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  1. Informative
    mrchow19910319 reacted to infamoustrey in Components’ height cannot be manipulated (Materialize CSS)   
    .tabs { height: 100px; } .tab { height: 100% !important; } Seems to work for me.
  2. Agree
    mrchow19910319 reacted to Mateyyy in Possible Nvidia 3070 Ti/Super Spotted   
    They better ditch the SUPER branding
  3. Funny
  4. Funny
    mrchow19910319 reacted to Moonzy in Nagao shows off GPU Mirror so you can admire the beauty of your GPU fans   
    sure do love my xiɿɈƧ ƨυƨA GPU
  5. Agree
    mrchow19910319 reacted to RejZoR in A video of a the Realme 7 has leaked   
    Realme is a bit weird with how they churn out phones at even more absurd rate than Samsung does. But they make some really good bang for the buck phones. It's also nice they are sporting Mediatek chipsets. The Helio G series are actually not that bad and latest Dimensity 1000+ are actually Snapdragon 855+/865 level of performance which is actually really nice. Especially at up to 500€ price points...
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    mrchow19910319 reacted to Conan Kudo in Lenovo ships first consumer Linux laptops with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 running Fedora Workstation   
    Lenovo has started selling the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 with Fedora Workstation from their web store. It is the first of several laptop models that will be offered with the operating system.
    My thoughts
    This is the first time that a mainstream big PC vendor has prominently made Linux an option for their PCs. Not only that, the PC vendor in question (Lenovo) is directly working with the Linux distribution (Fedora) to better support it rather than doing weird things to support it in a haphazard way. The fact that Lenovo is listing it right next to the regular Windows variant, pricing it comparably (actually somewhat cheaper!) with similar specs shows willingness to sell it to all their customers and support it. This is in contrast to the Dell "Developer Edition" laptops, which are hidden away on their website, difficult to purchase, and have sometimes significantly weaker specs than the standard variant. If this is successful, this could spell the beginning of the end of the "Wintel" concept that has dominated PCs for close to three decades.
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    mrchow19910319 reacted to IrshaadH in AMD Radeon RX 5300 Officially Announced   
    Everyone: *patiently waiting for Big Navi and competition in the enthusiast space*
    AMD: sTeP InTO 1080p GaMInG
  8. Agree
    mrchow19910319 reacted to seee the state im in nooow in AMD Radeon RX 5300 Officially Announced   
    it's a 5500XT with lower clocks and 3GB of VRAM ._.
    i mean yay, but meh
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    mrchow19910319 reacted to YellowJersey in Intel and AMD don’t want you to know this… (but your old computer is still fine)   
    My "powerful" computer that I use for photo editing is a 2012 Lenovo T530. Still does the job quite well. I don't intend on looking to upgrade until 2022, and even then I may not if this thing is still running fine.
     My other daily driver is a refurb T450 I got last year for $320.
     My policy is "Old good tech is still good tech." That's why I'm fine with paying a premium up front if I can be reasonably certain that I'll get a long usable life out of a product.

    You only really need newer or powerful hardware if you're doing intensive stuff, like 4k video editing, CAD, higher end gaming, etc, imho anyway.
  10. Funny
    mrchow19910319 reacted to TempestCatto in Xiaomi makes first mass produced transparent TV   
    Cool, now I can see how shitty my cable management is behind my TV.
  11. Informative
    mrchow19910319 reacted to C2dan88 in sudo apt update cannot be executed correctly   
    In speedtest.list replace focal with buster.
    ookla speedtest repository does not have packages for ubuntu 20.04 yet.
  12. Funny
    mrchow19910319 reacted to TVwazhere in Thunderbolt 4. TB3 but now +1.   
    Me thinking I'm dreaming: Did Goodbytes Seriously create a post not about Windows?
    Jokes aside, How many people really used thunderbolt anyways as a standalone connector? On paper it's great but looking from a casual consumer perspective its implementation into devices people use has been limited. with that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if it was fused with USB4 and the TB4 standard faded into the distance like my 4790K is starting to. 
  13. Funny
    mrchow19910319 reacted to Dissitesuxba11s in Thunderbolt 4. TB3 but now +1.   
    Users: Isn't this just TB3?

