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  1. Wait how are you a mod

    1. jmack


      Because I am an Employee of the company and was invited to be a mod on the forums.

  2. I received the privilege to taking care of the audio setup at an upcoming wedding and I am trying to figure out what equipment to purchase or rent. - The venue is outdoors. - The speakers are not for music, but for a wedding discourse / speech. - There are going to be 200 people and they layout can be seen in the chart below. (I know it says 140, but just imagine there are more seats) What do you think would be an ideal (reasonably priced) setup? If I do buy something, I have been thinking about the Yamaha STAGEPASS 400 or 600 with proper stands. But, I am open to options. Any ideas?
  3. jmack

    Float Plane subscription on new site

    The ultra-wide issue is a known bug we are working on, but your other issue can be fixed right away. I will send you a PM.
  4. jmack

    Need a New PSU - Help Please!

    Please try to keep the tone of this thread positive guys.
  5. jmack

    Floatplane spacing issues on 4K Monitor

    Thanks for mentioning this issue. We are actually aware of the big-monitor issue and it will be fixed shortly. As always, your support and patience is appreciated.
  6. jmack

    Floatplane Support

    I can help you out. Will send a PM.
  7. jmack

    Floatplane Support

    Oops. Not good! Sent you a PM, lets get this sorted.
  8. Full specs would be awesome. I can't even buy ram for $250, so I am curious.
  9. jmack

    How do I manage changing jobs?

    Normally the 2 week thing is not legally binding, but again, if you want a nice ref. letter, you have to make a choice. That being said, any reasonable new employer who is really interested in having you on-board, will wait two weeks. Sometimes we forget how much work is actually involved in on-boarding a new employee from a HR perspective, and how two weeks is nothing to wait.
  10. jmack

    Get linuscattips to 100k

    I completely support this movement! We did good on Thursday, but need to keep things moving.
  11. jmack

    Nintendo Switch?

    I really just buy consoles for exclusive titles, because if I am going to buy based on system power, my PC with a 1080 blows them all out of the park. IMO (and based on my gaming pref), Zelda and Mario Odyssey alone make the Switch worth purchasing. They are (again IMO) two of the best games in years. I own a PS4 for Monster Hunter, Gran Turismo Sport and Little Big World. A SNES classic to legally play Super Mario World. A WiiU for Mario Maker. etc ... If you have the money to buy a console, buy it based on your gaming pref not power.
  12. jmack

    Looking for LED light strips

    Whats your budget? You can get like 16ft of cheap RGB light strips on Amazon for $19. However, the sky is the limit when it comes to cost. For controlling from your phone, there are a number of bluetooth controllable strips. If you already have some type of home automation setup, you could look at the Phillips Hue options, but its like $80 for 6 feet.
  13. jmack

    Looking for a TV

    Don't focus on things like HDR support, which even cheaper models are 'supporting', but since they don't have enough backlight zones, it ends up being a cheap effect. IMO, I would focus more on the quality of the screen, color accuracy, 4k support, Chroma 4:4:4 if you plan on hooking it up to a PC, low latency ( super super important ), etc ...
  14. jmack

    Need help finding GPU fans

    What GPU (make and model) were these fans on?
  15. jmack

    Putting my HDD in a new build

    You MAY have issues with the Windows install if you change to a new PC and just move the drive. However, that being said, I always use these kind of things as an excuse to get a fresh install. I would buy another copy of Windows, backup your files and reinstall fresh.