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    Intel Core i5-4460
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  1. What about the voltage that it's running at? It should be available in the monitoring tab?
  2. My store's grills had issues the next day and we were unable to serve a lot of product because of issues with different machines aha
  3. I was supposed to work that night and lost over 4 hours worth of pay because I was told not to go in.
  4. I live in SA (the state effected) and anything is worth a shot at this point. We had a state wide blackout for over 8 hours last year (EVREY resident in the whole state lost power!!!). It's getting really bad.
  5. What CPU is it? Have you Overclocked it? What voltage is your CPU running at? Did you take off the plastic between the heat sync copper plate and the Thermal Paste?
  6. I've just bought my Strafe RGB the other day, and the red LED died on the C & V keys.
  7. I've currently got a small server of old pc parts running FreeNas, and only have one 2TB drive installed (more than I need in terms of storage size). I want to increase transfer speeds on both the server side and client side. What would be the cheapest and easiest way of increasing it, without buying more drives and running them in a raid? I've heard small SSD's setup as a cache could help to a certain extent?
  8. I thought so, do you know what the "DT" stands for?
  9. So I stumbled upon the EVGA 1070 FTW "DT", and honestly have no clue how it fits into their product line, or what the point of it is... FTW DT: http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6274-KR From what I can see it just has a much lower core and boost clock - possibly a non-factory OC'd card on their FTW board design? If Anyone can fill me in on what it's supposed to be, or who it's meant for that would be great.
  10. I much prefer the appearance of the FE over basically any other AIB partner, but the cooling isn't as good. I like the SC editions from EVGA but the ACX 3.0 design isn't as good as the 2.0 design in my opinion. Next best choice for design (over the FE) would probs be the Asus Strix design.
  11. Not too confident but eh http://pcpartpicker.com/list/YJ3tpb
  12. Putting the business side of things aside (I'm sure they can find other things to compromise on, to sell higher quality boards), it would still be good to see better layouts on boards.
  13. Makes Sense, but some boards have them wight at the bottom, just above the audio, which is even worse.
  14. This ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha still has the same issue, but is probably worth more than you're processor.
  15. I find it extremely frustrating, how motherboard manufacturers constantly overlook the rear IO, and how important it really is. Whether it is a lack of specific ports, bad layout or useless connectors, every company seems to keep making the exact same mistakes, and nobody really talks about it. I'm not sure whether many people are in the same situation as I am, but I have a large amount of USB devices (8 in total) and very little motherboards have anywhere near the amount of ports I would need. Yes, I could just buy a good quality USB hub, but they are expensive (in Australia at least) and will just make cable management a nightmare. It really cannot be difficult or even expensive (please correct me if I am wrong) for manufacturers to pay more attention to the rear IO, and include what the average consumer wants. This ASUS Z170-AR board has only 5 USB Type A ports, and a Type C. It's cheap board, and has great features, and is not bloated with stuff that is not needed. But, once again it seems that they have completely overlooked the rear IO. Almost every consumer will use more than 5 USB ports, yet no thought has been given. Worst of all, there is a huge space where more ports could be added, but no. The Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming1 board is a perfect example of how well the rear IO can be organised. Basically every available space has been filled with ports. It doesn't include any unnecessary ports, and has a good balance of everything a consumer would need. They have even be able to fit WIFI and dual Ethernet in, while still having 10 USB Type A ports, and a single Type C port. It really makes no sense why a good IO layout is seen on more boards these days, considering that more and more people are focusing on expanding their desk setup, and sometimes using more than peripheral of each type. I'd personally prefer to pay an extra few dollars to see some more ports on the rear. So these are just my thoughts, and I'm getting really annoyed at great boards, overlooking a key part of it's design. I'd love to hear what you guys' thoughts are.