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    mrchow19910319 got a reaction from Sarwar in SEO vs SEM and which one to use.   
    I am about to do some freelance work just to test water.
    And one of my potential client is a owner of a barber shop.
    I can write him a website alright, but what happens after that I have no clue.
    The thing I am worried about is that after I wrote him some site and host it online, whenever I search that particular site it does not come up in the search engine page. (or more like does not come up in the 1st few result)
    I heard that a website needs some time before it can be seen on the search engine, because the search engine needs to index it.
    If whatever site I put out does not come up into the 1st few search result, then it is hard to use it to promote your business isn’t it?
    Also I will advise my client against SEM because it might cost him a lot of money, and also we are a local business, there is no point that everyone in china is gonna see his barber shop since most of people do not live in our city.
    What do you guys think about SEM and does any one of your clients/former clients used it before?
    I did some research on China’s SEM models. And all of them points out that as long as you keep paying the company(baidu) you will see they add in your site to the top of the search result and add a “ad” tag on it. So you will get more “clicks” but as soon as you stopped paying, your view counts decreases dramatically. It’s just a “pay to win” system.
    How do I implement SEO into the site myself ? By including meaningful meta tags? Also baidu has a design/styling guide on their site (in chinese) as well as an article about SEO, if I just follow those guide line I should be fine right?
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    mrchow19910319 got a reaction from Patalayus in Ubuntu 18.04 VS 16.04 for thinkpad E495   
    Which one is more stable??? Maybe I should use 16.04 just to be safe... 
  16. Like
    mrchow19910319 reacted to TempestCatto in UE 5 demo featuring limitless detail: Gaze upon Unreal Engine's true form!   
    Reminds me of the movie Tintin. It was mocap and extremely realistic. Hands down one of my fav movies of all time.
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    mrchow19910319 reacted to rcmaehl in 4900HSlow - 4900HS laptop has a new competitor   
    Intel started it

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    mrchow19910319 reacted to Teddy07 in who else on this forum has almost 0 knowledge about rooting/custom flashing their android phone?   
    I also never bothered with it because it is just a hassle and I might brick my phone.
  20. Agree
    mrchow19910319 got a reaction from Teddy07 in who else on this forum has almost 0 knowledge about rooting/custom flashing their android phone?   
    I am still really nervous about rooting / custom flashing my cellphone. 
    I think I soft bricked my LeEco 2 phone. 
    It's just that the whole procedure is too complicated. 
    I don;t think I ever found a tutorial that is systematic enough to just set up all the tools one's need when it comes to rooting and unlocking and flashing cutomOS and stuff.
    Is there anyone like me? Or is it just me... 
  21. Informative
    mrchow19910319 reacted to Arika S in who else on this forum has almost 0 knowledge about rooting/custom flashing their android phone?   
    i had 0 knowledge until i buckled down and just did it.
    it's tedious and nerve-wracking, but ultimately it's a simple process if you follow the instructions. TWRP and LineageOS was quite easy to flash  
  22. Informative
    mrchow19910319 reacted to 0x21 in what does export default do in VueJS ?   
    export: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Statements/export
    data: https://vuejs.org/v2/api/#data
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    mrchow19910319 reacted to Escapenz in Should I get another router? or a network switch.   
    go for the cheaper option
  24. Agree
    mrchow19910319 got a reaction from RorzNZ in Apple Aims to Sell Macs With Its Own Chips Starting in 2021   
    yeah Jailbreak kind of sucks, for a long time now. 
    Also those devs have to charge people cos otherwise how they gonna keep doing what they do.. 
  25. Agree
    mrchow19910319 reacted to RorzNZ in Apple Aims to Sell Macs With Its Own Chips Starting in 2021   
    Hopefully hackintoshing won’t go the way of jailbreaking, which is terrible and most of it’s behind a paywall now.