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  1. ibabyslapper

    making gpu backplate

    I believe people just put acrylic back plates on top of their graphics cards, as unless your card already has screw holes for a back plate, there's no real non-dodgy way of doing it.
  2. ibabyslapper


    PC part prices on some components aren't that stable (SSDs and RAM comes to mind), and also it's sales season.
  3. Sounds like you need to plug them in properly. Make sure the small port on the drive is connected by cable to your mobo, and the wider port is connected to your PSU.
  4. ibabyslapper

    Witch is the better aio

    They're probably not that different, buy based on price/aesthetics
  5. ibabyslapper

    Need help, might have got ripped off..

    Well, I'd say it was a good call for the guys in that shop to sell you a new mobo, since most OEM motherboards (including many Dells) aren't compatible with standard cases/PSUs. If I were you I'd just keep the new mobo and minimize costs by getting a grey-market £5 W10 Pro Key off eBay, since the Msi mobo is most likely better.
  6. Things better than Adobe Creative Cloud:

    • Being Shot
    • Accidentally falling into a wood chipper
    • Living in Dresden in 1945
    • Living in Hiroshima in 1945
    • Being an intel fanboy in 2018
    • Sticking your meat-stick into a running 1500w PSU
    • Being a Muslim minority in China
    • Etc. etc.
  7. I wouldn't call them a clone, they just make janky motherboards on older sockets. Here's an example of one such board
  8. Yeah, I noticed how these "X79" boards seem to be based on random chipsets that may or may not be compatible with 2011, which makes me want to buy one even more tbh. Also, Have you seen the dual socket X79 board Huanan have now? It's a dual socket E-ATX "X79" board with only four RAM slots (2 per CPU), and "Theoretically it supports Intel series with LGA 2011 socket V2 and below." Maybe a dual-socket Aliexpress only build is due...
  9. ibabyslapper

    best mixed use headphones for 70 cad. no mic.

    Just checked how much 80 CAD is, and it's £46! Jesus, you Canadians are having a rough time eh. At that price I can recommend the Samson SR850 or the superlux HD668B.
  10. ibabyslapper

    best mixed use headphones for 70 cad. no mic.

    I think the Status audio CB-1 might be the headphone for you, though I don't know how easy or hard it is to get it in Canada.
  11. ibabyslapper

    PC freezes whilst booting

    Huh, it usually at least gets to the log in screen in my experience. Have you inspected the cpu by any chance? By what I can read, I believe its probably the motherboard. The cpu may be seated incorrectly (remember to torque the socket down correctly with the included orange wrench), or there may be a bent pin or debris blocking a pin from making good contact. If none of these work it, I'm afraid I'm running dry on ideas. It may be worth contacting Asus via facebook messenger to see if they can help you fix the problem, failing that an RMA replacement.
  12. Ali express is my dodgy Chinese online retailer of choice. They have brand new x79 no brand motherboards for sale and they intrigue me.
  13. ibabyslapper

    No boot or Post Need help please

    Try visually inspecting your motherboard, look for any capacitors with bulging tops or components with scorching marks on them. You may have to remove a VRM heatsink or two to do this. Are there any loose screws in your case? Your friend may of lost a screw inside the PC when he built it, and it may be shorting something. While this could be an issue with your PSU, I wouldn't recommend opening you PSU, as you may accidentally kill yourself.
  14. ibabyslapper

    GPU Best Brands

    The only common modern GPU brands I would avoid are PowerColor and Gainward. The rest should be fine.
  15. ibabyslapper

    No boot or Post Need help please

    Are your 24pin mobo and 8 pin CPU cables plugged in properly? What are your system specs, including PSU model and wattage?