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    i5 4670K
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    ASRock Extreme 4 Z87
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    Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP 2x8GB
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    Gigabyte GTX980ti
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    Nanoxia Deep Silence 1
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    Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 240GB
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    Corsair RM 850W 80+ Gold
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    Monoprice 1440p IPS Display
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    Intel Cooler :(
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    Ducky Shine 3
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    Logitech g402
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    Oooold Antec Lansing Speakers

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  1. silberdrachi

    New Keyboard from Ducky, "Ducky Freedom"

    Maybe its time to "upgrade" my shine 3....
  2. silberdrachi

    YouTubers are finally showing where their money comes from

    Shocking, people hate being lied to and appreciate when people are open and honest. I get that youtubers are a "business" and we wouldnt expect to have the same level of openness from existing business. But in particular in an industry that is basically all marketing its nice to have someone be upfront and honest and say "Ive been paid to have this item on my desk." Because no matter what ANYONE says EVER, its impossible to remove yourself from bias. But if i know someone could be biased, i can make my own opinion on what they are telling me. Instagram and Twitter are horrible for famous people who post photos of them LOVING some stupid thing, and never telling anyone they were given it free or were paid to do something. Marketing laws need to get with the 21st century.
  3. silberdrachi

    NSA makes powerful tool open-source

    I guess i should've clarified about what i mean by "making a difference". I was referring to the fact that people think that this will mean that someone who couldn't do any of these activities in the past could magically pick up this open source tool and be able to backwards engineer Microsoft Word. That simply just isnt the case. All this is, is give people who already know how to use a tool like this, to do it better/easier/faster/differently. The negative impact of this is extremely small, if it even exists at all. On the other hand this is great for the community of programming in general and its a good sign when people take things and make them open source instead of throwing it away to never be seen again.
  4. silberdrachi

    NSA makes powerful tool open-source

    Open sourcing something like this doesnt really DO a whole lot. Mostly because tools like this already existed, and even if they do exist the knowledge on how to use any of the results is very difficult. Basically the people who actually could do anything with the data, already have access to the data if they really wanted it. Its cool that they open sourced it because thats always a step in the right direction but the actual impact of something like this is pretty minimal.
  5. silberdrachi

    Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.

    Ill be interested to see how this affects a lot of our VA projects, which are all primarily developed on macbook pros. The new macbooks were already not great at improving performance and build times, this seems like it would purely just drive people away from the work side of it.
  6. silberdrachi

    Germany Okay With Huawei Infrastucture

    Not sure why i really understand why people think that "because X did it" or "didnt do it" should be valid in any case. Where is any of the proof? Americans spy agencies have been guilty of intercepting CISCO routers and altering them for years in order to spy on companies or countries. But the mention of Huawei's connections to the Chinese government is enough to get them banned across several large markets? Got to say id be shocked if a company as big as Huawei DIDNT have connections to the government somewhere. Any company that is that large would have some ties to any countries government they would operate in. That would just be a smart business decision. Edited to add: My reasoning for this is because they are still a private company. And any government interference with a private company should at least publicize the reason behind it. Especially if they are alleging crimes that would federal crimes that would be a huge deal. Why do they get away with saying that this is happening or will happen without any proof?
  7. So what exactly is the differentiation between i3/5/7/9 now if it has nothing to do with number of cores or hyperthreading?
  8. silberdrachi

    EA gobbles up Mobile Shooter Industrial Toys, RIP them.

