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  1. Good headset

    How cheap is cheap?
  2. Beyerdynamic dt770 80ohm, dac or amp, soundcard ?

    Right thing to do is don't buy anything. The DT770 aren't known for scaling so you'd just be wasting your money.
  3. hd 558 / k240 mkII / k702 FOR GAMING

    HD598 / K702 Pick your poison
  4. is soundcard worth it?

    For $100, you aren't going to get much. The Fulla 2 will probably make a difference, but it will be a minor one at best.
  5. G430 VS HD600

    Untamed resonance
  6. G430 VS HD600

    You probably won't like that. The reverb effect is probably just ringing and if you like ringing or any lo-fi shit you'd hate HD580/HD600/HD650/HD6xx/HD660s .
  7. Sennheiser HD 558s - Muffled?

    Keep and use them for a week. Once that is done, go back to your gaming headset. Come back here if you still dislike the sound.
  8. Bose 🔊 are 🔥

    I don't care for looks if I'm buying something audio related. If aesthetics are number 1 on your list when you look for headphones, reconsider your priorities. Bose ANC headphones are actually really good for noise cancelling and don't sound too bad. Their speakers are quite bad. It's better and cheaper to just DIY.
  9. choose one

    Eh, I'd say AD700X or SHP9500 if you're gaming with it. Pick the M40x if you intend to use them outside since they're closed.
  10. What are the best headphone for music-without compromise?

    Good choice my dude. I'd have a HD650 with HD800 technicalities and HE-6 bass powered by EC Studio and fed through an improved Yggy. But alas, such a thing doesn't exist. OP, I'd suggest a HD600. The midrange is absolutely uncontested even by headphones many many times more expensive.
  11. No, I don't like wires. What are my options?

    Best option? Deal with it, wires aren't going to kill you. There are very little good wireless headphones out there and those are severely overpriced. Unless you are willing to shell out the extra cost, you have to deal with 2 wires dangling down your ears.
  12. Sennheiser hd 558/559 or 598 or 600

    HD600 easy.
  13. Why is it not solved? (HD audio for HI-Fi system)

    You have a few options. - A vintage CD transport (most come with decent optical outputs) -A cheap soundcard that has an optical output -As mentioned above, hifiberry.
  14. Looking for new headphones. suggestions?

    IMO PC363D is fine for what it is. A M40x will at most be a small upgrade. I'd recommend saving a little more for a HD600 for considerable improvements.
  15. x AKG K7XX and DAC/AMP

    Depends. If I want to get into headphones seriously I'd spend the extra. If you just want the K7XX save your cash.