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  1. Dentash

    MSI RX 570 driver crashing

    I have uploaded the DXDiag file I have done the memory test with both sticks and then with one no errors came up I have done a full driver clean and reinstall and a roll back I did check the power switch and reset switch both seem to be ok no shorts it is a very odd error I figured it was just Windows 10 being difficult on me lol DxDiag.txt
  2. Dentash

    MSI RX 570 driver crashing

    I am having a issue with my MSI RX570 the card is brand new as well as the build I wanted to see if there is a known issue with the driver for the 570 or if it maybe some thing more I should be concerned about. There issue seems to happen when ever it feels like doing it the driver will crash and reset the system or black screen and force a hard reset. Then the system well reset and windows will say watt man recovered from unknown error I have that card running stock settings as I dont do any real heavy gaming just wondering if any one might have a clue what could be up.
  3. Dentash

    Need Help

    I got time to fix it at last the scribe worked best some of the plastic housing did get damaged but none of the pins did. It works 100% no issues
  4. Dentash

    Need Help

    @Netivity hmm I will try that next and let you know thanks
  5. Dentash

    Need Help

    @Netivity No it is the broken off end of a usb 3 cable that is stuck in the header but it is really jammed in there I am not sure what the other owner did to it it does not seem to cause any issues with the board its self just cant use that header to attach the usb 3 front panel witch sucks because this board only has 4 usb post on the back. It does look melted but that is from the tweezers and trying to pull it out
  6. Dentash

    Need Help

    @Netivity O yes photo sorry about that I forgot to attach them
  7. Dentash

    Need Help

    I was given a asus b360m-a but the guy that owned it last did not remove the USB3 front panel cable right so the end of the cable broke off and is in the socket so I can not put a new one in I have tried removing this piece but it will not come out and I feel like I am going to damage the board if I pull on it any harder does any one know a trick to remove it.
  8. Dentash

    What CPU to go with

    Well sadly the i5 I was given had some issues it would not post so I got a i3 8100 for now and upgraded to a MSI RX570 8gb as it was on sale for 170 new
  9. You should though a cheap option in the mix for reviews like the ones in the photo the shocking thing is for 14.95 they dont suck as much as I figured they would.
  10. Dentash

    What CPU to go with

    By luck I got a I5 8400 today for upgrading a guys system to a I9 now I just need to get some more DDR4 and a newer gpu I could use the RX 460 2gb I have but it has been starting to hard crash and reset my current system.
  11. Good day I have a ASUS Prime B360M-A that I got for free so I wanted to start on a new build but I am having issues picking a good cpu to build off of I was thinking I5 but the back of my mind is say I7 but do I really need it for what I run and what I play any help would be great I have had no luck finding any used CPU in our area. My current system specs are: AMD FX6300 running at 4.5Ghz 16GB DDR3 2400 ASUS RX460 2gb Kingston A400 240GB boot Seagate 2TB Storage Current display is BenQ GW2470 Games I run on norm are World of warships, WOT, War Thunder and World of Warcraft
  12. Dentash

    Looking for help

    Hello hoping to post this in the right form I am looking for some help finding hardware for my Franken build I lost my main gaming pc to lighting I have a list of hardware I have been able to find and need some help finding a few other items for the build. Here is what I have at this point Lenovo M58 Intel core 2 Quad Q9400 Intel chip set Q45/Q43 and 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333, Segate 500Gb, AMD HD7770 1Gb enermax pro 82+ 525w got all that for $50.00. What I am in need of help finding is a good 775 Motherboard that supports ddr3 and that I can over clock with as the Lenovo board is basic and I am looking for a better GPU then the 7770HD if any one has any good links or knows of any one willing to sell hardware for good price as right now my local kijiji has little to offer or is very overpriced and I have not had good luck with ebay for hardware working got two boards both where doa but thanks to paypal did not get dinged. I am Located in Canada, Ont closest major city London Thank you for tanking the time to read my post.