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  1. I recently bought a Logitech G29 with comes with the Logitech G Hub drivers to work properly, this also install the drivers for my G533, you might think that this is okay, but everytime I install the drivers for my headset, it always ends up in me deleting the drivers because of the sound cutting out and in, this is the case again. If I delete the drivers from Logitech, everything is fine, having a game open or a browser doesn't really effect it but when I connect to a VC in Discord the sound cutting out and in is noticable to the point where it ends up annoying me... With the G Hub software open, the sound cutting in and out is almost always present, closing this will minimize this until I connect to a channel in Discord... Does anyone know a solution for this?
  2. I've upgraded my Windows to 1903 and the problem is still here.
  3. I already tried selecting a different keyboard layout and it didn't help. I'll try to upgrade to 1903 and see if that would help anything.
  4. Do you unplug your computer when you turn it off? Because if so, it might be that your CMOS Battery is dead.
  5. Since a couple days ago the 1 from the number row above the letters is mapped to 2. The 1 on my numpad still works fine, when I try to select 1 in the number row from the on-screen keyboard tool in Windows 10 it also types 2 instead of 1. When I plug my keyboard into another PC it works fine. This is the only wrong thing the keyboard does, everything else works fine. I also have the US International Keyboard Layout enabled. See video down below. On-screen keyboard basically does the same as my keyboard. Anyone that knows a solution to fix the problem? Specs: Dell KM636 (Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo) Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 keyboard.mp4
  6. Multiple people in this community said that the Wraith Stealth and Spire were outperforming the Pure Rock Slim...
  7. Just looking at the picture is looks like the heatsink is as around the same size as the Pure Rock Slim, myself i have a Pure Rock cooler with a R5 1600 and my idle temps are around 30-40c
  8. The Pure Rock Slim cooler performs equal or worse than the stock Wraith cooler
  9. VMware ESXi or something similar?
  10. I just checked and the pagefile was indeed set to the slow raid i have now set it to my SSD
  11. How could i suddenly getting so much performance drop with the update 1809 with the same amount of ram and ram usage?
  12. I don't know i am waiting on a repsonse also on my post
  13. I also had a weird performance drop with my Windows 10 copy...
  14. FH3 runs terrible on my raid HDD i thought it was because the raid was rebuilding and both drives are 100% activity so i thought no big deal and download the game on my 120GB SSD and it plays better but it will lag spike sometimes and sometimes it stays lagging and i am not able to use the whole computer anymore. I also see that my gpu is going from 9% to 45% to 9% and to 90% multiple times in a couple of seconds before i installed the 1809 Windows 10 update it played fine but other games that i have are not affected in any way whatsover. Oh and also ram usage is 7.6GB/8GB, yes i know that it isn't enough i am getting another 8gb kit but even with this amount of ram it played fine. Edit: CPU is around 20-30% and all temps are normal around 50-60c. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1050 Ti 2x4GB 2666MHz HyperX Fury DDR4 2x2TB WD Green 5400RPM Drives (in raid 1 2x120GB Kingston SSD's Windows 10 Pro 1809 17763.55
  15. Ah, i just looked up on Google and i see that speccy isn't good to show the VRAM of a GPU i saw that someone else also had a 1060 6GB and showed 2047mb and this also happened to someone else with a 980 Ti