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  1. thanks dudeyou have big help and saved me lots of time trawling around looking at sites and yt vids explaning all this to me.
  2. I do quite a lot of multitasking quite a fer chrome tabs and discord plus game and things like that sometimes depending on the game me or one of my friends hosts a server which can be a bit tasking but thats not common so not a big issue for me.
  3. budget is kinda flexable but £750 or less would be nice
  4. Probably all over this site but looking at upgrading to a ryzen 7 3700x from my i7 4790k and looking at motherboards is there any major issues with some chipsets that i need to look out for/ what are the best ones to look at.
  5. thanks guys lots to look at and think about now i get the fun job of trying to justify costs to my non tech savey boss.
  6. Hi guys i work for a small buisness and as of yet we dont keep any backups or have any redundant storage. We recently suffered a drive faliure on the pc of our office administrator which has led to lots of data being lost and now we are looking into preventing this in future however we are only a small construction buisness with 3 office employees and mainy only store client files, priceings for jobs, invoices etc. and i was hoping for some tips on what the best soloution would be if its worth investing in a NAS or just backing up to a couple of external hard drives every couple of weeks. thanks in advance.
  7. I'm in the UK. Budget of anything up to £750 but could probably go higher if it was a really good bump in quality for a bit more. I'm running a i7 4790k and a gtx 980ti all water cooled but may also be upgrading my hardware in the near future.
  8. Hi guys looking to get a third monitor. I currently have two iiyama G-MASTER G2530HSU-B1 24.5 inch monitors that i'm wanting to use as a second and third monitor and i'm looking to get either an ultra wide or a larger better quality monitor for my main screen. Any recommendations helpful. Thanks in advance.
  9. thanks lads is ultra wide not really something that would be possible for gaming in this price range i was also thinking of a bit larger if i was only getting one monitor
  10. Hi so I have been needing a monitor upgrade for a while but always put it off to get better hardware first now I have all my PC finished I'm now looking to upgrade my monitors but have no idea where to start. I'm looking to spend £400-500 and I'm thinking about ultra wide but i have heard that unless you are spending nearly £1000 that there is a risk of a lot of ghosting and screen tear. I'm running a water cooled 980ti so there shouldn't be an issue reaching decent frame rates on higher pixel count monitors.
  11. problem is i already have the reservoir. should i just try sell it and then buy a smaller one to make it easier?
  12. Right so I have purchased a lot of water cooling gear in the effort to make something similar to Linus's desk PC project as a project for school but only got as far as the desk in the deadline. So now i have all of this hardware and need a case to put it in but i'm not sure what case will fit the monstrous sized 400 mm reservoir i have and i was wondering if it would just be easier to get a smaller res and sell the massive one since cases of that size are usually very expensive and i have already spent lots of money on the water cooling loop.
  13. So when i first got my build i put my money into the bigger components and just grabbed a hard drive out of an old pc i had and wiped it. i have now done this 2 more times but as the hard drives im getting are from old laptops they are not large enough to store everything. I now want to upgrade to a 120gb ssd for os and key files and a 1tb hard drive for everything else. my question is how do i go about transferring the things i need from this set of hard drives to the new ssd and hard drive set up.