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  1. You said it seemed to start acting up after you added the graphics card. Logically, you would then remove that first and see how the performance is.
  2. Ditch the GPU, install a lightweight linux distro like Lubuntu and use it as a web browsing machine or for word processing as that is all it will really be capable of. Try to upgrade to faster RAM if it's compatible, otherwise that is a huge factor in what's weighing your performance down.
  3. Good ideas here! Not sure how easy it would be to be implemented but for a new user, finding a way of informing the user of useful stickies and making sure they "read the rules" is a fine line between: a) I joined this forum but was hit with "pop-ups" and now I'm never joining again, or b) I joined this forum but skipped through all the useful information anyways like agreeing to a EULA.
  4. Never unless it's actually necessary or part of a troubleshooting step.
  5. Yeah, I may have misread your OP anyways. You simply won't be able to match the colors of your IPS panel with a TN. I originally thought you mentioned the text was harder to read on the IPS panel.
  6. Go to start menu and start typing "cleartype" it should give you an option to "adjust cleartype text". Follow the on screen instructions on your IPS panel and thank me later
  7. Make sure your RAM is inserted properly and compatible with your motherboard.
  8. I've been gone on vacation all last week and had to stand in my buddy's wedding on the weekend. I've doubled my total mileage on the FoST though and it was nice to let the engine breath for 4-5 hour drive! I've also got some pics of my friends MR2 that I'll have to get on here eventually...
  9. Reboot your computer, run windows updates, reboot again, re-run malwarebytes and windows defender.
  10. Best option is to attempt to RMA but you might get another monitor with a dead pixel(s) elsewhere.
  11. Go play on a console for 10 minutes, then come back and be thankful for your PC FPS and get back on task.
  12. FPS shouldn't affect programming...
  13. Take a look at the "windows 10 decrapifier" powershell script made by user Csand on Spiceworks. Works wonders, just make sure to read the instructions on what you're doing. Otherwise just follow what Ryan_Vickers said, and right click, uninstall.
  14. Ah I see what you're getting at. Either way, you're either going to be missing one user out of the tag in that situation and if you do the page range from 1-5 then there's still a good chance an active user in the topic will still be within one of the 5 pages. Either that or the whole @here tag could simply tag the last 5-10-15 (whatever) number of pages so for threads that have thousands of pages you're still only giving the most recent users notifications.
  15. Look at the official Garage topic in the off-topic section. If you were to tag @everyone (which is someones username already btw) or @here, there would be so many people getting spammed. By only tagging people on the most recent pages then you can still get relevent users in the conversation. And @page5 seems hard? How would you improve a more "filtered" approach to this?