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    Developer, Would-be Pilot
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    Ramp GA Small, FSX
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    'Hard' and 'Soft' wares, Aviation, Electronics, and Badminton.
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    PC Tech Enthusiast, C/C++ Developer, and Aviation geek
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    Intel Core i9-9860X (16C 32T 128-bit 5.7GHz Base)
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    ASUS X129 Deluxe
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    GSkill Ripjawz 4x32GB 4200MHz DDR5
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    MSI GTX 1280Ti Gaming 16G (3.2 GHz boost) DX15
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    CoolerMaster MasterCupboard Pro 5
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    Intel 780 Series (5TB) nVME v2.0 PCIe x8 SSD
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    Corsair RM300X (Excessively modular, 80+ Caesium)
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    ROG Swift PG50AQ (8K 144Hz IPS G-Sync HDR)
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    Corsair H150i GTX (2x180mm) AiO
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    Corsair K170 sRGB (Cherry MX SuperSpeed)
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    Logitech G1702 Nucleus (Laser Optic)
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    Sennheiser HD-12600 17.1 Surround Sound
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    Windows 16 Ultimate 128-bit w/ DirectX 16
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  1. This thread seems to be dead now - where do I post review suggestions? :)

    1. wkdpaul


      In that thread ;)

    2. ClobberXD


      The same thread? The last post was on Feb 2015... :P

    3. wkdpaul
  2. If you don't want to do all the "dirty work", like interacting directly with System APIs, you can use 3rd party libraries. I use Qt Framework a lot, but that's for C++. I'm sure there are libraries for Java too. They make our lives much simpler by abstracting all the tedious tasks (e.g. you can create the standard Windows File-Open dialog with just one line of code) C# can be associated more with traditional desktop applications, while Java is preferred for use with server-side applications, websites, etc. Visual Studio has good C# project templates, that can help you with the GUI part of the project. You can create UWP apps using C#, which allows you to design the UI of your app using a dedicated designer (Am afraid I don't know much about that...) If you're looking for project ideas, here's a page from LTT. If you want ideas for projects, you needn't even search for them - your computer is full of them! Text Editors, Spread-sheet Creators, Web Browsers, Media Players, Compression Utilities, Image Editors, IDEs (Integrated Development Environment - e.g. Visual Studio, NetBeans) and even Games. I'm currently developing a simple IDE for Java using Qt and C++ - You can do the same with UWP, .NET, and I think even Java. Also, you can learn more languages, like Python, HTML5, Javascript, etc. The possibilities are limitless - you are only bounded by your imagination! Good Luck!
  3. I have recently replaced Visual Studio 2015 with the 2017 version. But Qt 5.9.0 does not have x86 kits for MSVC 2017 (it has only x64 kit for MSVC 2017). Can I create a Qt Version that supports MSVC 2017 x86, and if yes - is it by adding a new kit manually, or by completely building Qt from source. How do I accomplish this? Thanks, Anand
  4. That worked! Thanks! So what's actually happening is that since Func() is in a class, I've got to pass another arg. to std::thread::thread which is the 'this' pointer... right?
  5. Dat's true, coming to think of it...
  6. I don't know about the Omen X, but the ROG Swift and the Predator both are extremely similar in all aspects, and significantly vary only in design cues and styling. And both of them are the all-round best in their class, be it Ultrawides, 4K, WQHD or 1080p. Both of them have every consumer feature a monitor can have until now. They do lack one feature - HDR (which may be introduced soon too ). In fact, I've been eyeing both these monitors for a while too... So here's my verdict: As I said I don't know about Omen X, but I'm sure that the other two are definitely better. But between the ROG Swift, and the Predator, it's up to you... Choose wisely
  7. Maybe I over-simplified it! I'll edit my first post...
  8. But what if we lose our brain and replace it? We lose all our memories! Are we still who we were? What do we even identify ourselves with? Food for thought...
  9. My dad says: 'Resolution' is the "amount of detail in a display", 1920 x 1080 is the "number of pixels in a display", and that they are completely different from each other. He gets furious when I tell him the truth. Once, I showed him one of Linus's videos - he was quiet for a couple of seconds, and suddenly proclaimed the obvious: "This Linus guy is a crazy lunatic!" I immediately retaliated: "That's kinda true..."
  10. A computer does not differentiate people on the basis of age...
  11. I had already created a similar topic, but it has become very old, so I started a new one. I tried to create a thread this way: class MyClass { void Func() { } void Func2() { . . std::thread t(Func); t.join(); } } Here's the error: So I ended up doing this: std::thread t(&Func); but now another error has surfaced: I still don't understand, what am I doing wrong here?
  12. I understand the include and lib dirs, and the code itself is super-simple, but could you explain to me what is system path (is it the PATH variable) ? And change the first parameter of what exactly to voce::init()? Thanks!
  13. Greetings fellow-comrades, I've just downloaded voce, which is a text-to-speech (and vice-versa too) SDK that pairs with Microsoft's Speech API. They have given a couple of examples right on their website, but they're obviously incomplete. I'd like those who've used it to come forward, and help me understand a very simple sample, which is a complete program in C++, and also I'll certainly need help pertaining to the selection of libraries and headers to include. Thanks a metric ton! Anand S
  14. I've got FSX Deluxe, and my first 4 save-games are showing up, and can be loaded. But any other game that I save doesn't show up at all! In the "Flight Simulator X Files", I was able find the actual .FLT, .WX, etc. files of my save-games, and they're pretty intact (no visible corruption)! I wonder what the problem might be... Thanks!
  15. In fact, the first time I opened Blend, I thought it was a shortcut to devenv.exe - it was exactly the same! Only later did I realize that Blend was a separate program, although tightly integrated into VS itself. But why two different applications? Isn't it better to just integrate it into VS? What are your thoughts?