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  1. Yeah, the MSI GS63VR checks all your requirement boxes except for POTENTIALLY the eGPU box (it may still work with Razer Core, idk) but the Core is...less than useful anyway. I think the Alienware Graphics Amplifier might be the only one that actually is worth it and that's just because it goes straight to CPU PCIe lanes instead of using chipset PCIe lanes.
  2. They've been a company ever since Linus broke away from NCIX...
  3. Have you looked at the MSI GS63VR?
  4. As I was saying above. Even just the bare hardware (CPU, RAM, GPU, and the copy of Windows on the SSD) are worth the sale price. At that point all the stuff you listed is disposable.
  5. Don't pay attention to clock speed, especially when comparing between architectures. AMD clock does not equal Intel clock. That being said. Yes, that was the case for the FX-series of processors against Haswell and Skylake. But keep in mind that the FX-8350 was designed to compete against the Sandy Bridge i7-2600K and such that you already have in your system. The new Ryzen processors are very competitive - IPC is lower than Kaby Lake, but there's simply more cores to do work on. And even then, a lot of the IPC suffering is because the software world has started to optimize for Intel since AMD hadn't release a chip in 5 years.
  6. 11 gamers, 1 CPU makes a return? Is this Linus' idea for the entire editing den working off a single box?
  7. To be honest, I'd stick with what you have, get an extra 8GB of RAM and throw a 980 Ti/1080/1080 Ti in it. Maybe see how cheap you can pick up a 3770K? idk how well they work/OC on Sandy Bridge boards. Alternatively, R7 1700.
  8. Hooo boy. here we go. At home: Computer would not post after I changed the CPU; -Took out GPU. No post. -Took out HDD. No post. -Took out SSD. No post. -Took out RAM. Tried to post??? -Put RAM back in. Post. -Put SSD back in. Post. -Put HDD back in. Post. -Put GPU back in. Post. Fixing an aviation radio at work. COM board isn't working. -Decide to fix cosmetics on the faceplate first. -Put unit back together, go to test COM board transmit issue. Suddenly working. -THIS HAPPENED ALL THE TIME. LIKE ONCE A WEEK. Recently: -Opened HWmonitor to double check temps on my CPU after having to plug my radiator fans into my motherboard instead of the waterblock. -Found that temperature was pegged at 100C and throttling. Pump not running. Instantly shut off computer and tried to trouble shoot. -Turn computer back on. Pump now working. Didn't do anything. Computer was happy, idling at 36C. -Needless to say I got a new CPU cooler. And the most annoying thing of my life: -Computer has memory leak issue during Unreal Engine games. First noticed in Life Is Strange, later witnessed in Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, BioShock 1-2-Infinite. -Memory leak would manifest as steadily declining framerates and GPU usage over the course of playing a game. Start would be around 120 FPS and 100% GPU usage on a GTX Titan. After about an hour it would be down to 20 FPS with 10% usage and I would start getting a lot of audio tearing and stuttering. -Replaced GPU from GTX Titan to 2x GTX 970s. No Fix. -Replaced CPU from i5-4570K to I7-4770K. No Fix. -Replaced RAM from 16GB Corsair DDR3-2133 to 16GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866. No Fix. Re-added the Corsair RAM for 32GB of DDR3-1866. -Replaced MOTHERBOARD from MSI Z87I Gaming-AC to Asus Maximus VI Gene. No fix. -Added SSD (500GB 850 EVO) to computer and re-installed Windows. Tried again after a week. No fix. -Figure that Unreal Engine games despise me and decide not to play them. -At some point remove Corsair Link from computer -Try Arkham City again. No problems at all. CORSAIR LINK was the cause of all my headaches for almost a year and a half trying to figure out why Unreal Engine games didn't work.
  9. XPS 15
  10. ...??? KAT is still up
  11. good for you. You will lose everything on the computer.
  12. wat
  13. You don't have to go on crazy websites at all to get it. It's a worm. It will propagate itself into your system via an SMBv1 exploit. If you really, really, REALLY don't want to be patient and let the update finish (seriously, it took my laptop 24 hours to finish the update) then make sure you disable SMBv1.
  14. 'Someone' is a moron. I'm on my work laptop right now and it's charging. Why drain the battery if I don't have to?
  15. I got the Alienware 13. Spent a little bit of a premium because I could have gotten an MSI GS63VR for a little bit cheaper, but I got the Alienware on financing (even though it's going to be paid off in like a month regardless) and I like having the option to get a graphics amplifier later and just use a desktop graphics card to keep it up to snuff.