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  1. AgunneR


    Not as far as I can tell
  2. AgunneR


    What do you mean by this?
  3. AgunneR


    Just tried to boot again but this time with just the cpu mobo nothing else and it still is doing to on off cycle thing. do you guys think it could be the mobo or cpu?
  4. AgunneR


    Just tried that, same problem
  5. AgunneR


    Very helpful way to be a good person man.
  6. AgunneR


    Hello everyone. I just went out and purchased anot Intel i5 6600k with a ga-h170-gaming3 motherboard for black Friday and when I installed the new parts to my existing setup with a gtx 1070 whenever I try to boot all I get is a Neverending cycle of on for 5-10 seconds, off for 3-4 seconds and the repeat for eternity until I shut it off. I have already tested the ram to see if that is the issue and it is not the psu because I literally didn't move it during the switch to new cpu / mobo I just unplugged and plugged in new parts! I have already tried resetting the cmos. only thing I can think of now is when I installed the cpu into the mobo when I was pushing the bar down to lock it into place it creaked a little bit and I have to use a lot, we'll more than I would have liked to, of force. Please help guys!!
  7. I see that under advanced monitor settings there is an option to change the resolution but there is no "enable" or anything of the sort and changing the resolution does nothing
  8. Well I definitely seem dumb right now but what do you mean by "enabling" them?
  9. Hello all, I just recently purchased a third monitor to replace my older (not really that old) benq monitor but decided to give three monitors a try and see if I liked it. I just finished setting everything up and when I turned on my pc only one (the center monitor) actually had a signal and can be used, the other two on the sides (both benq) have no signal on the monitor when I turned them on. The weird thing is that in windows settings it shows all three monitors when I checked. The monitors are hooked up to my gtx 1070 so that shouldn't 't be the problem. Please help guys! Thanks, Andrew
  10. Alright, Ill probably just get the 1070 and upgrade the cpu once they come out because ill have some more extra money then so it should work out perfectly!
  11. thanks for the help wrathoftheturkey, I really appreciate it
  12. Do you think that, even with the bottleneck, I would be able to game around 60fps at 1440p for most games at high-ish settings with the 1070?
  13. really? I was told in the past that my cpu would bottleneck the 1070 very bad