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    i5 6600k
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    MSI Z170 Krait gaming
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    16GB Hyper X fury DDR4
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    Asus Gtx 1070 Strix
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    NZXT H440 (windowless)
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    250GB & 500GB Samsung 850 EVO, 250GB Samsung 960Evo, 2TB Seagate HDD
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    Dell U2715H, Asus PG279Q, LG 34UM68
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    Corsair H100i
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    Masterkeys Pro S RGB
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    Logitech G900/MX Master
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    Sennheiser HD650, Shiit stack, Logitech Z533
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    Windows 10
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  1. Ah... good point. Well i'll stick with my HAF-X just a little longer then . Yeah i'll check some pages out. Thanks for the help.
  2. I originally started by only looking at NAS units but the extra features of a more full featured setup seems useful to me and I can have the standard NAS experience along with these extra features.
  3. Okay, good to hear. I think a motherboard change is in order for a smaller, more convenient case though. I'm assuming i'm not looking for anything too specific with the motherboard, just as many sata ports as possible?
  4. I'm in the market for a NAS/microserver but am unsure of what to go with as I am very new to this scene. The idea of having nightly backups of my pc greatly appeals to me as well as the ability to access a large pool of data on my home network. I am also interested in using remote access and running small python programs on the unit. I am only looking to have around 4-6TB of storage to start off with as I feel that would be enough space for me. I have looked into software and feenas seems like a compelling option. I currently have a few options, I have a HP N54L microserver a friend is willing to give to me but I don't know the exact specifications of it. Looking online the specs seem quite dated and I'm not sure it would have enough ram. Another option is an old PC running a 2500k with 8GB of ram and an ATX motherboard (so the tower would be kind of large without a motherboard change) however this seems like it will draw an excessive amount of power serving as a NAS. Any information, advice or suggestions would be appreciated as I am not sure whether I should purchase a more updated HP microserver, re-purpose the old PC or just invest in a Synology NAS and forgo the remote access and small applications. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  5. Yeah sadly the x34a is a bit too much for a monitor in my opinion even if it is very good. Just a shame because I'm not sure I want to go back to 60hz gaming.
  6. So I current have a Benq xl2411z which is 1080p and 144hz. I'm looking to upgrade and move to an ultra-wide monitor as well as step up to 1440p however I don't really want to drop below 100hz as I am used to the smoothness of 144hz. I sadly don't have the money for a monitor like the Acer x34a my budget is around £600-700. Right now I am looking at the Acer predator z35 however this is still only 1080p and I have seen people say that it 1080 on a monitor of that size would look terrible. The other competitor is the Acer XR341ck but I believe this is only 60hz upped to 75hz with free-sync but I have an nvidia graphics card so I'm not sure how well that will work. Is there any point in me upgrading to a 21:9 1080p monitor for that kind of price. Are there any monitors that I am missing from my shortlist or are there any scheduled to come out relatively soon. I know the Acer predator x34p and z301c are coming in Q4 but I think they will be well out of my price range. Your opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  7. So I recently upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, processor and RAM. I have a main SSD as my boot drive and then another 2TB hard drive that is used for mass storage. I already had programs and applications installed on my mass storage hard drive however when I attempt to search using windows for the programs that are installed on this hard drive they are no where to be seen. On further investigation I found that the programs would only appear if I installed them after installing windows 10. I have tried indexing all of my drives and rebuilding the index but to no avail. I know that the search can look through my drive as it is able to find the folders that hold the executable files for the program but not give me the executable itself. I don't know if there is another form of indexing that I need to run in order to have these old programs appear as they don't show up on the programs and features section of control panel. Is there a way that I can make these programs appear? I am running windows 10 64bit and it was a fresh install on my C drive, thank you
  8. Yeah I suppose that isn't the biggest deal then, i'll consider it, thanks
  9. Yeah I had seen this one and it is second in my list, my only issue is that it is an american layout where the shift + 2 is bound to the @ symbol etc. I don't know if I could find any replacement key caps that would match the rest of the keyboard. Would you say that this is a better choice than the quick fire rapid?
  10. I currently have a razer blackwidow ultimate 2013 with cherry MX blue switches and I am looking for a new keyboard that is tenkeyless because I want to conserve space on my desk and bring my hands closer together. Preferably the keyboard itself would be black with a white back-light, cherry MX brown keyswitches and macro support if possible. I would also consider a 60% keyboard with the same specifications as I think they are just as nice. I have found the CM storm quick fire rapid I and at the moment it is a strong contender but it doesn't have macro support. Just wondering if anyone knew of a keyboard that might be better than the quick fire rapid and fit my specifications and failing that any opinions on the quick fire rapid. One last note, I live in the UK so I am not sure that websites such as WASD will deliver across seas, thanks.
  11. Yeah didn't really want to factory reset but I have only had it like three weeks so I think i'll just return it. I factory reset it and the same issue occurs when doing the first time set up which makes me thing the problem is pretty deeply rooted.
  12. Yeah i've done both power off and restart but neither seemed to have any effect.
  13. Hi, last night I was watching YouTube on my tablet when suddenly the video froze and an error message appeared. I looked at the top bar of the tablet only to see that the WiFi icon was missing, I went into the settings and attempted to turn the WiFi back on but it wouldn’t. The little switch moves but only displays the words “turning wifi on…” and doesn’t do anything. After a minute or so it goes back to being displayed as off. I have turned the tablet on and off several times. However I’ve noticed that when I turn it back on all of that apps that I left running are still running, this leads me to believe that the tablet isn’t fully shutting down. I was wondering if anyone has found a solution to this or knows if there is a way to properly shut down the tablet as I have seen many similar posts online on other android products, thanks. It is a Samsung tab S2 10.1 running android 5.0.2. It isn’t rooted and doesn’t have any kind of custom rom, basically factory new besides any apps I have installed.