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    amd radeon r9-270x
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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to download some songs from youtube I used to use snipnp3 but now it doesnt work.Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys I want to buy a razer headset but I cant choose between the razer kraken pro 5.1 or the razen kraken 7.1.The first has a 3.5 jack input and the second has an usb input.Which has the best sound?
  3. Hey guys yesterday I bought arma 2 in order to play dayz mod.Although I only purchased arma 2 and arma 2 operation arrowhead without its expansion packs.So I tried to play but I couldnt connect to any of the servers!Do I need to buy the private military company and the british military company in order to play?
  4. Haha for me is huge bugs in general,death,predicaments,drowning,heights and stupid songs
  5. Hey guys I just downloaded war thunder and the game is good but I have a 60Hz monitor and the game doesnt work well with my TV.The game is working at 50 Hz.How can I fix this?
  6. I have almost the same problem right now.Classmates bugging me with things that I dont like .[for example songs that they like but I dont].I am also turning 17 soon.At least we are not alone in this weird society.
  7. Believe me.They listen to music 100 times worst than bieber How do you know the [vrisia] [malakes] ? Do you live in greece?I
  8. I know you have to leave your things exposed in the midle of the classroom That SUCKS I dont think I can educate them because they are just TOO stupid
  9. NO I am highschool! But in my coyntry[greece] schools dont have lockers. No I mostly listen to metal so i dont think I deserve it
  10. I think I am too young to control things like that[you now] I am only 16 and I am not well experienced in life But anyways this will probably happen again tomorow so I will try to be calm.thanks for your help
  11. The worst thing is that the LEADERS closed the classroom door and blocked my way out of the clasroom.I just wanted to leave but I couldnt!!!!!!!!!!! the stupid thing is that we dont have lockers in my school :mellow: thanks for your help mate thats true The worst thing is that the LEADERS closed the classroom door and blocked my way out of the clasroom.I just wanted to leave but I couldnt!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Good idea but i will go to jail if I attempt this
  13. what do you mean metal and steam? metal music?
  14. Hey guys I started having some really big problems at school when my classmates found that I hate their music.Now they have started pissing me of with their annoying songs and i feel really bad about this.Any tips on how to deal with this problem? Thanks.