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  1. I just wanna run the idea with other people, to make sure I don't overlook something. But it really doesn't sound like that's how this forum works my bad I'll find another place to ask.
  2. Just to show you it's not rocket science to match diameter and make things leak proof https://pcpartpicker.com/b/t9KBD3#description
  3. Major edit. I'll just wait for someone else to reply on this. Thanks anyway.....
  4. I'll write it again. Since the pump is NOT located in the CPU block but in the radiator. To clarify, I am only interested in the CPU block. Not the radiator, not the pump, not the tube, only the CPU block.
  5. Well as the title says, custom loop with the kraken M22? I get that on the x62 etc. it's a nogo to disassemble the unite, since the pump is located in the CPU block, but for the m22 it's located in the radiator, so I don't see any issue with using the CPU block for a custom build? Or am I wrong in my assumption?
  6. Well duh... my math is not really working tonight my brain told me that the length would be the same for a 120 and 140 and only the width would be the difference, but now that you mention it but looking in to it now, makes me realize the difference between a 120 and 140 is not that big if its thick enough and have the right amount of fpi
  7. so im getting ready to do a c70 build and found this guy who did a 3x120mm rad in the front . but from what i can see, it looks like there is room enough to put a 140mm instead of 120mm. can anyone confirm this?
  8. that's some good testing right there thanks for the links! again, as i said in the beginning. the reason for asking is that i got the space to do something like this
  9. ah, well then i do know what it is, and yes thats a very huge issue that should be avoided but thanks for clearing it out, better safe than sorry! especially when it comes to h2o and our lovely hardware
  10. Well sorry for not having English as my native language but "cavitate"? yes i did google the word, but in the context of liquid cooling, i don't get it could you dumb it down? really wanna avoid doing something you call a huge issue
  11. i was looking at the bequiet, but the price on them is waaaay more expensive than the noctua in my country that is.
  12. aight aight cool one last question then, 6xs12a vs 3f12? and Kloaked i know they don't create more air , but was wondering if running on lowest rpm, if they would add more pressure Nvm Enderman to the rescue
  13. not really answering my question "my question actually comes down to this, 6xs12a doing push/pull vs 3 f12 doing pull."
  14. yeah thought so.. but was wondering about doing the push/pull with the lowest rpm on the s12a to get the least amount of noise, but get some pressure bonus from stacking, since the s12a is not as good for radiators as the f12 is... my question actually comes down to this, 6xs12a doing push/pull vs 3 f12 doing pull. edit: second quick question, is there really a big difference in the cooling performance from the s12a to the f12?
  15. I KNOW! I know, I know its a troll video! I'm speaking of the one Tom Logan did with the 40 fans on the h100. But my question is, can anyone tell me if there actually would be any performance benefits of, lets say putting 6 or 12 Noctua nf-s12a pwm(the silent one), on a 3x120x80 rad? edit: reason for asking is i maybe got a build on a case that would give me the room to do it and then only run the whole cpu+gpu on that radiator, instead of running 2 radiators.