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    Intel Core i7-4770K
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    Asus Maximus VI Gene
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3-2133 + 16GB Kingston HyperX Black DDR3-1866
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2
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    ROCCAT Tyon
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    Fiio E10K Headphone Amp/DAC + Sennheiser HD558 + Logitech Z506
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Here is a look at my expense budget: Note: I own a car, but do not drive and have not for 2 years. So I do not pay car payments or car insurance. Rent $895 Phone $200 Internet $70 Netflix $10 Youtube Red $10 Hulu Live TV $55 Student Loan $110 Student Loan $290 Gym $60 Audible $15 Electric $250 Food $300
  2. Build a whole new system: Depends. Why do I say that? Well, from the original computer that I built at college in 2014 the only thing that's legitimately left over from that build is the Power Supply and the RAM. But ALL of that was incremental upgrades that just evolved into a whole new build. 2014 Original Build: Intel Core i5-4670K w/H100i Cooler 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-2133 MSI Z87I Gaming-AC Mini-ITX Motherboard MSI GTX 760 Mini-ITX Edition GPU Corsair AX760 80+Platinum Power Supply Corsair 250D Mini-ITX Case 2015 Upgrades and reasons: GTX 760 to Reference GTX Titan (Moved from single 1080p to triple 1080p) Core i5-4670K to Core i7-4770K (Had the i7 laying around after buying a computer and parting it out for more than I paid for it) 2016 Upgrades and reasons: Reference GTX Titan to 2x EVGA GTX 970 SSC (Moved from triple 1080p to dual 1440p) Corsair 250D to Fractal Design Node 804 (Moved from Single GPU to SLI) MSI Z87I Gaming-AC to Asus Maximus VI Gene (Moved from Single GPU to SLI) 2017 Upgrades: 2x EVGA GTX 970 SSC to 1x EVGA GTX 1080Ti SC2 (Moved from dual 1440p to single 4K) Added 16GB Kingston HyperX White DDR3-1866 for 32GB of RAM (Had them laying around after dismantling another computer) Current Build: Intel Core i7-4770K w/Corsair H100i Cooler 32GB of Mixed RAM (16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-2133 and 16GB Kingston HyperX White DDR3-1866) running at DDR3-1866 Asus Maximus VI Gene Motherboard EVGA GTX 1080Ti SC2 GPU Fractal Design Node 804 Case Corsair AX760 80+ Platinum Power Supply From here on I expect my CPU to last me to or through Cannonlake. At which point I will replace it with either Icelake or next-Gen Ryzen. I also expect to basically be upgrading my GPU every gen or every other gen. So...for simple terms: I expect Platform (CPU/RAM/Mobo) to last about 6 years, but I will incrementally upgrade once every other year at the least.
  3. My issue with the arm rests is just that they felt like they were too cramped. I'm not a big guy but I like having my arms spread about a bit more when I'm sitting. I might try to hack it with some wider arm rests eventually.
  4. With a custom build that I built? Never, really. Worst I had was my computers unexplained inability to play Unreal Engine games for 2 years. Which I finally by chance tracked down to Corsair Link. But that's software, not hardware. Hardware issues? Really nothing. I mean, dead components here and there, yeah, but that happens. Just buy a new component to replace it.
  5. Alternatively, you can just do what I did; Remove the arm rests entirely. I generally have my arms resting on my desk regardless. Though this encourages me to sit cross-legged in my chair to give my elbow something to rest on at times.
  6. Not entirely sure what you're asking about here. Generally, modern games will run even on old drivers - I hadn't updated my NVIDIA drivers for like 3 months when I played Prey and it didn't really care. Windows updates don't do a thing to gaming - in Windows 10 they only apply the next time you reboot the computer, so you can have one queued up for weeks if it's an always-on system like my main rig is. I've never had file corruption on ANYTHING without deliberately screwing with the files (in which case, always make a backup) The unoptimized part is more just...shitty console ports. Which isn't nearly as big of a problem in the current generation as the PS4 and XB1 are both actual PC hardware. Last gen it was terrible. PCMR is toxic, but so are pre-pubescent console kids. So...
  7. ESET is good, but don't pay money for it. If you can get it for free (I could when I worked at Best Buy and Microcenter) then it's great. Otherwise, just use Avast or AVG. Arguably you don't even need those if you browse smart. Malwarebytes and Windows Defender is generally enough.
  8. Nah, that was just me bashing on Best Buy morons. I don't even understand why they do the upsell - it's not like they get commission, and Fry's and Microcenter (which do get commission) don't do the upsell because they know if you get a piece of shit you don't want you're going to return it and they're not gonna get money anyway.
  9. I worked at the blue shitshow and didn't care about doing those upsells because I'd already worked at Microcenter and Fry's beforehand and realized that actually selling a customer what they need gets more sales than trying to talk them into something that gets me or the company the most money.
  10. This is an unpopular opinion??? They're a very good pair of headphones. I just happened to get my HD 280s for a little cheaper...
  11. But it is profitable, and companies are doing it. Why do you think there aren't any RX 570s and 580s to be found? Rofl. Do you really think that just a few random dudes buying a couple 580s here and there would clear the stock of 580s out and drive the price up $100? Come on bro, AMD isn't struggling that much. I don't even have all six of my graphics cards mining right now (driver issues with my NVIDIA cards is killing my hashrate on them and because riser cards suck) but Im making enough money out of the two that are running that they would cover the electricity cost of the other four GPUs and still have enough money to pay themselves back eventually.
  12. The only type of Romer-Gs are the one switch type they use in the Logitech keyboards I would recommend going for mATX over mITX. As someone who's had both - mATX is still very portable if you get the right case for it, and you've got a lot more options. I would only get mITX if you are absolutely, 150% sure you are never going to want SLI/Crossfire in it and that you are never going to be wanting any networking/RAID/other cards alongside your GPU.
  13. Whatever you can get the cheapest out of this stuff.