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  1. Blue Snowball not working

    If you've tried multiple USB ports and different computers then the device most likely HAS malfunctioned. If you've only had it for 2 months then it's surely still covered under warranty? I've had the blue snowball for about 2 years?? Still working fine. The only other thing you could try is get another usb cable (type a to type b) and see if that is the issue.
  2. hearing the system work

    When I hear scratching all I think of is hard drives and DJs.
  3. Modi 2 Uber and Magni 3 or Sound BlasterX AE-5?

    I'd say neither sadly... surely there's got to be better options available in your country.
  4. I'm aware of this. Gives me more time to save up money anyways.
  5. Curse these GPU Prices! But that Define R6 definitely looks like it wants a 2080Ti sat inside it I also reallllly want to try building a ryzen rig but can't quite justify it....yet.
  6. LSD would make me jelly. You gonna RGB your intercooler too? haha just kidding. I know you are like the case master but if I decided to just build a new system I might end up going with a nicer glass case with some water cooling as well but idk... might just get a new GPU for now. (Now that I think of it, my ST3 has "rgb" in it lol...)
  7. How come we only have 3 CPU/GPU brands?

    This plus the risk of dumping all the money with a potential for 0 return if it flops. Nobody wants to lose money. If someone has the startup cash for something like this, they are probably better off investing that money in a different market.
  8. "It's the beST card yet!" @TVwazhere I am very much ready for the 1180Ti/2080Ti! (Tax returns woooot)
  9. Need new headphones!!

    Sennheiser HD6xx on Massdrop. You're saving ~150 USD by buying these. Excellent headphones, but you may want to invest in an AMP somewhere down the line though it's not absolutely necessary. The bass is still prevalent but not as "boomy" as closed cans. I also listen to EDM among other genres and they are spectacular through the frequency range. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx
  10. Chair?

  11. It's nice to see AMD stepping up to the plate and talking about how they are going about to fix spectre. (No word on meltdown yet) But then take a look over at Intel as they kneel in a corner, counting their money and hoping everyone forgets about these issues if they keep their mouth shut.
  12. Win10 Install Help

    Yep, boot from USB, follow installation instructions and make sure you install to the SSD. Once windows is installed you can open up diskpart to reformat the HDD.
  13. They are stupidly expensive but I've read nothing but good reviews about them. My friend is a body work mechanic and his brother is a diesel mechanic and I guess this brand is one of the "go-to's" for the guys in their shops. I guess I'd say they are great but I have nothing to compare them to.