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  1. What is the resolution? If you are running 4K then this is around normal FPS for GTA5 on a 2080.
  2. Hi, since you stated 7th Gen i7 I will use the i7-7700HQ as a reference. Here is the link: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/97185/intel-core-i7-7700hq-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-80-ghz.html It states that the processor "Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)" is "64 GB." When you click on the "?" it will reveal what this mean. Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) Max memory size refers to the maximum memory capacity supported by the processor. This means that the i7-7700HQ processor is capable of handling up to 64GB of RAM. You can mix and match any DDR4 SODIMM RAM for your laptop. However, speed will match the lowest RAM Speed and if you use 2 different RAM Sizes (i.e. 16GB + 8 GB) you will not get dual-channel. However, you stated that you wanted to do a 16G+16G configuration so you will gain dual-channel benefits.
  3. I was afraid of that. Was gonna get a used and cheap 300 Series board but can't really know if the BIOS on that board will be updated or not for the 1600AF.
  4. Since the Ryzen 1600AF is a 12nm part which is part of the 400 Series MB and 2000 Series CPU launch. I'm wondering if using an old 300 Series board would require a BIOS update to the 2000 Series CPUs to be able to use the Ryzen 5 1600AF.
  5. @Donut417 @Thirdgen89GTA I know what plex pass does. I am currently using the non-PlexPass plugin still allows me to use Live TV and Hardware Transcoding. The only different I see is that the PlexPass Plugin gets updates sooner as it is a higher Version Number than the non-PlexPass Plugin. I think that is the only difference.
  6. This isn't exactly a server question just a I am wondering question so I don't think it belongs inside of Servers. What's the difference between Plex Media Server and Plex Media Server (PlexPass) if you already have a PlexPass? Because when I installed the Plugin only the Plex plugin was available and the PlexPass Plugin did not exist. If I am currently using the Plex Media Server Plugin and NOT the Plex Media Server (PlexPass) Plugin and I currently have PlexPass as well. Is there anything that I am missing out on by using the non-PlexPass Plugin? Thank you.
  7. To concur it will be fine. All of my current AA and AAA NiMH batteries are rated at 1.2V. I use a nitecore charger rated at 1.48V +/-1% and it is able to measure the voltage of the batteries it is currently charging. When they are fully charged they are anywhere from 1.46-1.5V. When they are drained and I put them in to charge, they start off at 1.2V.
  8. Just received this Folder Corruption like I stated in the Original Post. I suppose this means that the supposed Firmware Update did not fix the problem. All other folders are working. I cannot delete this folder, however, I can rename it.
  9. Hi, the SSD is used as a portable SSD while it is possible to RAID1, it is not convenient having to use 2 USB 3.0 ports and software raid on a laptop. Plus having to buy a 2nd expensive 4TB 860 EVO. I did an edit I do not know if you saw it. There are 2 pictures of the BEFORE and AFTER the RMA. Both CrystalDiskInfo Firmware shows the same Firmware. It would be different if it was updated.
  10. Hello, I purchased a Samsung 4TB 860 EVO which during it use corrupted twice both times in under 7 days each (around 5-7 days each) of its format and adding in files. The corruption sometimes was an entire folder: EX: When I try to access "File X" inside of "Folder A" it would say this file is not found or something then when I refresh the whole folder is gone from the drive. Without me deleting it. Finally, some days after it would turn on and then the whole drive is inaccessible and requires me to format to use it. A check in Disk Management says that the drive is a RAW drive now. After 2 corruptions into a RAW drive I RMA'd the drive. I received an email about them receiving the drive then another email in under 24 hours that said that service was done. I received the drive today and it says that the only repair they did was "INSTALL FIRMWARE UPDATE". I highly doubt a lower firmware is the cause of the problem. However, I used CrystalDiskInfo to check on the drive before and after repair and the Firmware is the same. So it doesn't look like they even updated the firmware of the SSD. I will post images at the bottom. I use this as an external drive which I access/work from on the go. I do not want another corruption on the go and lose a lot of data again. Is it safe to use this drive now? The image below is what happens when the drive becomes corrupted. The drive is originally formatted NTFS. This is the BEFORE RMA picture. This is the AFTER RMA picture. The Write is high because I had to do almost 4TB writes each time. The initial time, the first corruption, then the 2nd corruption. This is why I am asking now because it takes a long time to transfer all of these files from a HDD>SSD since it's not from SSD>SSD. It would be a waste of time and effort if it corrupts again.
  11. Hello, I am wondering if moving from a USB 2.0 Stick to a USB 3.0 Stick for my FreeNAS OS boot drive will help outside of just faster booting. Thanks.
  12. Hello, I did some googling and it says that I should only use an external NTFS drive as a read-online drive. I was wondering if I could plug in an external NTFS drive and use it to transfer files to the NAS which would be faster than transferring it through the network. If yes, how would I do this? Thank you.
  13. Take it like this. If the game you currently play is 100%ing your GPU Usage then upgrading CPU will not help (i.e. multi-threaded game) even if your CPU is at like 20% usage. Not all multi-threaded games will take advantage of high core counts, so your GPU may not hit 100% and upgrading CPU in this case will help but not as greatly as the scenario in the next sentence. If your GPU is not at 100% Usage then a CPU with a better single threaded performance will help.
  14. Most will say absolutely and don't go below 3200Mhz. Because it has been pretty established that at 3000 or 3200Mhz is when Ryzen's extra performance from memory speed begins to diminish. Since you already have the 2666Mhz RAM it isn't worth to spend another 60$ or so to get a 3000/3200Mhz RAM just to replace your 2666Mhz. There are a lot of RAM Speed charts out there that I suggest you Google to find. Then you can figure out if spending is worth the difference between 2666 vs 3000/3200 for your use case.
  15. Hello, I had a bad drive which corrupted. I am using a data recovery software to recover the data. The file is about 10MB big but when I recover the file it only gives me 384KB and it does not work. Other files that I have recovered are giving me the correct size. Suggestions? I am not looking to recover deleted files but files from an inaccessible drive. A lot of the programs I am downloading do not show me existing files but they are trying to find deleted files.