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    i5-3570K @4.0Ghz
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    ASUS Maximus V Formula
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    (2x4gb) Corsair Vengeance 1866 (red)
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    Asus ROG Strix GTX 1060 OC 6G
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    Recycled from a server
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    Enermax Revolution87+ 650w
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    Hyper Evo 212
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    IBM something
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X5
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    Sennheiser hd 598 se
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  1. Same Boat, I have the 2 day pass, I wanted to visit the West Coast since I'm already traveling there anyway (from Italy) but due to work-related schedule I had to move my return flight to the 28th afternoon (LAX), so I'm very uncertain between trying to pull a fast LA-Vancouver-LA or simply dismiss the whole event to avoid getting caught in delays or getting crazy by doing too much in a single day
  2. True, but I always considered Seasonic to be one of the most trustworthy in quality for PSUs but as you can see in the end I went with an enermax because it was a better bang for my bucks at the time of purchase and aside from failing I never had any issues with them @ everyone else! (Can't multi-quote from mobile ) thanks!! I'll look into these links, the Prime seems pretty good for the price, and it's on Amazon Prime (lol)
  3. Hi all, my old Enermax Revolution87+ 650W just died, no more turning on. this past week his fan was acting weird, making rattling noises, bumping into something internal or the walls maybe(not the grill) and sometimes it would re-balance itself again. But now it doesn't seem to turn on, I don't know if it's because the fan caused it (I was planning to take it apart, remove the fan and use an external one to blow air inside it) or it's simply a coincidence and it just died lol. anyway, given my specs: i5-3570K@1.3v and GTX1070, I thought that maybe 550W should be enough, even if I get the top of the next gen (2020 or later for VR probably) GPUs as of now I'm heavily interested into a Seasonic model, possibly with Hybrid mode so I can minimize the fan usage, I don't play heavy games, 2D, Apex, Titanfall 2, Overwatch etc... and I was wondering if maybe buying an higher Wattage like a 650w means I'll be able to keep the fan still for most of the time(??) also the new lineup isn't much clear of any differences in models aside the 80+ certifications so I'm confused, which one would you reccomend? The budget can be over 100€ as I plan on keeping it till it fails like the last one and probably I won't need to upgrade it in the future. (Just don't go crazy suggesting 200+ models at 1000Watts or silly features like RGB sync and similar stuff) thankss, sorry for any formatting errors or typo but I'm typing from my phone since my pc died
  4. as for games atm I mostly play Fortnite and probably will be playing COD/BF, IIRC COD used to run on ports 28960, but now with matchmaking might be different. I could just route the 80/443 ports to the VPN so at least I can keep my browser open for youtube or whatever. and I close torrent anyway while playing. I already have a pc with a Pentium g3258 that acts like a server for 2 external HDDs with movies (primarly to decode HD movies to my tv with PLEX and generic media center hub for the internal network, idk if I can install something there to help with my situation? a raspberry Pi only has 1 eth port and I don't think it can be useful. or if I have to buy a programmable switch/router if you have any model suggestion, otherwise I think I will pick the Linksys that everyone seems to have and it's full of compatible programs
  5. Hi, super n00b question, I have the yearly subscription to PIA, and I have their (Windows) client installed, I can auto-connect without any problems, but I have to disable it every time I launch a game to avoid lagging or ending up on different countries' servers. and while I'm off the vpn I can't keep browsing on other screens without using my ISP connection of course. Sadly I can't change my ISP modem to one with VPN capabilities (can't even change the DNS on this pos) and before I go out and buy a DD-WRT router (and find a way to make it work with the ISP modem which needs to be the gateway anyway) I was wonderting what's your best choice of software to make some sort of firewall filtering, allowing gaming ports to go directly through the network, while diverting HTTP/HTTPS and other traffic on the VPN tunnel from PIA, or if there's an easier solution to this. I've read it might work creating 2 virtual Network interfaces but when I had a virtual NIC from a previous VM thinkering it caused so many problems I probably messed up something. or maybe I'm approaching this problem from the wrong angle? thanks
