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  1. Solved. Notepad trick on cmd to recover files and clean install of win10 totally freed it of the problem looks like it was windows that got corrupted and not my drive failing thankfully.
  2. Okay I clicked repair pc and it pretty much shows the same than it would if I went into advanced boot options from the glitched windows which I can do if I beat the refresh. I tried doing chkdsk and SFC in command prompt and none of them worked so I don't know I'm kinda stumped, should I reinstall windows and does doing it affect my files and programs, I've never really done it before
  3. Also what do you mean by troubleshoot installation? That is an option on the win10 iso file?
  4. Yes, are you trying to say I should reinstall windows with it?
  5. I'll try it out. My boot drive is a 240gb ssd then I have a 2tb HDD had them both for about 5 years now
  6. For the past week my pc has been prompting me to restart because it found drive errors and wants to fix them. Today one came up and I restarted my PC and then the problem started, I can't do anything to try and fix it as it stops me every few seconds because it refreshes and goes on an endless loop. I also tried booting in safe mode and the exact same thing. How the heck am I meant to fix this??
  7. All of my parts are actually in my signature fyi!
  8. It's an MSI board only ever bought MSI boards myself lol
  9. Every time I boot my PC from a cold boot up it gets stuck there with the loading circle frozen. I always have to hit the reset button on my PC and then it works every time on the 2nd try. I'm pretty sure this just started recently I also upgraded many of my components recently but I can't remember this happening when I first installed my new motherboard, CPU and RAM. Any help appreciated!
  10. I think because i'm selling it I wouldn't like to have it so that they can't use hdmi if for some odd reason it's a hdmi port problem which would be weird to me
  11. Okay so I tested it again. Looks like it turns to a gray screen for a few seconds before the game shows back up and it doesn't seem to actually lose connection i.e. the connection doesn't display HDMI in the top when it comes back. It also never went past 76c so I don't think the temperature is the issue...
  12. I can't remember the specific issue happening but I did encounter some driver crashes over the years but not black screens like this. Maybe my memory is bad so I can't say for sure.
  13. So to start from the beginning I have owned an EVGA 980 SC for 5 years now and I recently sold it thinking it was fine. I then had a return request from the person that I sold it to which I had to accept and here I am now. Basically he said in all the games he played the graphics card would black screen the monitor about 45 minutes into a game. I tested it and he was indeed correct and I honestly cannot remember this issue happening prior. When I tested it it would black screen and then re-establish connection a few seconds later sometimes with the audio cutting along with it. I would really love to sell this again or else I'd have to look to sell it for cheaper at a trade-in store or just sell it faulty. So has anyone got any idea what I could do if anything for this issue. Thanks for any help!