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  1. Good job they're not screwing that up!!!
  2. Tbf the VII is still a great card for both gaming and pro work, can see it lasting you a while yet
  3. I made the switch, wanting a little more privacy lately regarding cookies etc
  4. Yup you're doing well! Tbf it's only because I have a 2080Ti that it's so bloody hungry, probably last me another 2 years easy if I had a mid-range card...
  5. I'm trying to make my 8600k@5Ghz last another 9/10 months before switching. The 3000-series is tempting but Zen3 will def be better on the gaming side it seems
  6. You def should, I have the CRG90 and it's damn epic (works fine with nVidia btw, I run it with a 2080Ti).
  7. Wow man that just freaked me the fuck out!! I better put down this bong...
  8. Because I can. I swear crack would be a cheaper hobby
  9. True, and I had a pair of them! R7 is definitely louder than the 1080Ti though, which for me was the limit.