagree with any of your points, I just don't care enough about if W10 is gathering my data. It sucks that they do, but unless everyone that is already using the Windows platform decides to boycott and stop using it (never going to happen in my lifetime I think..) then Microsoft will do as they please.
  5. Once again, I agree mostly with what you state. Even before computers, people have been getting wrongly accused of crimes. I think if anything, these days the extra data collected can help prove you innocent, not the other way around. And since we are on the topic of Windows 10 telemetry, and not other companies, I think Microsoft has a good sense of ethics and would not cross the line to start "policing" and working WITH the government unless a warrant has been provided. I won't even talk about your third point, aside from "look where the US democracy ended up today".... And I do not talk any further about politics.
  6. They should work... you don't have the screws in the picture?
  7. I'd stray away from it. However how much are they asking for the system? Just curious.
  8. It is kind of scary indeed. I'm pretty sure the bigger picture here is $money$. But that is how the world goes round, and I'm just thankful for being part of the 40% (?) of the worlds population with internet service. I'd rather complain about fossil fuels than telemetry data.
  9. This is why it's good to use different manufacturers for different things. I love my corsair keyboard but I'd much rather use my logitech mouse over a corsair one. It's better when you go into a store and test things before you buy.
  10. I think the general consensus is you can not have audiophile and wireless in the same sentence.
  11. Lol, if I used the internet for my banking.... Sadly I'm old school and prefer face to face communication with my finances.
  12. Personally, I only use edge to download other browsers when I can't be bothered to use my USB flash drive with various browser installers. I've used Windows Store twice to download Forza games. As for the action center I pretty much ignore anything that pops up in that notification tray since it's usually something reminding me my "gmail settings are out of date" after changing my password lol.