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  1. How hard is it to switch from Mac to Pc

    nothing wrong with your opinion.
  2. i almost convinced every family members of mine to ditch android and get an iphone, 

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      And good for them. If iOS, the design or Apple's ecosystem is what they prefer then why bother persuading them to stick to android? :D 

    2. mrchow19910319


      @Mr.Meerkat the thing is none of them have a slight interest or time to "customize " their android device and all of them, I mean ALL, said after 1-2 years of usage their phone just become so laggy so they have to buy a new one. And none of them had bought a budget android device, it is all mid range device. But after two years of usage all of the phones are pretty much into the trash can. 


      Pay more and have a peace of mind and get more years out of your phone, 

    3. Hiya!


      Its because they didnt knew how to take care of them perhaps.

      I still use my redmi note 2 and served me really well.

      and the parts is cheap too.

  3. Hobby for a nerd

    Good fountain pen needs good paper. With the same pen I have right now, the writing experience can be heaven or can be hell depends on the paper I am writing on. Good paper makes you wanna write. Bad quality paper cannot "hold" the ink so you end up with washed up fonts and words and your half of the ink is on your sleeve. Fuck that shit.
  4. Hobby for a nerd

    You can become a dev within a year if you live in the US. With all the free online resources you can get. And it pays really well,. Or you can be like old me who likes to disassemble and reassemble my PC multiple times within a month for no reason.
  5. GPU prices all over the world.

    Asus in china is just outrageously overpriced. Normally their price point is like that,. There are same cards that cost 6500+/-, but they also put out cards that cost you 8600+ chinese currency. For me the miners jacked up the mid range cards. a.k.a the 1060s, 1070s and the 1070Ti s. For a certain amount of money I could have gotten a 1070Ti, but now I can only get a 1070. And the 1070Tis are priced similar to 1080s.
  6. GPU prices all over the world.

    The most fucked up part is the ASUS's one. And there are people buying it...
  7. GPU prices all over the world.

    China's market: GTX 1070 s : MSI 3799 = 592 USD EVGA 3759 = 585 USD GTX 1080Ti s: 6599 CNY = 1028 USD Asus's variant: 8399 CNY = 1309 USD EVGA: 6199 CNY = 966 USD
  8. Didn't know Lost in Translation was directed by Sofia Coppola. 


    And she looks stunning compares to when she was a teen and appeared in the godfather 3. 

  9. Why do people like Apple products?

    imessage is awesome. <3
  10. the real reasons why europeans aren't patriotic. /s




    1. dizmo


      Russians are extremely patriotic.

    2. techstorm970


      @dizmo You speak the truth.  There's a reason why "Mother Russia!!!" is still a thing. :P 

    3. mrchow19910319


      lived in both Singapore as well as my own country, China, I can see that patriotic can be a tricky thing. It can easily become a propaganda, and sometimes even become racism. 



  11. What Smartwatch to get?

    I actually really like the look of apple watch. And I dont think it is too thick like other people said, I think it is perfect.. but the things you can do on your watch is still so limited... other than exercising, I dont find a really good reason to purchase it.
  12. What Smartwatch to get?

    nah... apple be like come into our walled garden and give us a lot of money, and we will keep you happy. once you are out, you are on your own buddy. that has always been true and will always be true.
  13. 1st time 5 star assassin. 





  14. How to unlock all the weapons and perks in hitman 2016

    haha no need to be sorry dude!