  6. Does anybody knows a way to "exclude" gaming ports so I can play games with my line and use PIA for normal browsing? having fibers and using nearby servers I don't have problem loading youtube videos or websites but online I have a lot of lags and if I turn off/on every time I often forgot
  7. Incredible, I was playing a game, I closed it, went to lunch, came back and it gives me the Dx11 error and suddently the Geforce experience panel tells me there's an update (the same one lmaooo) it's not even a restart, the driver stop working by magic and needs re-installing, f this s, I'm getting the older one for now. bha
  8. Same, it says I have the 397.31 installed, yet Geforce experience keeps asking me to install it (I did the clean install) I also can't seem to select "home" in the Geforce panel, lol it truly is the Geforce Experience I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the fact that I keep getting the DX11 version 10.0 error when i try to launch games... grrr
  9. Guys sorry for the late reply but I'm having a very busy week Sadly Amazon is a mess, many monitors don't have the features listed, others are clearly wrong (ie: name and description doesn't match the inputs) etc.. so I'm using Newegg or other better filter-optimized websites to check what they come up with and then hope I can find it in Italy lol Yep! I mean, how bad can they look? I only do Amateur level rendering on Blender anyway, I don't need the full Adobe colour spectrum I guess. I'm fine with even just 75 or 100 but I think most just skip to 120Hz uhm.. I have to check the measurement to see if I can fit that beast + the extra screen on my desk lol, I'll look it up if it's High refresh. stupid question, let's say the game looks crap on 21:0 (bad porting, shitty HUD scaling or just too much demanding for the GPU *coff*SC*coff*.. can I run it in 16:9 in the middle or I'm stuck in the "split" option where they turn into 2 different screens but on the side? also do you notice any "tearing" mismatch along the central split line?? like if they don't properly sync the frames?? Thanks for the replies guys
  10. Hi, I've been looking a lot for a good monitor to bring the most out of my GTX 1070 OC 8Gb, (TL;DR: 1080p gaming monitor around 4/500€, not TN with >60Hz refresh rate")
  11. mhn.. I can afford a G-sync, I wasn't sure if I'd use that feature enough to justify the purchase. Pros are: Less model to choose between, Higher resolution for when I work on stuff like Blender I can fit more stuff in the screen, and G-sync Cons: Double the price, more heavy on the GPU for gaming (unless I play on 1080 stretched/fitted..) and also the added resolution will make me game under 80fps most of the time so I wouldn't benefit from the higher refresh rate so I thought maybe I'll settle for a Good 1080p because it won't cause compatibily issues with games, less GPU heavy so it can push more FPS that I can enjoy with a 75v-sync (I personally think higher refresh rates are better than higher resolutions, at least for FPS games, even if I'm not a MLG PROx420x that needs 200fps in CSGO) argh...
  12. wow, haven't seen this website before, I'll def look into it to see the other reccomendations, should I buy a freesync display even if I have an Nvidia card? like is it a feature that add price or it's just "free" like the Display port?
  13. as everything: it depends.. Some of the older maps are very balanced and given some item/weapons limitation it can be considered "level ground" ie: very few variables in play and only player skill, map awareness and strategy will result in a win. I also think it's a bit easier to grasp the mechanics and gameplay for non-gamers, while Overwatch is a continue Nerf-Buff that doesn't create a solid building block for teams (imagine playing chess where they change the piece moveset every year.. ) for me an e-sports HAS to be "Locked" in a state, where no more fixing is allowed (unless exploits are found out, like that time on CS they jumped on eachothers for sniping accross the map lol) so that even if there is a "Meta" it still going to depend on skill and strategy rather than luck (like for some card games or PUBG)
  14. ehhhh.. I'm not a big fan of scaling, it's not always perfect, expecially on windows. I'm looking around to see how "good" or "bad" the AOC G2460PF compares against the Asus VG248QE by colors and contrast, as they seem good enough for 1080p and the price range. anything above like 1440p and 16:10 seems to be over 350€ shit, I'm a bit disappointed when I see an US guide with a good price and then the EUR price is like 100€ more sigh EDIT: Lol... nevermind
  15. yep, my current desk is against a wall and it's pretty short, so I'm at about 60-70cm from the monitor, I don't want something more than a 24" to navigate since I already have 2 more screens for extra space. G-sync seems to add 200€ on top of a normal monitor, too much for my taste.