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  1. Good day every one I have spent hours looking for drivers for ADR FM-1004 4 Channel Composite PCI Video Capture DVR Card with no luck if any one at all know of where I can find them please send a link or let me know. I have included photos of the card Thank you
  2. Yeah just seems the late 90s though 2000s tech goes for a mint now a K6-2 or k6-3 or Athlon would work as well it's the clock speed I would have to tweak on the Athlon units but might be a good plan like the Athlon barton 2800+ or 3200 and just under clock it. Thank you was not thinking out of the box
  3. Hello every one I want to do a retro build looking for some help sourcing parts I would like to do a Windows 98 build Pentium 3 but I am having little luck finding a good sorce for older hardware local here in London, ON I any one has any good sorces let me know. I have looked on ebay but pricing is crazy. Thank You
  4. Dentash

    GPU Help

    I picked up a R9 280X for 35.00 just needed new fans not to hard of a fix the system seems to run well with the X5482 it is hitting 60+ fps on med / high setting should work well for the kiddos thanks for all the help
  5. Dentash

    GPU Help

    As for games he really only plays GTA 5, World Of Tanks, World Of War Ships and World of Warcraft some times he will play Apex on my main system was not aiming for Apex to run well or at all on this build
  6. Dentash

    GPU Help

    I do have a Xeon X5482 I could use as well in the system really just for the kids to mess with
  7. Dentash

    GPU Help

    Good day I am working on using some older hardware to do a build but having a hard time picking a GPU as I was unsure how this system would stack up for gaming in 2019 it will be a spare system for the kids to use for 1080P gaming no 4k or any thing like that. System specs: MB: XFX 750i-72P9 CPU: Q9400 RAM: 8GB OCZ 2N800SR SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB HDD: Seagate 2Tb
  8. It was the driver the manual install seems to have fixed the issue it has been running now for 8hours under load no crash has happened seems this was the fix and yes Windows is fully activated no hacks
  9. I have uploaded the DXDiag file I have done the memory test with both sticks and then with one no errors came up I have done a full driver clean and reinstall and a roll back I did check the power switch and reset switch both seem to be ok no shorts it is a very odd error I figured it was just Windows 10 being difficult on me lol DxDiag.txt
  10. I am having a issue with my MSI RX570 the card is brand new as well as the build I wanted to see if there is a known issue with the driver for the 570 or if it maybe some thing more I should be concerned about. There issue seems to happen when ever it feels like doing it the driver will crash and reset the system or black screen and force a hard reset. Then the system well reset and windows will say watt man recovered from unknown error I have that card running stock settings as I dont do any real heavy gaming just wondering if any one might have a clue what could be up.
  11. I got time to fix it at last the scribe worked best some of the plastic housing did get damaged but none of the pins did. It works 100% no issues
  12. @Netivity hmm I will try that next and let you know thanks
  13. @Netivity No it is the broken off end of a usb 3 cable that is stuck in the header but it is really jammed in there I am not sure what the other owner did to it it does not seem to cause any issues with the board its self just cant use that header to attach the usb 3 front panel witch sucks because this board only has 4 usb post on the back. It does look melted but that is from the tweezers and trying to pull it out
  14. @Netivity O yes photo sorry about that I forgot to attach them
  15. I was given a asus b360m-a but the guy that owned it last did not remove the USB3 front panel cable right so the end of the cable broke off and is in the socket so I can not put a new one in I have tried removing this piece but it will not come out and I feel like I am going to damage the board if I pull on it any harder does any one know a trick to remove it.