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    Southeast U.S.A.
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    Intel i7 4770k@3.5ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Z87
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    16g DDR3
  • GPU
    GTX 750ti
  • Case
    Powerspec g400
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    2tb HDD, 120g SSD, 1tb backup...
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    EVGA Supernova 650G
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    Acer and Samsung (not sure #)
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    Dell stock
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    Logitech G100s
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    Behringer UCA202, Behringer Xenyx 502
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    Windows 10Pro

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  1. Same, can recommend Behringer Xenyx, I have 502 (non usb). It's been going great for me!
  2. Edit: trying not to be redundant... so i deleted stuff What are your pc's specs?
  3. Just to jump into the fray, I too have AT&T Fiber. On my PC, (hardwired with Cat5e into router), I get about 950 down and 930 up. I have an Intel Gigabit ethernet card (built into mobo). Never had any issues. With that said.... Without getting into interference (not really a big deal with digital signals), make sure your router is hooked up with Cat5e or higher cable. Make sure all updates are installed on your pc. If you're using WiFi, you'll need to turn on 5GHZ networking (it's disabled by default). Connect to the network, go to Then, follow these steps (written by me): You'll be greeted with a page that says AT&T U-Verse (honestly don't know why). Near the top, click Wifi, under 'Key Things to Do' Scroll down to where it says '5GHZ radio configuration' Make sure Wifi Interface, SSID broadcast, and Wifi Security are all enabled. Change your wifi SSIDs. In Network name do something like mynetwork_5ghz so you know what it is Scroll up, do the same for 2.4 ghz configuration. (except in the ssid, do mynetwork_2.4ghz) Don't mess with guest networks and don't mess with passwords! Scroll all the way down, hit Save For access code, it's on side of router. Done! Connect to 5ghz network, and hopefully you'll have way faster speeds (not as fast as wired, though)
  4. Define 'shutdown screen' Is it literally saying "shutting down", or is it something like "Please Wait. Do not turn off your PC" Give it time, sometimes older machines can take time to shutdown.
  5. Here's a quick guide for what I've done: I followed this video For starters, I'll assume you're fairly comformtable with using Windows. The first thing to do is check what version of windows you're using. From the start menu, hit Settings, System, About. Under Edition, it should say something like Windows 10 Pro. I recommend Pro. If you don't have that, don't worry. Next, download Spybot Anti-Beacon which turns off telemetry things and makes some registry changes. Set it to run on startup. Then, go into Settings, Privacy, and turn off every setting you don't like. If it messes with an app's functionality, it will let you know. Finally, make sure you are NOT signed in to Windows using a Microsoft account. If you log in using your email, or use Outlook or Mail (the applications), then sign out of them! Finally, go through with a program like C-Cleaner or BleachBit. Then, for good measure, run a malware scan with Malwarebytes or similar (but not Windows Defender). Hopefully that helped
  6. OK she apparently figured my disabling of their monitoring systems out. They got County IT involved. Sat me down, explained that if I didn't show how I disabled things, they would give my 3 days of in school suspention. Crap. So I had to stop. Apparently, I managed to corrupt the monitoring software file and they had to reinstall it. Now they are watching me like hawks. Tl;Dr: messed with computers at school, got the county involved and almost got suspended.
  7. Did you recently install any apps? Run a cleaner on it (like CM security). Was it recently dropped? In water?
  8. Happened other day: My computer science teacher (doesn't know anything) literally almost referred me to the school administration for "hacking" because I was turning on my computer, while she had locked out others using a software tool. (to be honest I was in the process of disabling that tool but she didn't need to know that)
  9. Interesting. I don't like your breadboarding of the mobo. That could really mess stuff up. But yeah, probably an issue with the motherboard chipset or USB bus controller if I had to guess. Check your warranty, and see if you can get a replacement for free.
  10. Go into the access point control panel (usually found in and look around. It's probably in there. If not, a usb single would be best (or a wired connection). To answer your question directly, no, there's no way to change 5g to 2.4g feasibly for your purposes. That requrires what's called a signal mixer, which a normally used for Ham Radio. I don't think those work on that frequency anyway.
  11. And I'm sitting here like... what did I do right?
  12. For those who don't know, there has been a rumor going around about IOS 10 bricking people's devices. While I currently don't use IOS devices, I have had loads of experience with them and their betas, so I stay up to date with all this news. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/oIdE4oeKtys And here: http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/13/12904912/apple-ios-10-bricked-itunes-restore-fix-how-to Also here: https://www.engadget.com/2016/09/13/ios-10-update-bricked-my-iphone/ Feel free to post below with info, and if your phone is bricked or messed up please let us know! We are here to help!
  13. Ok, you're a step ahead of me! This is sort of where I think it comes down to Motherboard or Power Supply.
  14. Ok, just checking, glad you tried that already. Could be bad RAM, that was the issue with a problem we literally just solved over at WTF just happened??