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  1. Hi! Trying to fix a friends old laptop, but have stumbled upon one of the weirdest issues ever, the laptop's keyboard has been remapped (I think). Don't know what's causing the issue however. Any ideas or help on how to get this sorted would be of great help. Laptop is an old Sony VAIO VPCEL22FX Troubleshooting I've done so far: - Took out hard drive and scanned them on a separate computer. Cleaned a lot of viruses with Avast and Malwarebytes. - Enabled on screen keyboard. What I know is that the "backspace" key types something (don't what, however, since password bar doesn't show it) and the "M" key is enter. - Attached an external keyboard as well, same results. First time I've encountered this. I hope someone could help me before I resort to a full OS re-install or suggest that their keyboard is busted and try to either replace the part off of eBay or buy a new laptop.
  2. I see shipping would also be a bitch lol should do another build then!
  3. Hey, if you want to sell your Ophion Evo I'd be happy to take them off of your hands. They've been sold out on Newegg for a while and haven't been restocked either
  4. @AlexTheGreatish Yeah, surprisingly enough, the brightness buttons still work. What was the model of the display you bought? Might be a slight difference where one has brightness control functionality and the other doesn't. EDIT: I bought the N156HHE-GA1
  5. Hello all! This is my first time posting on the Mod page of the forum, so go easy on me Basically did the same mod they posted a few days ago on the channel. Alex casually mentions that the mod should also work on a G3 which luckily uses the same body as the G5, G7 and the Inspiron 15 7577 Gaming. One of the main complaints by most people for the 7577 is that the display is terrible. It's a budget gaming laptop, you can probably grab an i5/GTX 1050ti variant for $600 on sale, but they really skimped out on the screen here. Popping the lid open was a breeze, does take a little bit of patience. I had an iFixIt spudger that really helped out a lot on the process. Just put them in between the display and bezel, I suggest starting at the bottom by the Dell logo because there aren't any clips immediately there so it's easy to get in between the display and bezel and then just move your way around the sides until you have the bezel off. After removing the bezel, you need to remove 4 screws that hold the display to the body. Removing the ribbon cable also requires patience. They used really strong tape to hold the cable intact, so take your time removing that and make sure you don't rip the ribbon cable. Once you've removed the tape, don't remove the cable yet because it's also being held by a retention clip, just slowly wiggle the retention clips off with a skinny screw driver and after that you are now able to remove the ribbon cable. Once you have the old panel off, just repeat the steps you just did in reverse. So attach the new panel to the ribbon cable, put back the retention clip and make sure to secure it with the tape. Put the display back on the body, align the holes on the display to the body, screw them back in and attach the bezel back to the laptop. If you don't mess up, it should take you about 10-15 minutes for the whole thing. Honestly one of the best and easiest mods out there. Hopefully this helps out a few 7577 users that aren't too content with their stock display while gaming Shoutout to @AlexTheGreatish for this sick ass mod! Cheers!
  6. Wait what? That sucks. That such a childish BS to do for something so miniscule.
  7. Now you don't have to feel bad that you wasted your time at that auction LOL
  8. Bonded through the dumbest, i mean, smartest, most creative, and largest tech channel on Youtube
  9. Here's a pro tip: Be knowledgeable of what is being asked for you before even applying. You don't have to fake or prepare for anything for the interview if you've already know these things.
  10. What's your new CPU? EDIT: What are your specs to be clear?
  11. I'm a Computer Science and Material Engineering student here in San Jose, CA and I've been applying for summer internships the past two months. The competition here is pretty brutal, given that most if not all, tech company HQ is based here. I've been through multiple interview processes the past few weeks but none seemed to want to offer me the position. Didn't think I'd get in this summer since most of my options are dwindling down, but one company gave me a chance at a 2nd interview. One of the reasons why I think most companies weren't offering me the position was that I was always flustered during the interview. I would prepare for it very well, but the words just come out wrong. I felt like I needed a good icebreaker, but it seemed unprofessional to do so. But it was earlier today, and they've told me I've beat out thousands of applicants for a Software Engineer intern position because most don't get a 2nd interview. I'm even more nervous than I normally am, potentially botching my only chance to finally put my foot on the door and get real world experience for my career. And the first question of my interviewer was "How do I keep up to date on technology?", my answer was "I'm frequently reading news articles posted on the LinusTechTips forums." He just had a huge smile on his face and asked, "have you seen their whole room watercooling video?" I said, "yeah." He responded with "wasn't that the dumbest and coolest thing you've seen at once?", I told him "7 gamers, 1 PC was dumber and cooler." It was smooth sailing from there. It was the perfect icebreaker I needed to calm my nerves. Never expected these stupid videos to be the difference maker for potentially advancing my career. Thanks, Linus! Never change and keep making all the stupid AND cool videos that you always do Cheers!
  12. http://www.ibtimes.com/nicehash-hacked-62-million-bitcoin-stolen-2624914 $62,000,000 in BTC lost. What happens to the Bitcoin video Linus and Jake were in the process of making?
  13. @WhisperingKnickers thanks! didn't think it would go as smoothly and look as good as it did haha