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  1. So im at the office i go to the office every day connect to the wifi, and suddenly i had a new boss and decides to change the password and all and said nobody is allowed to connect via Wifi (such a dick) i use my phone to chat make calls with Family and MAPS is very important to me.. im connected VIA LAN with a Desktop. so can i Get the WIFI password via LAN? (i have no access to the ROUTER) thanks!
  2. Good day so i been having this trouble. after i inserted another HARD DRIVE. which contains an OS. Same OS as mine Windows 7. i get this "Windows Failed to Start" but when i press enter Everything is ok "Windows will Continue with no Problem". so i just want to eliminate this thing that keeps me from Booting windows normally after i turn on my Pc. "My Windows is working perfectly just like before,i deleted the windows 7 on the other hard drive but this thing keeps showing up" Reformatted the hard drive already on MY COMPUTER" Below is the Screenshot of the message.
  3. ok will try thanks guys.. some tutorials on google are very misleading
  4. Seems like i need a fast internet. and my internet isn't consistent .. anyway thanks for the reply.. hope others can answer this. What it i don't have an internet? or my internet is slow... maybe ill be needing that slippter after all..
  5. ok thanks.. ill look that up on google and how it works thanks!
  6. But i don't think my PC can handle the Graphics etc that my Ps4 can.. that's why i decided to go for a calbe ?
  7. Good day everyone.. would like to ask.. i made something bellow but can't seem to figure if a VGA spliiter CABLE would work so i wouldn't have to unplug the VGA PS4 TO MONITOR. so just i could use the Computer... thanks!
  8. i really don't know how that works sir.. got any link of a video or something ? thanks
  9. Good day guys! just want to know how do i TEST MOBO+RAM+CPU without HDD if they're still ok? they haven't been used for a year... hope you can help me thanks !
  10. ok here is the Link.. nothing special about it .. https://www.rakk.ph/Rakk-Power-Supply-400watts/n/33f04af1c5d84f36d590b144df15b723a478c664.html
  11. it doesn't Have Special Features like it turns on when it's Hot. it's just and Ordinary PSU. maybe it's bad so Got no choice but to replace it :\
  12. good day like to know if it's bad if my PSU fan is not working but my computer is ok and running , But sometimes when i turn and reach the Windows Logo my Monitor will shut off but the Cpu/Fan still on, i need to start my Computer 3-4x to get the Right Startup .. thanks ! oh and i notice a Hissing Sound inside the PSU when i open it after 1-2 mins it's Gone.. i watched the PSU when i open the Computer but it's really not spinning ..
  13. but it says 8Gb max and i only have 2gb so i can upgrade it right ? so ok if im buying has to be with the L(DDR3L-Low Voltage)
  14. Good day ! i bought a laptop and it only has 2gb of ram and i want to upgrade it .. but im confused as im not Familiar with "DDR3L SDRAM" im only familiar with DDR3.. so what is the difference ? Below is My Laptop only use it for Basic typing Basic School work.. so i got a Low end one .. So what type of Memory should i buy ? is it just DDR3 or with that DDR3L ? thanks !