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    A NEET who ironically don't have money to buy animu sutffs and computer parts. Feelsbadman.


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  1. Yes, I looked on guides how to oc. There's also a website that gives what other people use or their setup (http://www.overclock.net/t/1570313/skylake-overclocking-guide-with-statistics). Also, even though prime95 told me there are "FATAL ERROR" and that I should go to the stress.txt. However, I went there and only saw their FAQ. They told me to "just increase your vcore if you keep getting this error". So I said to myself, what if it wants me to go beyond 1.4 vcore (lol). So yeah, I kinda wanted to just stick with what I believe is working right now. Thanks!
  2. so stick to 1.300 vcore? it passed aida64 but it failed prime95 (like it always do). Right now im sitting at 4.5 with 1.340 vcore and played gta5 and overwatch, and its been an hour and I haven't gotten any bluescreens.
  3. So I'm currently running at 45 core ratio with 1.340 vcore. Played some overwatch and got max temp of 56C. Will 1.340 vcore be safe in the long run? i.e. everyday use?
  4. Okay, 3 things. I tested the 4.5 at 1.300 on aida for about 30 minutes and got no problems. I tested it on prime95 and I got error right away. 2nd test: I increased the vcore (that's what the stress.txt told me) and it also got a FATAL ERROR. On my 3rd run, I put the vcore at 1.330 stil 4.5 aaand it got errors again within 3 minutes. I'm not sure if going above 1.350 is healthy for the cpu when I use it pretty much most of the day. Any suggestions?
  5. I see, yeah I've heard some youtuber said it, I forgot who. Anyways, I will crank my cpu back to 4.5 and 1.300, thanks again! I just finished downloading prime95 too.
  6. Ok I will download Prime95. . .One thing happened though, In order for me to type this message, I lowered it to 44 ratio and 1.280 and I got mid 70s stable after 10 min of interlburntest. But I will try 1.300 at 4.5 again with prime95. Thanks!
  7. There is a nightmode for this website? @.@ I'm still new here hehe. . .sorry about that
  8. Hey guys, so, I've been overclocking my cpu to get the sweet spot for 4.5 with good vcore. I ran some tests earlier before posting this. 1st test I did 4.5GHz@1.300 (seemed stable), after running aida64 I only got max of 61C after 10minutes (I was so happy because I thought I hit the jackpot). THEN intelburntest happened and it reached max of 79C after 2 min and crashed. I lowered the vcore then to 1.285 and still crashed. I knew it I go any lower than 1.280 it will crash (I did all the numbers between 1.200-1.290). I also tried 1.320 vcore with same core ratio of 45 and it didn't load at all (brought me to recovery screen). I might need help overclocking my cpu :'< It's sad that from a trash enermax air cooling that broke down I got 4.2 stable at 1.260 vcore. . .then upgrading to a hundred bucks liquid cooling I can only get stable of 4.3 at 1.260. . Also, is intelburn test a good source for testing? should I just trust aida64? Link to my pc specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/f32VKZ
  9. hi, I don't have any other monitors for tera to run. And I should probably repost it there, thanks for telling me.
  10. Hey guys, so I've had this issue for a very long time now, and I still don't know how to fix this unless I randomly click both right and left click on the app (pretty rng). Are there any ways I can fix this easily while avoiding a restart? I'll post a picture down below. So what happens is, while I'm on chrome, TERA launcher is also highlighted when I'm not even hovering the mouse to it. I don't know, my ocd is killing me to be honest lol. Thanks for any help!!
  11. Oh right, I was going to ask about the PCI-E version too, but decided not to put it. Can you suggest any good pcie ssd?
  12. Hi guys, so my next plan for upgrade is to get a new ssd. Looking at the articles and reviews, it seems like m.2 is better? I need help deciding which one to get so any suggestions are welcome. I also want to move my OS from HDD to the SSD I plan to buy since start up is getting a little bit slow. Please suggest any good ( but a little cheap? ) SSD or M.2 for both my games AND operating system. I currently have Kingston HyperX Fury 240GB filled with games only and I'm not really sure if it was worth getting ( bought it about 5 months ago iirc ). Thanks guys!
  13. BTW, I almost forgot. Is the built-in thermal paste good enough? Or should I buy a different one?