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  1. the https://forums.unrealengine.com/ is your best bet... May not be heavily active but they respond well
  2. UE4: Easy programmable and adjustable performance. API is good Royalty is 5% after $3k per quarter UE4 has clean active level streaming that is easy to setup and is already used for many open world MMO's (Ark is one example) You can create your own dedicated server (My current project with work we have 1 active for testing purposes) CryEngine: Coding is straight forward but hard to optimise is royalty free but requires a membership £45 per person a month Has good visuals but isnt open world orientated as well (IF you do it correctly it looks stunning but performance is iffy) You can setup Custom servers but im not a network programmer I would recommend UE4 cause their is more resources available, its easier to learn, is FREE (other than royalties which is a tiny percent), Able to be setup for multiple people on 1 project at different locations, Visually stunning and is easy to pick up. Note: I have 8 years industry training and 3 years industry experience under my belt currently
  3. Game coders are very few and far between... my studio is currently looking to expand our team, but finding people with the right potential is really hard (we would rather give someone an opportunity then get a seasoned expert) if you want to get a leg up... DL UE4 and just create raw mechanics for people to play with... you will find work really fast if you don't overdo the visuals I know people who have gotten jobs with decent pay just from creating mechanics with a basic shapes to show everything off
  4. Try game coding... you will be surprised how far you can go with a good coding background and how interesting things can get when you switch to something that has such fast feedback... I recently coded a advanced collision based climbing mechanic (Similar to Assassins creed) and despite my coding background being so terrible i found it really fun cause of the problem solving. You could look in to Advanced AI systems for video games aswell... very rarely do i see a well thought out AI set that makes sense and works logically. might be worth a try
  5. Like i said im not a coder... But that isnt really feedback more a statement
  6. Best way to set this up is predefined a set of rules cards A,B,C,D,E = X hand name X hand name = < than Y hand name (Repeat the process for each hand creating a hierarchy of circle/loop) then when it comes to dealing the cards say Spades = Ace - King Diamonds = Ace - King Clubs = Ace - King Hearts = Ace - King Then with every deal, remove a random card / Value from any of the the 4 suits so they don't get dealt again Dealt? Spades: Ace = False 2 = true 3 = true ext... this would be the best way to setup the raw mechanics of the poker game... Then create a separate set of rules for betting & folding
  7. OK so i am in no way shape or form a programmer/Coder, i'm primarily a visual artist (3D graphics, Animations .ext) However im trying to branch out my skills a little in to Game coding. So far i have created a basic concept behind a randomly generating puzzle but as i'm not a coder i feel like i have either over complicated things or i'm forgetting allot. Ok lets get started: The concept: The basic concept to a Celtic Knot Puzzle is to rotate the rings to match up symbols on each loop, Generally Consisting of 3 Rings/Loops with multiple overlaps we need to create a Randomization of both the symbols and positioning of all the symbols. X X Y Z 5 6 7 8 9 Y 1 1 1 4 5 6 7 A 9 Z 2 D F 3 4 5 6 B C 9 3 3 E 2 3 4 12 11 10 4 4 4 1 D E 14 13 12 11 5 5 5 1 F 15 14 13 12 6 6 6 1 16 15 14 13 7 7 B 8 A C 9 9 9 A C 10 B 11 11 12 12 12 13 13 13 14 14 14 E 15 15 D F 16 Red = Loop X Blue = Loop Y Green = Loop Z Yellow = Overlap Letters A-F are to show the points of overlap in each loop. Moving/Rotating the loops: To put it simply when Anti / Clockwise X/Y/Z is clicked move Values +/- 1 position If point 16 = Position 16 then Move 16 to position 1 (This will create a looping illusion) Randomizing the starting positions: The easiest way to start each loop randomly is to tell each loop to Randomly select a value between 1-16… To make sure that Each loop doesnt start of with Position X:1, Y:1, Z:1 (Thus finishing the puzzle before we even start) This needs to be predefined before loading the GUI we need to also add in a additional set of code to say; If X = Value : then Y/Z cannot = same Value If Y = Value : then X/Z cannot = Same Value If Z = Value : then X/Y cannot = Same Value To avoid potential looping we should also make it set the values in order; Set X Value Set Y Value (According to above parameters) Set Z Value (According to above parameters) Next we need to “Match” each letter to be the same symbol / Icon The best way to do this is predefine Each Letter before loading the GUI A = (Randomized Icon Code) B = (Randomized Icon Code) C = (Randomized Icon Code) D = (Randomized Icon Code) E = (Randomized Icon Code) F = (Randomized Icon Code) This sistered with the Randomization system Should give us the basic functions for a Celtic Knot Puzzle. However this isnt the last of the code needed for the puzzle to work fully We also need to stop the Icon’s from repeating (this should be possible by incorporating more than 16 Logo’s to choose from) And we also need to add in a “Overlap Detection” Overlap Detection: This shouldn't be difficult… We merely create a variable on the grid tagged (Overlap A-F) To detect similar symbols we can do: Overlap X:A = Symbol Name/Number Overlap Y:A = Symbol Name/Number If X & Y = Same Symbol Name/Number then = True If X & Y = Different Symbol Name/Number then = False If Overlap = True then Highlight If Overlap = False then Do not Highlight Anti Repeating: There is 2 ways we can stop repeating (repeating can give us multiple solutions so we dont want this) Solution one: Use more than 16+16+16 symbols (this can in theory remove the problem but can in theory also cause conflict with the randomization system) Solution two: Would be identifying the existing patterns in each loop X = 9,2,3,2 repeat Y = 1,1,1,5 repeat Z = 2,3,2,9 repeat Then create an “counter Algorithm” for each loop, This will be the best solution as it will leave us with 1 available set of unlocks meaning less data is wasted on Symbols & Icons Any suggestions for tweaks & changes?
  8. i need for work and gaming, more space is better for productivity
  9. So i was wondering what everyone's opinion on this would be Dual 32" display 1440p Single 34" Display 1440p
  10. yes im fully aware of all of this
  11. its an old system... im using a FX-6100 CPU and im overdue upgrades >.<
  12. its a black and red set of the same make i chose looks and it didnt like it... Also 4 year old system meh, too much work and i like the look of the Plat's :3 + work is paying for it all so
  13. i have speed issues with my current system and want to avoid on my next build... supposed to be running at 1600Mhz but only stable at 910Mhz Not good when 3d modelling and Lightmass Rendering ^-^"
  14. When i buy computer hardware i always use the RAM compatibility List online to help make sure everything works smoothly and lessen issues with system in the future. Im Currently looking compatible RAM for the Asus X99-Deluxe I want Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram (so the Chrome on Chrome thing looks good) (32GB) and there are a fair few on the compatibility list, however Finding them from the retailer is tedious however (Even though they have 12 of them on the site) none from the list will show up. Is it worth me just using any from the site at a compatible speed and DDR? It feels like every time i add it to my basket it disappears from the site -.-
  15. Tweeted Coolermaster about them doing a full tower version... not gonna confirm anything but: More feedback means more <3 in future revisions :3