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  1. No I understand that I just want the hardware itself to be capable of running a lan as fast as say 2-3Gb like some of these AX routers I see on the market now. I don't know if they make cards between 1 and 10 or if it's even worth going with say a 5Gb card
  2. So right now I have a pfsense apu box running my 200mb/s network. Right now 1 gigabit is the highest speed I'm capable of getting but, won't have that for at least 2 years now unfortunately. Anyway I was considering building a router that would be future proof and wondering what we expect internet speeds to be in 2022? Probably need a 10gbe card now right?
  3. I just got some moca adapters. A bit pricey but, they work great for me
  4. I use both. Anything I can realistically wire up that is stationary I do so. I do get my full internet speed anywhere in the house over wifi I just prefer knowing that I'm getting 100% of the best speed and consistency possible
  5. I am on xfinity after just switching from direct tv. There is a single cable line split 2 ways outside my house one going to the one side of the house the other going to the opposite. There is a splitter downstairs 1 for tv 1 for modem. Upstairs there is a jack coming in the house that feeds the upstairs tvs. So 3 tvs are being fed by a single cable run upstairs and there is a single splitter for that. I tried with both the splitter from comcast and the splitter in the box but, couldn't get tv working. It all seems pretty straightforward to me so I'm not sure what's going on
  6. So I bought some moca 2.0 adapters from actiontech and was excited to finally get a wired network going upstairs. But, I don't think all my cabling is on the same network. I have a direct line coming into my basement then another line coming in upstairs for tv upstairs. This is split once again to go to the bedrooms. While I was able to get my internet working just fine over the adapters the tv portion has been tricky. As in I want it working but, it won't until i give up on the adapters. The whole reason I bought these was that so I wouldn't need to drill more holes. But, now I'm feeling like I might have to install the adapters on the other end of the house to see if they work and then use a switch or something. Any idea what it might be?
  7. You guys are in Canada where weed is legal right? What if you had a buildoff between Linus and His Wife where he is baked off his ass and she had like 4 shots
  8. Sounds about right. Even their current computing lineup is based off a unix based os they just bought and ported to their hardware. They didn't invent anything they put a shiny case on it and made it so even the stupidest person on the planet could figure it out. Well maybe not stupidest
  9. I don't really have any grudges per SE but, I am sick of new technology being pushed out while throwing out the baby with the bathwater of old tech like how apple removed the headphone jack and fingerprint reader and everyone followed suit.
  10. Using a pcengines apu for my router/firewall with a 16gb msata ssd. I only use pfsense because of reliability but, curious what other cool stuff I can do with it? Any suggestions?
  11. Basically I want a single device connected to my tv with a blu ray drive, my cable box, and all my smart applications like netflix, plex, etc going through the same hdmi input. I know I'm lazy but, it's always been my dream to never need to switch inputs again. Would a xbox one slim or something be the perfcect device?
  12. Yeah I was just thinking of buying a identical ssd and then having them mirrored for say if one dies I can then boot off the other like nothing happened
  13. So I have this thinkpad t440p that I tried to replace the dvd drive with a blu ray drive but, the one I bought wasn't compatable. So decided to catch up with the times and ditch optical or at least get a sata/usb one for ripping my collection. Anyway I don't really think I need 3 storage devices but, was wondering if I could get 1 m.2 and 1 sata ssd and have all 3 drives continuously cloned in case of ultimate failure or purchase of an identical thinkpad later?
  14. My gaming pc is wired. I switched out my bedroom pc for a laptop. I am just using chrome. My old isp had 20ms ping and 50mbps. I do have coax now though so might try those adapters even though it's not particularly difficult to run the cable. I also have a 100 foot cable so i can pretty much put the AP anywhere I would want or even use moca to put the AP somewhere else. But, so far so good.