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  1. I worked at LMG and Floatplane Media and volunteered to help out as a mod. I mostly interact with users via DM's and thus why my post count is low.
  2. So here is the dilemma, I have some upgrade money I can spend on my rig but I am not entirely sure where to put it. Currently I am using: i7 4790k GTX 1070 LG 27ud68 (27", 4k, Freesync (works with G-Sync), overclockable to 72hz) I know the CPU is old, but it's still a powerhouse and upgrading wont get it any amazing gains at this point in time. So I am divided. On one end, I could purchase a RTX 2080 and try to push 4k and not worry about bottlenecking, but I would be limited due to the monitor's lackluster performance. Or, I could purchase a better monitor like the old but king ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q (G-Sync, 1440, 144hz (overclockable more), IPS) and stick with the 1070 for now. If you were in my situation, where would you spend your money?
  3. @James Aplin Since the previous forum section where this posted is for custom build logs, I moved this over to the correct section.
  4. It entirely depends on what you want, but also the quality of the options. For example, 34" is bigger, but are you sacrificing quality or a feature like G-Sync? If you have a model of a 32" or 34" that you are thinking of buying, put the models in this thread and we can give our opinions. For example. I game, but 90% of the time I am working in development or watching video content. For me, I can't go back to a TN panel after using IPS for the last few years.
  5. Just a quick note ... if you are going to post multiple pictures, please keep them in a single post if possible.
  6. The tone of this thread is a bit toxic and turning into a left vs right battle. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but remember that there is no place here for demeaning a person because of their views.
  7. You bring up some really valid points. I think that improved communication and transparency across the board would make a huge difference. FloatPlane has massive potential to be more than just a place to watch videos 'a week (sometimes) early' and I have no doubt that it will get there. That being said, the end user doesn't know if these awesome features are coming to Floatplane in a month or a year. I 100% think that if a user is on the wall about renewing, he would most likely continue with FP if he knew when a specific feature would be released. I really think that having a public roadmap, allowing Floatplane members to vote on features, give feedback, etc... would make a huge difference. An awesome tool that facilitates this is Canny : https://canny.io/ I personally would love more dedicated FP content. Maybe a weekly, laid back, live stream show thats not just about news. Maybe interview members of the FP team, talk about development, what are the challenges that are being faced. As for FP support. I can't tell you how much I appreciate companies that have a live chat feature. I think it could be implemented. As for LMG, I think we sometimes are quick to judge. It's hard work to pump out the amount of content that they do. Nearly 4500 videos on YouTube, managing a growing company, dealing with frustrating manufacturers, endless embargos, contracts, NDA's, YouTube drama nonsense, etc... Things can improve, but I honestly don't care if there are minor quality issues in some of the content, I enjoy knowing that nearly every day, there is something fresh to watch.
  8. Forget about the 1080ti.. For 2k, get a DELL FIREPRO S9100 or a PNY Quadro P5000. No don't do that, seriously. If you have that kind of money to burn, just get a 2080-ti and call it a day.
  9. Going to lock this one up since the OP has created another post in the correct sub-forum. It happens to the best of us!
  10. Yeah this is important. There are plenty of garbage PSU's out there that claim 80 Plus certification. Here is some info from Wikipedia:
  11. The 980 uses about 150-160 watts at load. So for your build (if you just have ram, cpu, gpu, ssd, mb) is going to be about 350-400watts at load. Plenty of overhead with a 500watt 50+ PSU. That being said, you may hear the PSU fans being within 100watts of the PSU's limit.
  12. Welcome to the Forums! I totally agree with Zlolslavez. I think the best thing to start with is a budget and what specific games your son is looking to play. Building a new Gaming PC's from components can range in price from $500 all the way to thousands. General rule of thumb, $500 would be low-end but useable for games at lower quality, $1000 for mid-range, $1500+ for high-end.
  13. I ask this in a completely curious and non-confrontational way. You have been active and supporting LTT since 2013 (the 'garage' days) and your opinion and thoughts are important to me. If you were in the position of Linus or Luke, taking the lead in either Linus Media Group or Floatplane Media, what positive changes would you make?
  14. Sims 4... I just checked the 'requirements' and it says "2gb of Ram and Windows XP". Thanks for the OP for making me feel old!
  15. I am no overlord. Just a fellow tech nerd. I cause more fires than I put out.