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    Intel i7-5820K
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    Asus X99 Sabertooth
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    16GB Trident Z
  • GPU
    EVGA 980Ti Classified
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    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe TG
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    840pro, 840evo, a couple of WD drives
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    EVGA GS 650
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    PG278Q & U2515H
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Ducky Shine 5
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    Mionix Naos 7000
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    Sennheiser HD 579
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    Windows 10

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    Hardware, Gaming, Reading, Movies, Sports, Eating, Sleeping
  1. Show off your latest purchase!

    Treated myself for Christmas. Haven't had a console for years. Looking forward to do some couch gaming during the holidays.
  2. Favorite game under $20

    Hollow Knight, priced at 15$ it's a steal. You'll get ~35+ hours of quality content out of this. Crisp gameplay, neat, souls-esque way of storytelling, challenging and varying level design, superb soundtrack. And recently they added a free expansion. More people should play this one, so I command you to buy and play it. Now.
  3. Electronic music(s) producer of choice

    I am not much into electronic music but I really, really like Perturbator and Carpenter Brut.
  4. Oled vs Qled 4k vs Full HD........

    QLED is just a marketing term by Samsung describing their newer LCD technology. I recently bought the LG B7D, an 55 inch OLED, while my best buddy got himself a similar sized Samsung LED 4K TV. While the picture quality of the LCD TV is nice, especially the brightness, it doesn't hold a candle compared to OLED. The viewing angle, the contrast ratio (damn those perfect blacks are wonderful) and the colour depth are in a league on their own. I also prefer the WebOS by LG compared to the Sony/Samsung alternatives. But that is up for preference I guess. Downside to OLED are the lower peak brightness and the potential image retention after having some static image on the screen for too long. Hasn't happened with mine yet, even though I had a couple of gaming sessions on it with static UIs). And to counter that effect, the LG comes with a pixel refresh function after you turned it off to counter the retention effect. /e and since you mentioned gaming, the LG supports 1080p @ 120hz natively, no need for a custom resolution.
  5. Movies like The Witch.

    Valhalla Rising (norse mythology, thick atmosphere and a lot of show - don't tell), A Field in England (I don't know how to properly describe this one, it's a love or hate thing, I enjoyed it for the atmosphere and setting alone, but most people think it's utter nonsense, and I cannot blame them), Antichrist (Lars von Triers usual descent into madness), Eraserhead (David Lynchs early life depression turned into a movie) would come to mind. /e and Under the Skin. It does not have that much in common with The Witch, but it's equally interesting in its approach of telling a rather simple story in an interesting and refreshing way.
  6. Show off your latest purchase!

    Got a nice deal during the week on the LG B7D, this is quite stunning coming from a 10yo Samsung telly. First time I saw HDR content aswell, and those blacks.... those blacks. So so beautiful.
  7. Whats the best verions of Grand Turismo?

    GT6 in its initial release state was quite the shell of a game. GT5 was acceptable, but with in its final patching days it elevated to a great game. So yeah, I'd say that both relied on patches. GT3 on the other hand was my all time favorite, the leap in graphics (back then) and the insane ammount of content (car-, event- and trackwise) was fantastic back in the days. I'd pick that as my favorite of the series. Fuck the Yaris-Cup though. Hated that.
  8. Sounds a lot like the usual Tesla marketing dribble, the specsheet reads like what I would've come up with in 5th grade. I'll eat my words once this hits the roads and achieves all those feats, but for now I call marketing BS.
  9. Robot back flip

    Creepy and fantastic alike.
  10. Prices...

    Probably not. But then again there will be the annual winter sale which shouldn't be too far off.
  11. Logo Test

    Guessing the right one since it looks cleaner due to not being cramped and it gives the logo some flow due to the conical shap of the lettering from top to bottom.
  12. Why do bar soaps still exist?

    Nostalgia, smell, aesthetics, haptic feedback, comedic effect, fashion accessoire for your bathroom. So many to choose from.
  13. MGSV and JC2/3. I am not creative enough to make the most out of the gameplay those games offer so they started to bore me rather quickly.
  14. Show off your latest purchase!

    Had a similar issue that the receiver for my wireless Xbone Pad wasn't working with the Link, what I've done is using the PC as a host for the controller and let the Link just do the streaming to the telly. Works well for me.
  15. Show off your latest purchase!

    Goodies arrived today.