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  1. Does the h200 definitely support 8TB drives? Thank you for responding so fast.
  2. I want to build a free nas server that will, act as a plex server, a general storage server, a render node, and a place to run virtual machines accessible on my network. I was going to build this on an old Dell T610 but the raid controller won't read the larger 8tb drives, after some digging, it turns out the firmware on the raid card in that won't read past 2 tb, and there is no guarantee that even if you are able to update the firmware it would read the drives true capacity. Any suggestions for either older servers capable of achieving this or a solid build?
  3. ObsidioN

    Improve DSL

    A friend of mine somehow has DSL internet through Verizon Anyone know of some ways to improve his network and speed. Like this is DSL over the phone line internet, I don't even know how Verizon is charging him for it.
  4. I suddenly started having trouble loading both windows and Linux operating systems on my computer, even after swapping out hard drives. The computer will post and I am able to navigate the motherboard bios just fine, but when I try to load an operating system it fails to get past initial boot screen. I have an ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ motherboard. I have re-flashed the bios twice, and reinstalled the operating systems on different hard drives several times and still no difference. Please help, any information is appreciated.
  5. I was thinking something along the lines of online support for hardware.
  6. Anyone know any decent online tech related jobs, possibly part-time, could be done in conjunction with another job?
  7. Anyone else having issues with R9 graphics cards and Windows 10? I've recently installed this card and the drivers and have experienced nothing but crashes i.e. monitor freezes, game crashes, and the screen going completely blank. any suggenstion? specs: MB - ASrock FM2A88X Extreme 6+ APU - AMD A10 7700K RAM - Kingston Hyper X 16GB 2400mhz PSU - EVGA 1000w 80 plus gold
  8. I'm helping a friend build a PC and I was wondering if there are any recommendations for a good gaming motherboard pairing with the i5-4960k?