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  1. I wouldn't call them a clone, they just make janky motherboards on older sockets. Here's an example of one such board
  2. Yeah, I noticed how these "X79" boards seem to be based on random chipsets that may or may not be compatible with 2011, which makes me want to buy one even more tbh. Also, Have you seen the dual socket X79 board Huanan have now? It's a dual socket E-ATX "X79" board with only four RAM slots (2 per CPU), and "Theoretically it supports Intel series with LGA 2011 socket V2 and below." Maybe a dual-socket Aliexpress only build is due...
  3. ibabyslapper

    best mixed use headphones for 70 cad. no mic.

    Just checked how much 80 CAD is, and it's £46! Jesus, you Canadians are having a rough time eh. At that price I can recommend the Samson SR850 or the superlux HD668B.
  4. ibabyslapper

    best mixed use headphones for 70 cad. no mic.

    I think the Status audio CB-1 might be the headphone for you, though I don't know how easy or hard it is to get it in Canada.
  5. ibabyslapper

    PC freezes whilst booting

    Huh, it usually at least gets to the log in screen in my experience. Have you inspected the cpu by any chance? By what I can read, I believe its probably the motherboard. The cpu may be seated incorrectly (remember to torque the socket down correctly with the included orange wrench), or there may be a bent pin or debris blocking a pin from making good contact. If none of these work it, I'm afraid I'm running dry on ideas. It may be worth contacting Asus via facebook messenger to see if they can help you fix the problem, failing that an RMA replacement.
  6. Ali express is my dodgy Chinese online retailer of choice. They have brand new x79 no brand motherboards for sale and they intrigue me.
  7. ibabyslapper

    All alone..

    (Probably terrible advise!) Honestly, I don't have great advise for you since I'm pretty much in the same boat, I'm a loner. I have a few acquaintances in real life that I never talk to (about personal matters at least), and I've never had internet friends before. Though I've never particularly felt lonely. I apparently have somewhat of a sociopathic streak, which has caused plenty of problems for me in the past (I even managed to get estranged from my only sibling when I was a teenager, and recently even my niece), so I decided to act like what I think is a perfectly normal outgoing person when I got into high-school because I felt it was the sporting thing to do. This was fine at first, I was very good at it if I say so myself, I made quite a few friends and even got myself a girlfriend or two, but things always crumbled when intimacy made me let my guard down. Especially since, lets say, my interests and opinions on popular events and culture aren't safe for mainstream consumption (whatever that's supposed to mean), and they just kind of slip out sometimes, as well as the fact that sometimes I appear hostile even when I don't mean to. I mean, I have acquaintances from my time in University and from work, and but none of them have actually seen even a micrometer of what I actually am. They think I'm a mature,kind, productive and reliable member of society, which I'm not. I also often forget about them so I'm not always the most reliable or sociable friend. While I'm not the most sociable person ever at work, the results I provide more than earn my right to stay at my workplace (god knows some coworkers won't be able to survive without me), and I'm never unpleasant. But after pretending to be someone I wasn't, I just noticed that it wasn't really worth it, I decided extended physical socialization isn't for me and reduced physical socialization to a minimum(which is a terrible thing to decide, you shouldn't decide this). I decided I'll get my genuine social interaction from helping people online instead, where they won't be around for long enough (or interact sporadically enough) to begin being strained by my terrible personality. If I do things right even someone like me can get a thanks or two (which can be immensely fulfilling), or maybe have a intelligent discussion about something. (TLDR) By god, that was long and dubious in direction. What I want to say is, don't strain yourself, we all have our pace. Someday you'll figure out our social sweet-spot and be perfectly happy sitting in it. It may not be what you envision now, but it'll be sufficient for you. Try new things is GOOD! You know, gym, the local Cabaret, shooting range, tech support on this forum, sh*tposting on a futa hentai reddit, whatever. But don't force yourself, don't rush, there's no point if you're battered and bruised by the end, because someday you'll find your place. And while you find that place, this forum will probably do, hell, maybe you've already found your place. Though I guess as a conventional biological organism you'd be lonely without a mate, and you can't mate with the internet... I hear most mate with the most agreeable person at their workplace, so that may be a good place to start.
  8. ibabyslapper

    No boot or Post Need help please

    Try visually inspecting your motherboard, look for any capacitors with bulging tops or components with scorching marks on them. You may have to remove a VRM heatsink or two to do this. Are there any loose screws in your case? Your friend may of lost a screw inside the PC when he built it, and it may be shorting something. While this could be an issue with your PSU, I wouldn't recommend opening you PSU, as you may accidentally kill yourself.
  9. ibabyslapper

    GPU Best Brands

    The only common modern GPU brands I would avoid are PowerColor and Gainward. The rest should be fine.
  10. ibabyslapper

    No boot or Post Need help please

    Are your 24pin mobo and 8 pin CPU cables plugged in properly? What are your system specs, including PSU model and wattage?
  11. ibabyslapper

    PC freezes whilst booting

    I can't play the video, but I have found a post on another website describing something very similar to your current situation. It may be worth giving this a go: https://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1643791-zenith-extreme-1950x-freezing-stock-speeds.html
  12. ibabyslapper

    PC freezes whilst booting

    Sorry, I meant clear CMOS. While clearing the CMOS clears the BIOS (or rather, is the same thing), it could be confusing in the case of your motherboard.
  13. ibabyslapper

    PC freezes whilst booting

    Try clearing you motherboard BIOS as a next step. In the case of your motherboard, there should a button on your rear IO (where your USB and ethernet ports are).
  14. ibabyslapper

    PC freezes whilst booting

    There also might be certain ram slots you need to use to use TR in dual channel mode, so see if you manual says anything about using 2 sticks of RAM
  15. ibabyslapper

    Help with new ram

    It's my pleasure