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  1. Informative
    Trentonxx reacted to CPotter in LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack Questions Megathread   
    Early Bird means that the prices for each ticket will increase by a certain date. I believe that date right now is April 19th.
  2. Informative
    Trentonxx reacted to seon123 in Enermax Revolution87+ Failed need new hybrid PSU   
    Well, you should absolutely stop that. Compared to bigger manufacturers, they have worse QC, due to them outsourcing a lot, including the PCBA. All of their PSUs also lack multi rail, and they use mediocre Hong Hua fans. The Focus also has issues with some higher end GPUs. 
    If you press the + button, you can quote multiple people at once. 
    450W is absolutely plenty for your 1070. The ATX standard is long overdue for a significant update, so it might be silly to buy a PSU with the intention of using it for a very long time. 
    With that said, if you want your PSU to last for a long time, disable the semi passive mode. It can cause hot spots, and it will decrease the lifespan of the PSU. PSUs with a semi passive mode also tend to have their OTP triggering point set quite high. A low RPM, quiet fan is preferred, as it will provide some airflow, while staying just as quiet. 
    Check out the Straight Power 11 450-550W, Whisper M 450-550W, Formula Gold 450-550W and Dark Power Pro 11 550W. 
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    Trentonxx got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in Enermax Revolution87+ Failed need new hybrid PSU   
    True, but I always considered Seasonic to be one of the most trustworthy in quality for PSUs 
    but as you can see in the end I went with an enermax because it was a better bang for my bucks at the time of purchase and aside from failing I never had any issues with them
    @ everyone else! (Can't multi-quote from mobile  )
    thanks!! I'll look into these links, the Prime seems pretty good for the price, and it's on Amazon Prime (lol)
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    Trentonxx reacted to LukeSavenije in Enermax Revolution87+ Failed need new hybrid PSU   
    first lesson first: NEVER JUDGE ON BRAND
    with that said, something like a corsair rmx, bitfenix whisper or a be quiet pure power 11/straight power 11/dark power 11 should fit your needs
    80+ gold sounds like a good plan, but don't judge on just the 80+ rating, rather use the psu tier list down my signature as a baseline
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    Trentonxx reacted to jj9987 in Gaming ports exclusion from VPN traffic   
    Without knowing what games we are talking about specifically (and even then, we might not know how they communicate), it is hard to say. Games might not be using specific ports at all and be routed outside your computer using one port and outside the router using another port, thanks to NAT. So doing this purely based on port numbers is not going to help.
    Secondly, I am not aware of any Windows tools that support network traffic filtering/rerouting. Games do not support multiple network interfaces anyway, they use the computer's native internet connection and routing table, which tells where what connection goes.
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    Trentonxx reacted to Br3tt96 in Gaming ports exclusion from VPN traffic   
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    Trentonxx reacted to Mira Yurizaki in GeForce 397.31 Drivers Creating Endless install Loop for GTX 1060 Owners?   
    Random assortment of thoughts
    This is why I don't update drivers just because. Unless the driver actually states it's improving a game significantly and it's a game I'm playing, or the driver is providing a huge feature update (like support for deferred contexts), I will assume the driver does nothing for performance. Any software developer who's working with an open hardware platform can't possibly test every edge or corner case, and there's a lot of users out there with system configurations that I frankly think aren't necessary. Actually that was all the thoughts I had.
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    Trentonxx reacted to XenosTech in GeForce 397.31 Drivers Creating Endless install Loop for GTX 1060 Owners?   
    Happened with my 780 and my friends 1080Ti. They eventually installed after a couple restarts.
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    Trentonxx reacted to fbraz11 in Can't tell the difference between 60fps and 144fps   
    play for a few days at 144 then switch back to 60. you'll see the difference
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    Trentonxx reacted to hoboX10 in LTT Official Discord!   
