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    Japanese/British Sociopath.
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  1. ibabyslapper

    What mobile games do you play to kill time?

    I sometimes play Girls Frontline, maybe 15-20 minutes a day. That's about it.
  2. ibabyslapper

    is my gaming monitor fine?

    Yeah, if you got it for a good price I don't see why not.
  3. ibabyslapper

    looking for cheap durable headphones

    Hmmm okay, I can't think of any particularly well built headphones for under $50, but I'll throw out some recommendations. Honestly most headphones under $200 are usually built out of cheap plastic. Koss KSC75: These aren't headphones, but earclips. They're very very lightweight, so unless you purposefully swing them like a morning star and smack things with them, or use them as a stress toy, they'll probably hold out pretty well. Also, they're cheap at $15 a pop, and they sound pretty amazing. Not even pretty amazing for $15, but pretty amazing in general. Monoprice Retro: These have pretty good bass (especially if you change out the pads), and while they don't have a premium build, people have managed to make these things last a fairly long time. SuperLux HD668B: These are legendary in the super-budget headphone category, there are loads of reviews of these online. While not being built that particularly well, they have a replaceable cable which is a plus. They have large sound stage, which could give you an advantage in games. They aren't the most comfortable things until you get some aftermarket pads for them. KZ ZSN: These are my current personal favorite IEMs, and I've been using them for a couple weeks now during my daily 2 hour commute. They look uncomfortable, but they're actually the 2nd most comfortable IEMs I've ever tried (2nd to the Bose SoundTrue). They have a really nice V-shaped sound signature (accentuated bass and highs), with lots of low end rumble, and detailed highs. Some people find the highs on these sibilant, though I don't think they are. The cable on these are replaceable, and KZ sells replacement cables and a Bluetooth cable too for not that much. These actually replaced my RHA MA750s that I've been using for 2 years. I think these are the only 4 earclip/headphone/IEM I can really recommend at the price you're looking at
  4. ibabyslapper

    looking for cheap durable headphones

    So, you only looking for headphones? IEMs can be more durable if you're carrying them around everyday
  5. ibabyslapper

    First time building/owning a pc

    Buy a gray market W10 copy off eBay for £3. It's risk free (because paypal) and you can get rid of the watermark. Aside from that, the builds people are choosing for you are good enough so I won't make another.
  6. Brrrr it's snowing outside, might be time to start running furmark!

  7. ibabyslapper

    Is this mobo good?

    what's the price difference between the Bazooka Plus and the Mortar?
  8. ibabyslapper

    Is this mobo good?

    Yeah, go with a MSi Board for B450. I think the mortar is the one with more features? So if that's cheaper, go for that.
  9. ibabyslapper

    I need some earbuds for music

    If you can stretch that far, it's worth it. The Sennheiser CX300 (not around anymore) and later the SoundMagic E10 were my gateway drugs into audiophile land when I was in middle school.
  10. ibabyslapper

    I need some earbuds for music

    If you can get SoundMagic E10s where you live it for a decent price it might be a good choice. (probably around 30 dollars)
  11. Jonny Guru? That's basically where I first got interested in PSUs
  12. ibabyslapper

    I need some earbuds for music

    Ahhh, I've got slim metal frames on my glasses so they fit pretty well
  13. ibabyslapper

    I need some earbuds for music

    That's what you'd think, but the ZSNs are probably one of the most comfortable IEMs I've ever used (only the Bose SoundTrue were more comfortable for me), they sit in the ear really well, and the wire wraps around your ear nice and tight too. The monks are as durable as any other cheap earbud, they don't feel particularly flimsy or well built, but I can't comment on much since I don't use mine very often.
  14. ibabyslapper

    I need some earbuds for music

    Well, if you want "earbuds" on a budget, I'd recommend Venture Electronics Monk plus. If you don't mind IEMs, I recommend the KZ ZSNs, they're rather excellent for the money.
  15. ibabyslapper

    Gaming screenshots

    An over-penetration.