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I Watercool my Keyboard

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  1. I Watercool my Keyboard

    BF4 Beta glitches thread!

    Can't change binds without getting kicked or game crashing!
  2. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Australian BF3 eSPORTS Team

    Sl4yer28 Victoria Steam: Sl4yer http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026249628 Teamspeak: sl4yer.no-ip.biz Skype: cam2897
  3. I Watercool my Keyboard

    The New Server

    Wow, makes my server look like a POS. Jk, jk. Its sweet!
  4. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Desk Build?

    What podcast episode, 231, 233... I MUST KNOW!! :wacko:
  5. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Zoe - mATX Haswell & 780 build!

    Every single part in this Rig is exactly the same as mine... I LOVE IT!
  6. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Asus ROG Z87 Gene Build

    Intel Heatsink... 8800GT... this is madness!
  7. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Does anybody know where i can find wire diagrams for my PSU

    Wait, can't he just do one cable at a time so they don't all get mixed up?
  8. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Does anybody know where i can find wire diagrams for my PSU

    Wrong Thread. Just Google the diagrams for individual connectors like the 24 pin, then go off that. You can tell which way the plug is orientated by jumping the 4th and 5th pins on the right side or the connector, if the PC starts to boot, you have the right orientation, if not, rotate it 180 degrees.
  9. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Home made case + Server build! "Blue Lightning"

    Yes, still reppin' a core 2 duo ;) That's all gonna change as of tomorrow... :lol:
  10. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Brand New Gaming Build

    Looks pretty solid, looking forward to the build log (otherwise you're in the wrong thread. ;) )
  11. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Planning with $2500

    Yeah, it sucks sweaty optical drives..
  12. I Watercool my Keyboard

    White Shinobi on a Budget

    This belongs in the New Builds and Planning thread. :P Wait a little while and look into the GTX760. It shouldn't be too much more than the 660. I have heard that the AsRock H77Pro4 MVP Motherboard is a pretty good board for the price. Its $80 in Australia, so it will be cheaper pretty much everywhere else (Stupid AUS Dollar is at 89 cents for 1 USD!) If you go for a 760, maybe look into a 500W PSU or more, just for a bit of head room. :) Good luck with your rig.
  13. I Watercool my Keyboard

    My LAN rig built for the summer :)

    Looking Good! I'm currently working on my LAN rig in a 350D! :)
  14. I Watercool my Keyboard

    Budget Mini-ITX gaming system [$600]

    Are you insane? You don't need a 3930k to play BF3, an i3 may not be the best for the game, but it will do fine.