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  1. Here's Why The Audio Technica ATH-M50X is a Terrible Headphone

    Here's the thing, the M50x is a poor value at its price point, no argument in that. However, this "M50x is bad" notion has been beaten to death a la beats. If people are happy with it, more power to them. There was no need for such a tone in your original post.
  2. Schiit Low End vs Medium Range DAC/AMP

    Low end first, save for high end. Mid-range isn't that much better to justify the cost.
  3. Schiit Low End vs Medium Range DAC/AMP

  4. Amp for sennheiser hd 650

    You could argue the same for the source. DAC just reconstructs the analog waveform needed to hear the music. Meanwhile, clean undistorted amplification is absolutely necessary for clean audio. Then, the DAC is just a "nice to have", not a "must have". You're oversimplifying how DACs and Amps work. Different amps with different topologies have different flaws, there isn't a clear cut "upgrade" so to speak.
  5. Amp for sennheiser hd 650

    No, the amp matters as much as the source, maybe even more.
  6. The Audio Board's Recommended Gear

    The HD800s aren't inside the list... Stock, they are a good value. One of the most detailed headphones ever, with a really wide soundstage and the best headphone for imaging. No contest. However, modded, it becomes a different headphone. Whatever you felt was bad about the HD800 is fixed. Overly wide soundstage, too diffuse, upper mid dip, 6k peak + ringing, all gone. The presentation relaxes from a headphone that throws detail in your face to something nearer to a HD600/HD650. A bit smoother, but more detail, and almost better everything. Timbre still loses to HD6x0 stuff. Extremely good value considering you can get one for about $500-600 used and mod it. Cons: - Extremely picky with source - Still bright - Dust covers ruin the sound - Connectors are quite tight
  7. Can't Decide On DAC/AMP Combo ($200-250)

    Schiit modi/magni stack.
  8. New Sennheiser HD820

    Because playnars have screwed staging and ringing. Next estat they are releasing is probably the baby orpheus 2 but it's not out yet.
  9. New Sennheiser HD820

    Closed back HD800S... no thanks. I'll stick to what I have thank you
  10. Budget,Good Sound Quality Headphones

    Well it isn't about "hating" M50x, it is more of calling out shit that's bad. Call out beats, no one blinks. Call out M50x, you have fanboys everywhere raiding your inbox.
  11. Audio Quality

    320 kbps is nearly indistinguishable from lossless, 128 kbps is very different to 320 kbps / lossless. Take that as you will. Also your ears are different and only you can decide for yourself.
  12. Looking for internal sound card - Unlimited budget

    Honestly you won't find better sound quality in sound cards. Connectivity, yes. But sound quality? It is way more worth your money to get an external DAC/Amp. You could: -Get a soundcard just for connectivity -Get a cheap external DAC/Amp that will outperform even the most expensive sound cards in quality OR keep things simple and -Get an uber expensive soundcard that provides extra connectivity and a small increase of sound quality over onboard audio.
  13. Looking for some headphones in the $200 range.

    HD600/HD6xx are much better all round headphones but they lost out to the HE400i in bass extension. However, you would hear more bass with the HD6XX. Either way, M50x is WAY more bassy than these 2 headphones. It's up to OP, whether he wants more impact or bass extension.
  14. Looking for internal sound card - Unlimited budget

    Sound card is just an internal DAC/Amp gimped. Unlimited budget? Chord DAVE + Woo Audio WA33 Elite edition. All yours for $25000. First things first, what are you looking for in the sound card? Connectivity? Better sound?
  15. Entry level tube amps for beginers

    I can't say much for the garage1217 project ember, you might want to ask @spwath for that.