    @SC2Mitch Looks like your source link brings you back to this thread
  9. Always kinda strange to me that so many of these companies make lite apps for international markets. I know fb messenger has one that im "not allowed" to install because i live in the US. Id much rather have these stripped down apps than the ones they load up with so much extra shit that i cant actually find what i want.
  10. silberdrachi

    Volvo to build electric semi trucks

    It does sound like their intended market is more limited to in city or short out of city driving in Europe. Where as Tesla seems to intend their products to be used for larger leaps from large out of city facilities to in city distribution hubs, or city to city transit. Long distance shipping in Europe tends to be different than it does in America where we heavily rely on semis for shipping items long distance.
  11. silberdrachi

    Oppo Digital Ceasing development of new products

    Even funnier when you talk about something like live sports which are still being mostly broadcast in 720p and only in 60fps on some stations. Something that could be argued that would have a dramatic improvement in watch-ability hasnt been updated in years. The difference between watching hockey in 24/30fps and 60fps is quite stark. But the cost to update all of those systems from the cameras, to all the editing equipment, and the broadcast equipment is just too extreme. I honestly think this is a decent part of why people are dragging their feet on the adoption of 4k, because for a significant portion of people live sports is a core part of their watching and it would show no improvement. So not only is 4k not that great for TV and Movies (either broadcast or dvd/br) because most of it is upscale content, some of the content that can benefit most from it isnt being embraced. It almost seems like we have hit that limit of the end users caring about quality for cost. That over time they might upgrade when their current systems stop working but no one sees a drive to upgrade. And because of that no one in the broadcast world wants to spend a massive amount of money to "fix" something that only a tiny portion of people will appreciate.
  12. silberdrachi

    Oppo Digital Ceasing development of new products

    Anecdote Warning: I know one person who buys dvds (not even blue-rays), everyone else i know has netflix or amazon prime or both. I myself only own 4 DVDs and i cant remember the last time i actually watched one. And the only machine in my place with a dvd/blue ray player is my Xbox One. Blue-Rays are great if you have a super high end TV that has 4k HDR (OLED or some real good local dimming system) and you want to get the most out of it. But the average consumer doesnt seem to care about that as much as cost and ease of use. Those TV systems are real expensive and dont really seem like youre quite getting your money worth out of it. And sure netflix can have some horrible artifacting on really dark scenes, but it takes 2 seconds to log in and costs $10 a month to watch whatever you want. Not to mention while we arent in a recession now (supposedly????) a lot of people are keeping a closer watch on their savings/debt ratio than they were in 2007. People are more apt to pay down credit card debt than buy a new TV now, so some of the high end markets are possibly feeling it a little. Though every single time an article comes out saying that, economists go into a tizzy trying to determine if saving/paying off debt is good or bad for the economy, so i cant say too much there.
  13. Considering how much emphasis is going on RGB and case decoration it seems like a lot of the design for the motherboard and gpu are becoming more basic. Which im ok with because then matches with more things, or at least it stands out less when you try to pair it with something.
  14. While i can see this law going to the supreme court, that has nothing to do with Microsoft making changes to their terms of service. So long as the changes are made publicly and i think they have to be disclosed a period of time before they go into effect, there isn't really much you can say about them. So even if this law is overturned, Microsoft (or any other company with laws like this) are under no obligation to change their rules again. Private companies are allowed to say that if you don't follow the rules they put into place, they can show you the door. This has nothing to do with free speech since that relates to the government, not private entities. Plus if this is like many other companies doing the same, they are mostly looking for hate speech which isn't covered in the first amendment anyway. Not all speech is covered under the first amendment, there is quite a lot of case law about that. For private citizens the same thing as if you were at someones house and said something they didn't like, they can tell you to leave. The argument is super simplified, but this is always worth linking https://xkcd.com/1357/
  15. It always comes down to enforcement and until the first case goes to trial no one will know what any of it actually means. Congress might write the laws but it comes down to the judges to actually determine what they mean and their scope. But that doesnt stop companies from pulling back so they arent the first ones to get hit with that lawsuit. And with the penalties (and the headlines of being charged under a sex trafficking law) everyone will stay very very far away. Reddit has changed their rules about BST pages, Facebook has been repeatedly changing their Marketplace rules, Craigslist has totally dropped the US relationship classifieds, and even some of the forums i frequent for paintball BST have been trying to decide what to do just in case they get threatened by this. Until someone fucks up and a DA decides to make some headlines, or some group sues the government for overreach to try and overturn the law, everyone is going to toe the line very carefully.