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  1. Thanks to Darrin Lynch for joining us today.
  2. SamuelSanchez

    Would this work?

    I am about to purchase parts to finish my gaming pc now that my laptop is busted and I need a computer to do schoolwork on. I was wondering if I could run a push pull configuration with a Xigmatek Dark Knight II Night Hawk Edition if I have Corsair Vengeance Pro dimms in both slots in a Gigabyte Z87N-Wifi.
  3. SamuelSanchez

    Live Callers on The WAN Show

    I would prefer more twitter blitz and less callers (except for Paul that was Awesome!!!) I know that you wanted to do it to get more close and personal with your fans and to get some sponsoring but a majority of the time the callers either have bad microphone quality or don't contribute much to the conversation. However if you must just keep experimenting with how to implement it. I liked the idea where you would save all the callers for the end of the Stream (or WAN now). Also I feel the callers can tend to slow the show down and if it is the last section of the show its not like they will be wasting any time that could've been used for something else that was planned.
  4. That's what I was thinking
  5. Which would be better for overclocking/gaming.
  6. SamuelSanchez

    Xigmatek Dark Knight Night Hawk

    What is the RAM clearance on this CPU Cooler? Like for example, on a Z87N-Wifi would it interfere with the RAM slots at all, or would I be able to use only low-profile RAM. What kind of overclock can I expect on a 4670k?