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  1. Hi Guys My full PC specs are in my sig, but I have a R9 390 and a GTX 950 (which I bought for encoding HEVC). Ofc I have the my gaming monitor (the Samsung) connected to the 390, and my other two monitors connected to the 950. Is it possible to offload browser video playback to the 950 while I play games on the R9 390? As of now, when I play a video in my browser, it's the 390 that does the decodes even though the video is playing on a monitor connected to the 950. My browser is the latest version of Firefox. This is only an issue with Youtube/Firefox, as running something like media player classic on the secondary screens will use the 950 as it should. Thanks
  2. Not all phones the have a USB C port support a USB C DAC, for example my old and shite Xperia XZ (which is now a secondary speedo for my car) does not. I don't know of any adaptors that might help you. You got unlucky.
  3. I was more hoping for a cute pet 5700XT. While it is interesting, I don't dig the design on this one.
  4. I'd go for an MSi board if I were you. The Ryzen MSi boards apparently have the best memory compatability, which can be a massive boon. I probably would've gone for a MSi board if I didn't find my Taichi at the price I found it at.
  5. I got my 3600X for a little less than a 3600 retails for because I had a coupon for an eBay store that didn't have a 3600 but stocked the 3600X. Unless you have a similar deal, I wouldn't bother with the 3600X, it doesn't even come with the RGB cooler. If you want the AMD Wraith cooler (I don't blame you, the RGB ones are pretty cool), I'd buy it seperately on Aliexpress. You can get a Wraith Max for 37 CAD, or a Wraith Spire RGB for 30 CAD. There's very little performance increase over the 3600, and it's a decent chunk more expensive.
  6. Is that an error that displays when you're in Windows Installer? Then disconnect all drives except for your NVME SSD, it should work then.
  7. I think what I said in my initial post still stands. Don't worry too much about it, match freq and timings as much as you can be bothered to, but don't stress yourself too much with memory compatibility. If you can't find cheap memory, you could always order some off Aliexpress.
  8. In arcade, I think you can spawn 3 times within your lineup of vehicles, while in Realistic you need to earn points by doing stuff to spawn in vehicles after you die in your first, though they increased the amount of spawn points you start off with to make matches longer in a recent update. I'm not sure about one life modes, I know that in air realistic you only have one life, I think this is also the case in air Simulator. In terms of game modes, that's actually one of the main weaknesses of the game, and what the community is pushing the devs to work on next. I don't remember the names of the game modes we have now, so I'll just link you to a page on the War Thunder Wiki.
  9. Eight Core? I'm guessing you mean FX 8000 series, I was confused because the mobo you linked to doesn't support FX CPUs. But if you do mean FX, my experience was that the memory controller wasn't that picky with memory, my old system pretty much ran any memory I threw in it. I actually had completely different memory in all 4 of my slots (like I do now in my current main system, funnily enough), and it didn't have any problems. I wouldn't buy 8gb sticks, since they're a lot more expensive than 4gb sticks, even on the used market. In the UK where I live, I can just pick up a 4gb stick for £6 (about 7.8 freedom dollars) from CEX, which is a franchised shop which deals in CDs, DVDs, games, PC parts etc. If you don't have that, I would suggest the usual places, like eBay, facebook marketplace, and other classified listings.
  10. I'm going to upgrade pretty much everything in my PC, aside from my GPU. I've bought everything except for my case, which I'll buy in the next few days. Stuff I've bought: Ryzen 5 3600X X570 Taichi Aerocool Project 7 P750, 80+ Platinum Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 3600 (2x8) kit Silicon Power A80 NVME SSD 512gb A Gigabyte GTX 950 G1 Gaming (for H265 NVENC) A weird gold 512gb chinese SSD that has "Halloween 2019 Special Edition" written on it. It'll probably end up as a game drive.
  11. PvP in War Thunder is available in three difficulty levels and four game modes. Difficulty levels are: Arcade, realistic and simulator. Most people on EU/RU/US play realistic. Game modes are: Air (aircraft only), Ground (Tanks, Aircraft, Helicopters), Naval (Boats, Aircraft), and Helicopters only. I spend most of my time on realistic ground, mostly to bomb tanks.
  12. The Takstar Pro82 is actually easier to get a hold of, since they sell it on AliExpress, and they'll ship it basically anywhere for cheap.
  13. Easy, if you're only going to be using your headphones indoors, go for a Philips SHP9500 and put a Vmoda Boom Pro mic on it. If you're going outdoors, get a Takstar Pro82, and a 2.5mm inline boom mic cable.
  14. If you want single player 3rd person, the Just cause games are pretty fun. The premise of the game is randomly blowing stuff up while zip lining and parachuting all over the place. They're often heavily discounted since they're a bit on the older side. Though, these days I'm finding less and less time to game, so I only really play Insurgency Sandstorm and War Thunder. Insurgency is quick and easy to pick up if you've played FPS games at all, and is a good blend of arcade with some simulation elements, so you can feel like you're playing a much more complex FPS than you're actually playing. War Thunder is a F2P tank/aircraft/boats/heli combat thingy that I've been playing since 2013 and I've already dropped big bux on it, so fuck, I'll play it until they stop updating it (which is probably in a pretty long time since the core player base seems to be relatively mature and people easily spend £50 on a virtual aircraft/plane/boat every month). They have 1000s of combat vehicles from the 1930s to the modern day in the game, which is pretty cool. The game looked pretty stunning back in 2013, and it hasn't aged too badly, but it's not the best in terms of graphics anymore. But this game is pretty heavily skill and meta based, so new players will have a hard time unless you really love these historical vehicles, and you have an interest in and are willing to learn advanced flying, tanking, sailing and driving tactics (which will differ depending on the particular update of the game, the game mode, map, and what particular vehicle you're using). I was actually at one point in the top 3% of players, I think a couple years ago, which makes War Thunder the only thing in life I don't completely suck at, which I must admit makes it more personally appealing as a game. Though the reason I mentioned WT at all, is that it's a mostly 3rd person F2P game that isn't (that) pay to win, is being regularly updated with new content (more or less monthly), is more or less unique in what it offers, and has a decent community with good people spread around US, European, and Russian servers (We don't talk about the AUS/SEA and China server, we pretend they don't exist).