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  1. Ok, so a bit of google-fu has found this thread on Toms Hardware, and the user got it working by changing the PCI-E Lane to 2.0 "I can't believe it but I managed to get it to work! I had to set some kind of PCI setting in the BIOS which determined speeds or something from Auto to Gen2. Gen3 didn't work for some reason, although the GPU is PCI-E 3.0 compatible, but at least it's finally working, post, no beeps, straight to Windows." Give that a shot and let us know EDIT: Also check and update the BIOS if needed, latest release was 22/5/2017 for V2.20
  2. Only other thing I can recommend is pulling everything out of the case and testing it from there. I know you've tried different components as well, but this is one other thing that I can think of to troubleshoot such a weird issue..
  3. Silly thing, but power the machine on and use the onboard video with the graphics card in. If it renders then it sounds like it could be a BIOS setting set to use the iGPU instead of automatically detecting output on the PCI-e Lane. Quickest way to fix is to reset BIOS to defaults
  4. Question, does the server have Group Policy or DHCP? We you can do with DHCP is set a time server in the DHCP Options so that time is sync automatically. Reason I ask for Group Policy is you can map the drive that way instead of using the script, or either use AD to map the drive on logon, unless you need to use scripts
  5. A quick google shows it to be the CAMFPS Program thats open Go into CAM settings and go under FPS Overlay and disable it from there
  6. One thing that I've noticed with redirects is that they hide in in the shortcut properties of web browsers, desktop and taskbar. Have a look under all of them and make sure there is nothing after the location in the "Target" As @TDP_Equinox said, it could be an extension. Worst case run ComboFix and the aforementioned tools, possibly a system restore as well, and if nothing else shows up and you are still getting redirected, then you may have to do the reset.
  7. I've got it that way at the moment and made the Mikrotik a DMZ so I don't have 2 sets of port forwards, but I'm still iffy about the setup
  8. Yeah I've had these rules in, but had to do some editing and rearranging of the rules for them to fully take effect (as seen by the first rule, that was me testing) I've blocks places like China, Russia, Africa and Netherlands, but only on inputs. I've haven't seen any issues yet, so hopefully that stays that way
  9. Thats exactly what I've done, even then they "somehow" got two of the ports that I use... It's my project now to either get the Sonicwall that I have lying around fully setup with VPN, or a pfsense box for VPN and an extra firewall, only thing that annoys me is that the ISP I'm with won't let me change the modem/router without losing the Home phone so I can't have the firewall have "full control"
  10. I've got it locked down now so that only my works IP address range can access it, as thats where I mainly remote in from, but I'll take a look into that tomorrow the more secure logins the better! Haha yeah seeing the amount of trafic that gets blocked is amazing. Since i reset the counters 2 days ago i had roughly 10000 hits from China. Ive gone to the point where I disabled SSH/Telnet on the router, but always looking at ways to tighten the security on my home network.
  11. So, I wake up one morning and get ready for work. Get to work and log on to my router (Mikrotik RB2011UiAS) and server at home, hop on to the logs and found that someone in the Netherlands is trying to log on to my server! I go into overdrive and start putting in a rule to block the IP and block RDP to the servers in question. They start to ping my router to see if it responds but it won't, so it seems that they gave up after that. Looking through my logs it's interesting to see what accounts they tried to use (XEROX, USER, USER1, SCANS, RECEPTION, even KEVIN of all people!) and how many tries they did with each account. I've now gone in and blocked the whole country now so I won't get any more requests from them now. My question to the people; what type of firewall rules/security do you run? How strict are you? Going through what I have now it seems that I need to make some revisions on the rules to prevent this from happening again.
  12. As leadeater said, Hirens is always one thing I keep on a USB on my keys or a disc avaliable for me to you. I also like SpaceSniffer as a graphical view of all the space being used on machines is so much easier than looking around folders and subfolders to reclaim space, even proving to users when their 128GB SSD Machine runs out of space and they have 20GB+ of photos and videos on company machines A copy of Ninite with the basic runtimes, Rogue Killer and TDSS Killer helps with Virus Scanning (Combo Fix as a download) produkey and the GodMode for Windows (All Control Panel options). Probably a few more that I use but I don't have my Tech USB with me
  13. I would love to have fibre to the house with Business SLA, but that monthly cost is like narh thanks Them trying to block Torrent sites nowadays is pretty much useless unless content is easily available and at a reasonable price with no geoblocking. Internet Plans will as well need to reflect this (High to no data caps with decent speeds) Everything is kinda bottlenecked because of Foxtel being the one and only Major PayTV source and they want to keep the monopoly. They realised this when Netflix,Stan and Presto came along.
  14. So true, they came in and basically done what was the "cheapest" and to the "25Mbps is all people need now" instead of what people will need in 5 years time. Where I am is Fibre to the Node, and I know at some point they will come around and do Fibre to the Premises, thus wasting more "tax payers money" It's more of a pile of s*** strung together with duct tape and then branded as a "Government Idea". (Probably would be deployed faster and have faster speeds) Recently the Federal Court have ordered Major ISPs to block the well known Piracy sites because the major PayTV company lodged a case about it. Now its a fact of "Hey if we had decent internet, maybe we would stream said media instead of downloading it..."