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  1. Thought so, thanks for the info!
  2. I've been having connection problems with my ONT router/WiFi which is the ISP provided router, a Huawei HG8245T. it's sometimes randomly slow (it isn't just the internet, accessing the router's settings is also slow) and sometimes WiFi just stops working until someone turns it off then on again (This is seems to be happening randomly). This is definitely the router being the problem, right? I've been hesitant because I don't know if I'm ignorant of something I don't know about.
  3. Ok good, thanks How about CD key, Do I need that?
  4. I have a laptop that was pre-installed with Windows 8.1 when I bought it and upgraded it to Windows 10 with the "Free Upgrade" when 10 was released. For reasons, I would like to do a clean install of Windows 10 but how do I go about it? since it is an 8.1 OEM that's been upgraded to 10
  5. That sounds viable, I might try that if I can find plastic at the right thickness
  6. I was thinking of doing that but I'm afraid that it'll fry the laptop
  7. I have the battery for a Toshiba laptop and a few years ago the contact was broken (due to someone decided to throw a TV remote at my general direction and hit the battery instead, right at the connectors) The connectors in question I want to know what are the actual risk of using it as is and what state would the cells most like be in since it has not been used since 2012 (side note this battery was missing for those 4 years, I recently found it) edit: I posted this in the wrong sub-forum didn't I? how did I miss the troubleshooting subforum
  8. Currently I have none (just built my PC, waiting for stock and prices), simply using the integrated graphics, Polaris seems like quite a good and that "new system tweaker" is rather interesting
  9. Yup, that's all I can think about of what a HTPC does, get a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and you can even browse the web on your TV! though depending on the resolution, Interface, tv size and distance it could be a little awkward but that's what I did to an old laptop I had laying around~ certainly better than having a plain old DVD player
  10. That would depend on the ISP also How loud is it? how about an HTPC?
  11. I think I got it handled now, thanks for the offer (and for your help)
  12. Is that so? I was thinking I can because sp3 is just an update. So now I have to look for a SP2 iso Thanks for the reply
  13. So I have an old PC I want to reuse for reasons, but the amount of malware on it makes me want to do a fresh install of the OS I managed to find the product key from within but I don't have an installation or recovery disk, so I'm asking if I re-install it with an OEM ISO I got online ( http://downloads.jmay.us/Default.aspx ) with the CD key I have, will it work? and is the site I got it from even legit? Also the current XP on the PC is SP2, will using the product key on the the SP3 ISO work?
  14. Not a disaster but it's kinda emabarissing, during an internship I was formatting an office computer's HDD using a software on a live usb, and accidentally cleared the data on the usb drive... oops, apparently there wasn't a spare available