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  1. Many thanks for the input, I'll check out G2A for sure. I know this weekend was a big sale of stuff and I was so close to buying GUPs and a CPU but I didn't want to start anything before I was 100% sure its the right choice. I'm happy I didn't cuz I was going to buy two R9 390
  2. Thanks Real_PhillBert, I'm kind of confused if I should take your advice or not when it says "I no idea what I am doing..." under your username jk but isn't Xeon CPUs expensive as hell? and is it better to go for two GTX 970 SLI or one GTX 980Ti?
  3. Hi I'm looking to build a desktop that I can use for CAD work for my degree. I use programs such as SolidWorks and Autodesk (Alias, Inventor and Vred). I have been thinking to buy a laptop for quit some time but investing in a desktop that can preform so much more is obviously the better choice. My little brother will also be using this desktop for Adobe Premiere Pro and Autodesk (3Dmax and Maya). So this investment is good for us both. I want a Desktop to be best at CAD/CAE software and video editing but I also want it to be great at gaming aswell. This is what I have chosen so far: Intel i7-6700k Skylake with GTX 980 option: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/8dDdZL or Intel i7-4790k with R9 390 xFire option: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/TqqqjX I have had some experience with building a desktop before but never in this price range and with this kind of setup. I've chosen to xFire two R9 390 in the other option simply because of the vRam capacity. I've read somewhere that its good to have great vRam for rendering and CAD stuff. Not sure if that is true. I can't afford a Xeon CPU or a Quadro GPU so I really hope this is good enough. Please let me know what you think. Could I go for better parts for the same price or cheaper? Is xFire or SLI really helping in terms of getting better performance for CAD and editing or have I completely done this wrong? Thanks