    Alright I'll post a different issue that is very on topic. My intent was never to argue, it just always gets to me when people disregard real issues and try to pass them off as "it's only me" or other nonsense. I apologize for my side of it.
    BE WARY LINKING YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO DISCORD. Personal friends of mine have had a sharp increase in spam calls after doing so for other communities they are a part of. I refuse to do it personally.
    @ LTT Staff - I hope you guys can look into replacing the phone number requirement with something else eventually, but I understand the need for a serious restriction on accounts joining the channel as it is a huge community.
    Remember! - Discord is free, they had no income until they released Nitro, but that can't sustain them - they make money through other methods. And they have access to everything you ever say, type, or share through discord. Draw your own conclusions from that.
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    Trentonxx reacted to AlwaysFSX in URGENT!!! REPLY PLEASE!!!   
    How is this urgent?
    No, you cannot.
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    Trentonxx reacted to Glenwing in 1080p IPS 144hz monitor that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?   
    All 144 Hz IPS panels are 1440p or above, there aren't any at 1080p. The closest you will find are VA panels like the Samsung C24FG73.
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    Trentonxx reacted to dizmo in 75hz freesync vs 144hz?   
    I'd go with the Freesync monitor since it's highly unlikely your card will get anywhere near 144hz anyway.
    And, as @Majestic said, it's kind of pointless without knowing what two monitors you're comparing.
    Either one could be terribly shitty.
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    Trentonxx reacted to Majestic in 75hz freesync vs 144hz?   
    The better panel? This is a pointless comparison.
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    Trentonxx reacted to Himommies in Need to update my system, Spend my money!   
    He probably doesn't need to upgrade
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    Trentonxx reacted to LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo in LTT Employees job roles?   
    Here you go...
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    Trentonxx reacted to Hiitchy in Should YOU Upgrade to Ryzen?   
    If it for my socket 1151 then I Would, but since it doesn't I guess I won't.
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    Trentonxx reacted to brwainer in Help!! Does anyone Know how to block DDOS ATTACKS   
    All of these reports say " from " - that IP is not a public IP, therefore this is coming from something in your LAN.
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    Trentonxx reacted to zMeul in What is RX Vega's purpose?   
    except you haven't took into account VAT
    Vega64 will be close to 800$ in EU
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    Trentonxx reacted to Armakar in What is RX Vega's purpose?   
    Clearly I meant purpose in the market to consumers. Smartass.
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    Trentonxx reacted to Ventus in Worse Noctua fan quality after moving production to China   
    Recently there have been post by Kendalf on Reddit about the differences in manufacturing differences between Noctua fans that were made in Taiwan and China.
    He then goes on visual differences of the fans. They can be seen by a naked eye. He also provides some pictures to back up his words.
    He states that he reached out to Noctua with those issues but they responded that "the differences are within their manufacturing tolerances and do not affect performance". He didn't include the email exchange in his post, though.
    Links to pictures:
    There's also video comparing sound quality:
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    Trentonxx reacted to doits in Does DTS UltraPC II on Realtek HD Audio actually works?   
    This post helped me understand it: 
    Sonic Studio 3 came with my asus board and I use a custom eq to adjust it to my taste, but the preset eq are "usually" good for what they are and I just listened to tracks I know well to notice differences and choose  eq. 
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    Trentonxx reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Oohh!  Sexy , Sexy , Se..Wait! Hold up! , Sexy.    #DukesOfTechHazard

    One of these is not like the others

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    Trentonxx reacted to LinusTech in How big is Retailer's margins on pc hardware?   
    You're way off.
    On core components (CPU, motherboard, HDD, SSD, GPU) it's under 10% and often as low as 6% GROSS profit.
    Other categories like cases, PSUs are a bit higher - 10-15%
    And things like cables are higher still.
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    Trentonxx reacted to thekeemo in 2 DVI monitor + 1 DVI-to-HDMI (7970)   
    did a bit of research and turns out that you have to use display port for one of the monitors