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  1. I think my pc is in fastboot mode

    and what about the easy mode when i launch the BIOS?
  2. hi, i just built a computer not long ago however it seems to be booting very fast, too fast. I know i have an ssd and that boot it literally takes a second to load, and my friend said it was on fast boot mode. Is this true? Also if so, how do i switch of? Another thing is that i think my BIOS is in easy mode, how do i sort that out? thanks in advance.
  3. Sketchy noise when playing gta v

  4. I have just built a new PC and recently have downloaded gta v and have been playing a lot. However when i play, i start to get a strange sound coming from my pc (my front to be exact) and i suspect it is my HDD. But gta v is installed on my SSD so i am a bit confused, is this normal? The sound is really high pitched defiantly not coil whine.
  5. Major new build problems...

    So me and my friend both built gaming computers. Currently, I have problems with any type of installation.It all stays on 0% or doesn't install at all. (Bitdefender,Radeon Settings). My friend has problems with Intel's WLAN Killer Networking. The drivers do not work. He has no WIFI access. He has tried the Setup.exe and he is trying the .inf atm. I will update this post soon. My PC: Athlon X4 860k 8GB RAM 250GB SSD R9 380 ASUS A88XM-A Motherboard Friend's PC. FX 8350 16GB RAM 250GB SSD R9 380. MSI 970 GAMING
  6. I am building my own gaming pc and i wanted to know what drivers i need to install for my motherboard. On the website it came up with 87 files so i wanted to ask what ones. It is for windows 7 64 bit by the way. my motherboard drivers: https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/A88XMA/HelpDesk_Download/
  7. i want to get a good internet security software and i was wondering if kaspersky is good
  8. I am getting the seasonic s12-II 520w wired power supply and I was wondering if it could fit my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/86Vkpg
  9. Is this a good Gaming pc build?

    soz http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/n837Q7 @PorkyChoUk and @cortexcortex
  10. Hi i am going to build a pc and i was wondering if you could give me some advice on whether i=this is good or not. (i have reached my max price limit) also the powersupply is a Seasonic S12-II 520W 80+ Bronze Certified Wired Power Supply#this is my build:https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/parts/partlist/
  11. I am going to build a pc and i want use my TV as a monitor and i was wondering can my graphics card (Powercolor r9 380) support HDMI 2.0. Also how do you check if you have 1 becuase i do have a cable i am just not sure whether it is 2.0 or not. Thanks in advance
  12. Is this a good Gaming pc build?

    @Kobathor thanks
  13. Is this a good Gaming pc build?

    @Castdeath97 other than that is everything good.
  14. Is this a good Gaming pc build?

    Actually my mother board is HD3
  15. I have made a gaming pc build and i have already met the max budget however i am open to advise and will to change if there is anything better or could save some money. Thanks in advance. My Build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Chr1sco15/saved/#view=TRPp99