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  1. My eyes have been hurting lately

    You also shouldn't be staring at a monitor for unhealthy amounts of time w/o short breaks Every 1 to 2 hours get up or look outside or something that's a decent distance away for a few minutes. If your eyes are realllly hurting then I'd say get off the PC for the rest of the day.
  2. My eyes have been hurting lately

    Hopefully you at least got LTT forums to night mode. You can also click your "zindan" drop down at the top right, in the menu there is a "theme" box as well.
  3. My eyes have been hurting lately

    Also, if you haven't switched over to the "night theme 2.1" here on linus tech tips forum I'd definitely give that a go. Other apps such as discord have dark themes and so does windows settings. Keep a dark-ish background picture for your desktop and I also hated the look of flux, I ended up uninstalling it but as others have stated, if your screen is very bright but your room is dark, you need to turn your lights on. If your lights are off then make sure to turn the brightness of your screen down.
  4. Can I Delete This

    Then open up the CD contents in windows explorer, CTRL+A to select all, then copy it to a folder on your desktop/documents/downloads/ etc... wherever you want. Then Zip the file and email it to your dad!
  5. Can I Delete This

  6. Can I Delete This

    To be fair, why don't you just take the CD out of the computer and leave it with your dad, I'm going to assume it's technically his and not yours anyways
  7. Can I Delete This

    Or pictures of your thumbs... either way, I'd probably want to delete them too!
  8. Can I Delete This

    Best way to find out is to copy the file, rename it as backup or something and see if it breaks anything. If it doesn't then you can delete the backup as well. It's probably just the thumbnails of the pictures though.
  9. Best laptop

    You can either get the HD screen or 4k screen, and it has discrete graphics so on top of doing your daily workflow you'll still be able to "game". Just not at a desktop level of performance obviously. However there are plenty of good "gaming" branded laptops like the MSI linked earlier, the ASUS ROG series and the Acer Predator laptops.... hell, even alienware. But once again, form factor and a minimal look is what I personally prefer, and why I'd go for the XPS. I believe it's a 1050ti or a 1060 6gb model?
  10. Car Subwoofer

    Yeah I wouldn't trust that amp running any type of subwoofer...
  11. Best laptop

    Depends on what type of horsepower you're really looking to get. If I were in the market for a decent, good looking laptop I'd probably go towards the Dell XPS 15. I just can't stand big bulky "gaming" laptops, especially if I were to take them into a professional environment or meeting.
  12. Best laptop

    First I have to ask... does it HAVE to be a laptop? If so, why do you NEED a gaming laptop over a desktop?
  13. BlueScreen

    System specs? Operating system (and version?) If you've had it a month, what are some changes or downloads you've done in the past few days?
  14. Honestly, if you are trying to play those games at the displays 4k resolution, you're going to have a hard time. What happens if you downscale to 1080p and then try playing games? You still shouldn't have any issues using MS word and what not at 4k though.
  15. Nothing is ever lost. You can do what you want to do as you see fit. I didn't start college until 2 years after high school. It's not like I couldn't go to college just because I didn't want to earlier. I was just recommending being a project manager, I had to take a project management class and that's not really my cup of tea, but my teacher has a few businesses he runs and he's able to just by allocating time for certain things to happen. And that sounds like it's something you like to do.